Choosing the best internet service provider requires three crucial considerations – availability, affordability, and reliability. Coverage is the first factor to consider in your selection process, and it can vary from provider to provider based on your address, limiting your choices. This is primarily due to their infrastructure’s limitations or a lack of funding to develop it in other areas. So, even if there are a thousand internet service providers in America, only a few are accessible where you live.

AT&T has no such problems as it is available to over 40% of American households. However, it provides broadband access through various technologies, so check the AT&T availability map to learn which services are available in your neighborhood.

AT&T Availability Map

As the largest telecommunication company, AT&T offers several services, such as wired and wireless internet, cell phone plans, digital television, and landline services. Its customer base is not just limited to America. In fact, it is the third largest provider in the world.

AT&T provides broadband access using a combination of fiber and hybrid-fiber networks and serves nearly 53 million households. However, only about 7 million of the company’s 18 million customers in its fiber footprint have access to multi-gigabit plans. Therefore, knowing which AT&T Internet Plans serve your location is crucial.

The majority of the Midwest, the Southern US, and portions of Nevada and California make up AT&T’s principal coverage regions. Check the AT&T availability map below to see if your location is included in its coverage area.

Is AT&T Available in My Area?

While only half of its customers have access to fiber internet, AT&T’s hybrid-fiber network, IPBB, serves the majority of addresses in its service area. Most households in its coverage area can access this provider, but you can verify AT&T’s availability at your address by entering your ZIP code in the box below.

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AT&T Availability by State

Due to its extensive infrastructure, AT&T is one of the nation’s most widely available internet service providers. It is known for its top-notch services, so you are in a perfect sport if you live in any of the 21 states AT&T provides its internet service. Most of its coverage area lies in Midwest and Southern US, as well as California and Nevada. The company delivers internet access in more than 100 major metropolitan areas and is constantly trying to expand its network. AT&T is currently available in the following states.

MississippiNorth CarolinaNevada
OhioOklahomaSouth Carolina

You’ll find that AT&T, like all other internet service providers, offers coverage in only a portion of these states rather than covering them entirely. For example, you can find AT&T Fiber in large metropolitan areas of densely populated cities, but physical barriers increase the challenges in rural areas. As a result, it mainly uses its fixed wireless and DSL (IPBB) networks to serve such locations.

AT&T Fiber Internet Availability

AT&T Fiber is the flagship service of this company, delivering ultra-fast speeds to almost 18 million people in its coverage area, which is half the customer base of its total footprint. The physical barriers and developing infrastructure currently limits this service in major metropolitan areas of its service area.

Most locations inside AT&T’s fiber network have access to 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps plans, whereas just 7 million homes have access to the company’s multi-gigabit services. However, the company aims to provide the best broadband service to Americans and therefore plans to roll out these plans in 100 more cities, which include:

  • Abilene, Texas
  • Albany, Georgia
  • Alexandria, Louisiana
  • Houston, Texas
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • San Diego, California

AT&T Wireless Availability

Besides wired internet service, AT&T wireless services are available nationwide. In fact, it is one of the major three mobile carriers and has the second-best coverage in the country. Let’s explore its 5G and 4G networks in detail.

AT&T 4G Availability

With 68% coverage, AT&T’s 4G network is the second-largest in the nation, behind only Verizon by 2%. AT&T Wireless has a solid presence in urban areas, covering pretty much all the major cities and providing high-speed data plans. So, how does it lose to Verizon in terms of coverage? Well, its poor coverage in rural regions is the answer to that. But compared to T-Mobile, whose 4G coverage is 6% behind AT&T, it is a much better option for large urban areas.

AT&T 5G Availability

AT&T’s 5G network is also the second largest in the nation, but this time it is behind T-Mobile and not Verizon. Comparatively, all three major mobile carriers have nationwide 5G networks available in densely populated regions, but their coverage varies. Compared to T-Mobile’s 53% and Verizon’s 12% coverage, AT&T’s 5G network reaches 29% of the nation.


AT&T is a well-known brand among most American households, that has built a solid reputation for offering high-quality services over the years. As one of the largest internet providers in the country, it is easier to access in most locations, especially if you live in the Midwest or Southern US. However, the provider uses various technologies to serve its customers. So even if you live in its service area, check AT&T’s availability map to see which services are offered at your address.