Connectivity in business comes in the form of 3 Cs. Customers, colleagues, and the cloud. Without reliable and fast internet access, you risk losing touch with these 3 Cs and falling behind your competitors. But if you choose AT&T Dedicated Internet, you can enjoy the benefits of a symmetrical, dedicated connection that provides consistent and high-performance connectivity. 

AT&T Dedicated Internet serves as the backbone of your business operations. Designed and delivered to offer a customized solution to your internet needs, AT&T Dedicated Internet is fast, secure, and available nationwide. AT&T is the #1 in customer satisfaction for medium business and large enterprise wireline service and has the fastest dedicated internet access speed up to 10 Gbps. 

This article aims to talk more about AT&T’s Dedicated Internet and how it can boost business vitality. So, let’s pull back the curtains. 

What Is AT&T Dedicated Internet?

AT&T Dedicated Internet is a non-shared access line Internet service designed specifically for businesses. It provides a private and constant connection to the internet, ensuring that businesses always have fast and reliable access.

Unlike regular internet, which is shared with many users, AT&T Dedicated Internet is like having a personal internet line. This means the internet speed stays the same, even during peak hours, allowing businesses to work efficiently without interruptions or slowdowns.


  • High-speed connectivity
  • Symmetric speeds
  • Wide availability
  • Enhanced security options
  • Dedicated, unshared connection


  • Costly compared to shared broadband networks

AT&T Dedicated Internet Plans & Pricing

Every business requires a dedicated Internet plan that ensures smooth and efficient management of its day-to-day operations. AT&T focuses on these needs and offers AT&T Dedicated Internet plans with a spectrum of speeds from 20 Mbps to 1 Tbps. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on online operations, such as e-commerce platforms, large enterprises, and tech companies.

Pricing for AT&T Dedicated Internet plans varies based on several factors, such as location, chosen speed, and extra features. You can get the most accurate and customized pricing for your business by directly approaching AT&T for a quote.

The table below showcases the various plans and pricing options available with AT&T Dedicated Internet, designed to provide a clear overview of plans.

PlanNo. of Devices or UsersSpeed
20 MbpsUp to 5 20 Mbps
50 MbpsUp to 1050 Mbps
100 MbpsUp to 10100 Mbps
500 MbpsUp to 50500 Mbps
1 GbpsUp to 1001 Gbps
2 Gbps to 1 Tbps Up to 1002 Gbps to 1 Tbps 
*Every business will get different prices. To get accurate pricing, please call the service provider.

Key Features & Benefits

Additional perks are included in the AT&T Dedicated Internet service. AT&T’s features and benefits are tailored to enhance business operations. Let’s talk about what makes the service special and helpful for businesses.

High-Speed Connectivity

AT&T Dedicated Internet is synonymous with speed. The non-shared plans offered by AT&T are flexible and cater to various business needs. They provide a range of speeds, allowing businesses to choose a plan that best fits their requirements. Speeds ranging from 20 Mbps to 1 Tbps ensure that businesses operate with agility and efficiency. This means faster uploads, quicker downloads, and smoother real-time collaborations.

Dedicated and Unshared

Unlike conventional internet services, AT&T Dedicated Internet provides a private, unshared connection. This exclusivity assures that businesses enjoy consistent speeds and unparalleled reliability, free from the common disruptions that shared connections often encounter.

Symmetric Speeds

Symmetry in internet speeds refers to having equal upload and download speeds. AT&T makes sure of this symmetry that businesses can upload content, conduct video conferences, and engage in data-intensive tasks with the same vigor as downloading.

Installation Charges Waived

When you sign a 2 or 3-year contract for AT&T Dedicated Internet service as a new customer, you do not have to pay installation charges that value $99. However, the installation fee waiver is only valid for subscribers receiving speeds between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

Available in Many Places

Accessibility is a cornerstone of AT&T. It has a presence in 46 countries, including regions like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This means that businesses, irrespective of their location, can tap into the world-class connectivity that AT&T has to offer.

Enhanced Security

In a world where cyber threats loom, corporations prioritize online safety to evade heavy financial losses. With AT&T Dedicated Internet, you can protect your network from malicious attacks with effective, cloud-based security, designed to safeguard business data.

Choose Your Speed

Flexibility is woven into the fabric of AT&T services. Businesses can choose and customize speeds based on their unique needs and demands. This means you can get an internet plan that aligns with their operational requirements.

AT&T Dedicated Internet Installation 

The installation process of AT&T Dedicated Internet is quick and efficient. AT&T aims to have your dedicated internet service up and running in 10 to 20 business days. Right now, they have a special deal where you do not have to pay any setup fees if you are a new customer (when a 24 or 36-month contract is signed).

Additionally, AT&T provides an optional Managed Router service for as little as $1 a day. This service includes the router and its management, making sure it works well all the time.

AT&T Dedicated Internet Availability

AT&T’s Dedicated Internet has cast a wide net of availability. Businesses at over 3 million locations can sign up for AT&T Dedicated Internet access and avail of the features they need to stay in touch with their customers, partners, and employees. The service proudly marks its presence in 46 countries, and its footprint also gracefully extends to regions like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

AT&T Dedicated Internet Customer Service

When we talk about internet services, having someone to help us when things do not go as planned is really important. That is where customer service comes in, and AT&T Dedicated Internet understands this well. You can easily reach AT&T by phone or live chat for any inquiries or issues related to your internet service. You can also manage your account, view your bills, and troubleshoot any problems online. 

But do not just take our word for it. The customers have spoken and rated AT&T Dedicated Internet Customer Service as the best in the industry. According to J.D. Power, AT&T has ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for residential internet service in the South region for five consecutive years and in the North Central region for three consecutive years. Customers in these regions are highly satisfied with AT&T’s cost of service, communications, promotions, billing, and payment options. 

This shows that customers across the U.S. are happy with AT&T’s performance and reliability, customer care, and value for money.

AT&T Dedicated Internet vs Business Fiber

AT&T offers two types of internet service for businesses: AT&T Dedicated Internet and AT&T Business Fiber. Both services provide fast and reliable internet access. However, the speed, cost, and availability are different. Let’s compare them!

FeatureAT&T Dedicated InternetAT&T Business Fiber
Speed20 Mbps to 1 Tbps (non-shared)Up to 5 Gbps(shared)
AvailabilityNationwide and other 45 countriesSelect areas within 39 states
CostMore expensiveMore affordable
VoicePBX or Cloud-based voice solutionsPBX or Cloud-based voice solutions
Internet BackupWireless backupWireless backup
SecurityCloud-based protectionCloud-based protection
Installation ChargesWaived for new customers$99 (one-time)

AT&T Dedicated Internet is ideal for medium and large businesses that rely heavily on the internet for their operations and require increased reliability, security, and speed. AT&T Business Fiber is suitable for small and medium businesses that need fast internet access at a lower cost and do not mind sharing the connection with other users.


AT&T Dedicated Internet is a super-fast private internet line for medium and large businesses. It keeps you connected with customers, colleagues, and cloud services.

They offer different plans, so you can pick the one that fits your business needs and budget. It is available in many places, even outside the United States, which is great for multinational corporations.

The service is slightly expensive, but it gives you a lot of good stuff, like fast speeds, strong security, and top-notch customer care. They even offer installation fee waivers for new customers to help them kick-start their businesses with minimal operational costs.

So, in simple words, AT&T Dedicated Internet is a good internet service that helps businesses do their online work really well, making sure they stay connected with customers and other stakeholders.