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Spectrum’s “Business Internet” Review 2022

As digital businesses continue to expand, organizations have recognized the need for a high-speed and stable internet connection to manage their tasks. Access to high-speed internet can be the difference between high and low productivity. It also helps accelerate business development as it enables them to avail opportunities for innovation and expansion.

Many telecommunication companies offer business internet to facilitate emerging and existing businesses. Unlike regular internet, business internet comes with faster speeds and additional features. Whether you own a small or large business, you can find an appropriate business internet plan. Spectrum is one of the leading internet providers for small businesses. It provides quality services and ensures that all your business’ needs are met.

Overview of Spectrum Business Internet

Spectrum, a division of Charter Communications, is widely known for providing its services across 44 states. Spectrum business internet is almost identical to its residential counterpart and is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Here is everything you need to know about Spectrum business internet:

Plans & Pricing

Cable Internet Plans

Spectrum offers three simple business internet plans with max speed up to almost 1000 Mbps, and max cost up to $164.99 a month. These costs are till the end of the promotional period, after which they are raised to standard rates. Spectrum also offers fiber internet services, but they are limited.

Plan Promotional Price Speed Number of Employees
Spectrum Internet $64.99/month 200 Mbps Less than 5
Spectrum Internet Ultra $114.99/month 600 Mbps Less than 20
Spectrum Internet Gig $164.99/month Up to 1000 Mbps 20+

Spectrum business internet plans are a bit expensive as standalone, but Spectrum gives you the option to save some money on Spectrum internet and Spectrum internet ultra with bundling. You can avail of Spectrum internet for $49.99/month if you bundle it with either TV or phone and Spectrum internet ultra for $89.99/month if you bundle it with phone service. The costs remain for the first 12 months of the promotional period.

Fiber Internet Plans

There is barely any information available on Spectrum fiber internet plans as the company is still in the process of building a fiber-optic network across the country. However, you can find the coverage area of Spectrum fiber internet on their site. So, you can check out the map to see the availability in your area and then contact Spectrum customer service to learn more.

Internet Speeds

Spectrum is mainly a cable provider that offers fiber-like internet speeds. Starting at 100 Mbps and going all the way up to 1000 Mbps download speeds, Spectrum business internet is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. The only weak point of Spectrum is its low upload speeds.

Plan Download Speed Upload Speed
Spectrum Internet 200 Mbps 10 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Ultra 600 Mbps 35 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Gig Up to 1000 Mbps 35 Mbps


Spectrum also provides bundles for its business customers. In fact, Spectrum business is best known for its remarkable bundles. Spectrum’s bundles are worth considering, with affordable prices, high-speed internet, long-distance calling, and unlimited entertainment. Moreover, they allow businesses to save money compared to standalone internet services.

Plan Promotional Price Offered Features
Business Internet + Voice $69.98/month 200 Mbps internet,
Free unlimited local and long-distance calling with 35+ features
Business Internet + TV + Voice $89.97/month 200 Mbps internet,
60+ live streaming channels,
Free unlimited local and long-distance calling with 35+ features
Business Internet Ultra + Voice $109.98/month 600 Mbps internet,
Free unlimited local and long-distance calling with 35+ features

Extra Features

The best thing about Spectrum business is the extra free services that the company offers. You can also purchase a few services to fulfill your business requirements. Here are all the extra features offered by the company for free:

Cloud Backup - Spectrum business internet gives you free 100 GB to back up your data.

Email Accounts - It gives you 25 custom email addresses with your own domain name.

Internet Security - It offers Spectrum Security Suite to protect your business from spam, malware, and more.

Web Hosting & Domain Name – This allows you to create and host your website. It also allows you to choose a domain name along with 5 GB of web storage.

The paid features include:

Private Business WiFI - Enables you to connect any device or employee to a private and secure network.

Static IP Address - Enables you to host your own servers and more with unchanging IPs for $14.99 a month.


Reliability is an essential feature of the business internet. A stable and reliable internet connection is important for many business operations. A service with outages and downtime can be detrimental to a business.

Spectrum Internet Uptime & Latency

Uptime refers to the average percentage of time you expect your internet to work. Spectrum with a business uptime of 99.9%, is a reliable internet option. Another factor that contributes to measuring the reliability of business internet is latency. However, Spectrum doesn’t provide any information about latency. But if you consider latency an important factor, consider other providers who offer its guarantee.

Technical Support

You can avail of Spectrum’s 24/7 US-based technical support in case of any issue through the phone. Spectrum also provides numerous Spectrum Business Support articles to clear the most common technical issues.

Customer Service

Customer service is a weak area of almost all internet providers. Overall, Spectrum scored 63 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Additionally, J.D. Power in 2020 also ranked Spectrum 5th out of 8 providers for small businesses. Moreover, it is also not accredited by Better Business Bureau. However, most ISPs in the states suffer from poor customer service reputations. Hopefully, Spectrum will pay attention to the rating and work to improve concerning areas.

Final Take

Spectrum business internet is an ideal option for small businesses as it offers affordable and high-speed internet. It also doesn’t enforce any data caps and is one of the no-contract internet providers. Unless the mixed customer reviews are a deal-breaker for you, we recommend going with Spectrum.

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