As the world of technology continues to evolve, faster and more reliable internet speeds are becoming increasingly accessible. In 2023, consumers will have a wide range of internet options available to them that offer speeds up to 500 Mbps. With so many plans on the market, it can be difficult to determine which plan is right for you. But don’t worry, we’re going to take a closer look at the best plans offering 500 Mbps Internet speed. So sit back, grab a coffee, and let’s dive into the world of lightning-fast internet!

500 Mbps Internet Plans
Provider Download Speed Upload Speed Price
Spectrum Internet Ultra 500 Mbps 20 Mbps $69.99/mo.
Frontier 500 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $44.99/mo.
AT&T Internet 500 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $65.00/mo.
EarthLink 500 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $80.00/mo.
Kinetic 500 500 Mbps 500mbps $65.00/mo.
Metronet Premium Internet 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $59.95/mo.
Cox Ultimate 500 500 Mbps 10 Mbps $69.99/mo.
Optimum 500 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $60.00/mo.
Verizon Fios Internet 500 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $69.99/mo.
HTC Internet Tier 1 500 Mbps 20 Mbps $49.95/mo.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

Spectrum Internet® Ultra
Type of Internet Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial
Price $69.99/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/20 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract No
Installation Fee Self-Free/Professional – $49.99
Availability 41 States
After Promo Period Price $74.99/mo.

Spectrum’s highly advanced network ensures smooth performance at all times. Spectrum Internet is considered to be a premium service and is known for its reliability, high-speed internet, and consistent customer support. Spectrum Internet® Ultra is an ideal choice if you’re looking for reliable 500 Mbps internet speed. With a download speed of 500 Mbps and an upload of 20 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary), this plan offers lightning-fast internet that can power all your online activities, from gaming to streaming to downloading large files. And with no data caps or contract obligations, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of unlimited access without worrying about hidden fees or extra costs. 

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The price for this Spectrum 500 Mbps internet plan starts at $69.99 per month for the first year, but it will increase to $74.99/mo. after the promotional period ends. In addition, their commitment to customer satisfaction means that they are constantly striving to bring new features and improved services to their customers. The installation cost is $49.99, which may be waived if you opt for Spectrum self-installation.

As far as perks are concerned, Spectrum Internet® Ultra comes with a free modem and access to the Spectrum Internet App, which allows you to manage your account, pay your bills, and view network usage from anywhere. Additionally, this 500 Mbps plan includes access to over 400,000 Spectrum WiFi hotspots across the country.

Frontier 500 Mbps Fiber Internet

Frontier 500 Mbps
Type of Internet Fiber
Price $44.99/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/500 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract No
Installation Fee Expert Installation $85
Availability 25 States
After Promo Period Price $69.99/mo.

Frontier Communications is a telecommunications company that offers high-speed internet, television, and phone services to residential and business customers. Frontier offers a reliable and stable connection through its fiber-optic network. This type of internet is also symmetrical, meaning upload and download speeds are the same, so it’s great for streaming and uploading large files. 

Frontier offers 500 Mbps internet speed to customers in select areas of the country. With this plan, customers can access incredibly fast internet speeds of up to 500 Mbps. This plan does not have a data cap or any contract, so users can use as much data as they want without worrying about additional fees or slowdowns.

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Frontier typically offers promotional prices that are lower than their regular prices, so users should take advantage of these promotional offers when signing up for the service. The promo price of this plan is $44.99/mo. This is more affordable than other ISPs’ rivals.

However, Frontier often offers loyalty discounts or other deals that can help keep the prices lower than what you would pay for the same 500 Mbps internet speed from other providers.

AT&T Fiber Internet 500 

AT&T Fiber Internet 500 Mbps 
Type of Internet Fiber
Price $65/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/500 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract No
Installation Fee $99
Availability 21 States

AT&T Fiber is a well-known internet service provider that employs fiber optic technology to offer speedy and dependable internet access. It offers speeds up to 5000 Mbps to over 18.5 million homes and businesses in 21 states.

The AT&T 500 Mbps plan gives you internet speeds of 500 Mbps for both downloads and uploads. This means you can enjoy smooth streaming, gaming, and downloading. The cost for this plan is $65 per month, which stays the same even if prices go up due to inflation.

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AT&T invests heavily in its network infrastructure to ensure that customers get the best possible experience. The company also provides round-the-clock technical support to help customers with any issues they may face with their internet connection.

When you sign up with AT&T, you’ll get a free self-installation kit or pay $99 for expert installation. And, the best part is there are no data caps, so you can use as much internet as you need without extra charges.

Overall, the AT&T 500 Mbps internet plan offers great value with reliable speeds, unlimited data, and a simple pricing model.

Verizon Fios 500 Mbps Internet Speed

Fios 500 Internet- At A Glance 
Bundled Price  $44.99/mo. (with AutoPay & paperless billing)
Standalone Price  $69.99/mo. (with AutoPay & paperless billing)
Download Speed  500 Mbps 
Upload Speed  500 Mbps 
No. of Connected Devices Up to 8
Contract  Not required 
Data Cap  Unlimited 
Availability  9 states 
Price Guarantee  3 years 
Installation Fee $99.00 (one-time). Waived for online orders 
Equipment Fee  Included 
Best For  Video chatting. Streaming movies and music. 

Verizon Fios is a fiber-optic internet and television service provided by Verizon Communications. It is primarily offered in select areas of the United States, where the company has built its fiber-optic network infrastructure. It is well known for providing fast and reliable Internet speeds, but Verizon Fios 500 Mbps Internet plan is the most popular choice among their customers. This plan offers up to 500 Mbps download speed, and 500 Mbps upload speed, which is great for households with multiple internet users. However, its availability is limited to specific regions and may not be accessible to all consumers.

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The 500 Mbps plan from Verizon Fios offers unlimited data, perfect for households with multiple internet users. You get 6 months of free membership for Walmart+, along with the convenience of a no-contract service. 

The starting price of the Verizon 500 Mbps plan is $44.99/mo with Auto Pay & 5G mobile plans, or $69.99/mo. with Auto Pay & without 5G mobile plans. There is also a 3-year Price Guarantee for those who opt for this plan. Initially, you will have to fork out $99 for the installation and activation of Verizon Fios. However, this cost is easily covered by the savings that come from not having to pay a monthly router rental fee. Now, the price of whole-home WiFi routers and extenders is included in the monthly internet fee. 

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EarthLink 500 Mbps Internet Speed

EarthLink 500 Mbps
Type of Internet Fiber
Price $79.95/mo
Speed Download/Upload 500/500 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract 1 year
Installation Fee $79.95
Availability 18 States

EarthLink is a popular internet service provider that has been in business since 1995. Today, they offer one of the most reliable internet plans available on the market. EarthLink 500 Mbps Internet Plan provides fast and reliable internet connectivity with a download speed of 500 Mbps and the same upload speed, making it ideal for households with multiple users who require fast connection speeds. The monthly cost of this plan is $59.99 and comes with a 1-year contract, and there is an initial installation fee of $79.95. They also have no data caps or hidden fees, so you can rest assured that your bill won’t be higher than expected each month. Currently, fiber availability for EarthLink is limited to 18 states. 

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With EarthLink’s competitive price plans and excellent customer support, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their internet service in 2023. Plus, their bundle options make it easy to save money on home phone and television services too. From consistent connection speeds to secure WiFi networks, EarthLink has everything you need for an enjoyable online experience. 

Kinetic 500 Mbps Internet Speed

Kinetic 500
Type of Internet Fiber
Price $65.00/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/500 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract No
Installation Fee $35
Availability 18 States
After Promo Period Price $69.99/mo.

Kinetic by Windstream is a US-based broadband and communication service provider. The company has a strong presence in rural areas and provides reliable and affordable services using fiber and DSL networks. Kinetic is known for its exceptional customer service and commitment to providing the best possible broadband experience to its customers. Kinetic 500 Mbps internet is ideal for families with multiple devices, video conference calls, and buffer-free streaming in HD resolution. Additionally, this 500 Mbps internet speed comes with unlimited data and no contract. With 500 Mbps download and upload speeds and no data caps, Kinetic can easily handle many connected devices and users.

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The introductory price of $65.99 per month is replaced by the regular rate of $69.99 after one year of service. Customers can save money with Kinetic by Windstream’s self-installation Kit which is free with the plan. They can also request professional installation for $35.

Metronet 500 Mbps Internet Speed

Metronet Premium Internet
Type of Internet Fiber
Price $59.95/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/500 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract No
Installation Fee FREE 
Availability 8 States
After Promo Period Price 69.95/mo.

Metronet is a high-speed fiber-optic internet service provider that offers one of the best 500 Mbps internet plans. It’s a family-owned business specializing in fiber-optic connections, especially in the Midwest. Their service is currently available in 8 states in 250 residential communities. Their 500 Mbps Internet plan provides top-of-the-line technology and features. This plan offers lightning-fast download and upload speeds of 500 Mbps, so you can browse, watch, and game at the same time without worrying about slow speeds or lagging.

Currently, the promotional price for this plan is $59.99 per month for the first 6 months and then the regular price of $69.95 per month after the promotional period ends. Then after 18 months, the regular price goes up to $89.95 per month.

With this plan, you’ll enjoy unlimited data usage with no data caps, allowing you to surf, stream, and download as much as you want. The best part is that there’s free installation on all of Metronet’s plans, and no contract is required, so you’re free to switch or cancel your service anytime. However, if you choose to bundle their internet with other services like DirecTV Stream, you may have to sign a 2-year contract.

Overall, the Metronet 500 Mbps Internet plan is an excellent option at a competitive price. It’s hard to go wrong with it.

Optimum Fiber 500 Mbps Internet Speed

Optimum Fiber 500
Type of Internet Fiber 
Price $60/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/500 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract No
Installation Fee $59
Availability 21 States

Optimum Internet is a high-speed internet service offered by Altice USA, a leading telecommunications and media company. This internet service is designed to meet the needs of both residential and business customers in 21 states. It has a variety of options with varying speeds and prices to meet different needs. 

This 500 Mbps internet plan provides fast and reliable internet for casual users, with both download and upload speeds of 500 Mbps. It costs $60/month with a 2-year price guarantee and comes with unlimited data without a contract for added flexibility to ensure that customers will not experience any unexpected price hikes.

Standard installation is included at no extra cost when you order online, but customers can opt for professional installation for an additional $59. 

You can also bundle Optimum Internet with other services such as TV and home phone for extra savings and convenience. However, their customer satisfaction ratings have remained low and continue to drop.

Cox 500 Mbps Internet Speed

Cox Ultimate 500
Type of Internet Fiber
Price $69.99/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/10 Mbps
Data Cap 1.25TB
Contract Two-year
Installation Fee $100
Availability 19 States
After Promo Period Price $100/mo.

With headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia, Cox serves millions of customers in 18 states across the country. The Cox Internet service provides customers with high-speed internet access using either cable or fiber optic networks, depending on the availability in their area. 

Cox Communications is a leading provider of broadband internet services in the United States, offering a range of plans to meet the needs of different households. The Cox 500 Mbps Internet Plan is one of its popular offerings, providing high-speed internet connectivity with lightning-fast download and upload speeds.

This internet plan provides fiber-optic internet connectivity, which is available in 19 states across the US. The download speed of this plan is 500 Mbps, which makes it ideal for households with multiple users, and the upload speed of this plan is 10 Mbps, which is sufficient for everyday internet usage.

Cox’s plan with 500 Mbps Internet speed is priced at $69.99 per month with a two-year price guarantee, ensuring that customers will pay the same price for the duration of their contract. After the promotional period, the price of this plan is expected to increase to $100 per month. The data cap for this plan is 1.25TB, which is ample for most households. There is a two-year contract requirement for this plan and an installation cost of $100. So, this is a bad deal for customers because other ISPs like Spectrum and Frontier offer the best features with unlimited data and lower prices.

HTC 500 Mbps Internet Speed

HTC Internet Tier 1
Type of Internet Fiber 
Price $49.95/mo.
Speed Download/Upload 500/20 Mbps
Data Cap Unlimited
Contract 1-Year
Installation Fee $100 (waived w/ 1-yr. contract)
Availability Three counties of South Carolina

As a leading manufacturer of smartphones and other mobile devices, HTC offers a comprehensive internet service for its customers. HTC is a South Carolina-based internet service provider that offers both cable and fiber internet services to residents of three counties in the state. HTC has invested heavily into its network infrastructure, meaning it can provide average than slow speeds at an affordable price.

The company’s 500 Mbps internet plan offers lightning-fast download speeds of 500 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps, providing a reliable connection for users to browse the web, check email, download apps, and engage in a wide range of other online activities. 

The plan comes with an unlimited data cap and a 1-year contract, with an initial cost of $49.95 per month for the first year. A $100 installation fee is waived for customers who sign up for the 1-year contract. It is important to note that significant price hikes may occur after the promotional period. 

Which is the Best 500 Mbps Internet Plan?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when picking a 500 Mbps internet plan. Different users have different needs and preferences, so what works for one person may not be ideal for another. However, with the vast array of options available in 2023, it’s possible to find a plan that meets your individual requirements.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve looked at several internet plans offering 500 Mbps internet speed. We have evaluated some of the biggest providers in the US and evaluated them based on their features, speed, and price. After our detailed review process, we believe that Spectrum, Frontier, and AT&T offer the best 500 Mbps Internet plans. Not only do these providers offer great speeds and reliable service, but their pricing is also competitive when compared to other providers.

Spectrum Internet® is best for overall value, while AT&T is slightly more expensive but offers faster speeds for streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. Also, Frontier is a great choice if you’re looking to get 500 Mbps internet speed without breaking the bank. Additionally, it’s important to consider factors such as price point, contract length, and perks such as free installation or discounts on additional services when deciding.