Only a few internet providers live up to their reputation due to nationwide coverage. AT&T is one such name in the American telecommunications market, providing broadband to over 40% of the country. The provider relies on multiple technologies, but it is famous for its comprehensive and ever-growing 100% fiber network. 

If you want to upgrade to a fast and reliable connection, follow this AT&T Fiber Availability review to see if you can get AT&T fiber-fast service at your address.

AT&T Fiber Availability Map

AT&T’s extensive fiber network covers more than 8 million customers in over 100 metro areas. The company claims that fiber internet is its foundation and is therefore hyper-focused on making it more accessible.

The provider has made several investments to expand its fiber coverage to new residential and business locations. As a result, AT&T Fiber now has the potential to serve more than 26 million locations across the Midwest and Southern US. You can also find AT&T Fiber in some areas of Nevada and California.

To learn more about its coverage, you can check the following AT&T Fiber availability map.

AT&T Fiber Availability in My Area

AT&T fiber availability varies with location. So, even if it covers your state, there is a high possibility that it might not be available in your area. For quick verification, enter your ZIP code below to see if your address falls within AT&T Fiber’s coverage.

AT&T Fiber Plans

AT&T offers five ultra-fast fiber internet plans with symmetrical speeds that range from 300 to 5,000 Mbps. However, most AT&T Fiber locations are only eligible for speeds up to 1,000 Mbps as multi-gigabit options are limited to specific parts of the entire fiber footprint. 

This limited availability shouldn’t be a problem unless you want a 5,000 Mbps connection for your company.

Its high prices, on the other hand, can be an issue. All AT&T Fiber Internet plans are on the pricier side compared to other alternatives. For instance, AT&T gives you 300Mbps internet speed for $55 per month, while the average price for the same plan ranges from $20 to $50 per month. 

Meanwhile, its fastest speed tier costs $250 per month, much pricier than other 5 gigabit options. AT&T makes up for its high prices by offering a reliable and secure connection with minimum outages.

The following table provides an overview of all the AT&T Fiber Internet plans. Before placing your order, make sure to check the availability of your chosen plans.

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans
Plan Starting Price Internet Speed Order
Internet 300 $55.00/mo. 300 Mbps Call Now
Internet 500 $65.00/mo. 500 Mbps Call Now
Internet 1 Gig $80.00/mo. 1,000 Mbps Call Now
Internet 2 Gig $150.00/mo. 2,000 Mbps Call Now
Internet 5 Gig $250.00/mo. 5,000 Mbps Call Now
*Price with a $5 AutoPay & Paperless Billing discount (starts within 2 bill cycles).
**Monthly State Cost Recovery charge applies in Nevada, Ohio, and Texas.
***Availability of multi-gigabit options depends on your location.

AT&T Fiber Internet Availability by States

AT&T Fiber is available in 22 states, which makes it the largest fiber internet provider in the US. However, its coverage is pretty sporadic. Instead of delivering broadband access to every city and town, AT&T Fiber mainly operates in more than 100 metro areas within these states. 

Fiber Internet Availability by States
Alabama Arizona
Arkansas California
Florida Georgia
Illinois Indiana
Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Michigan
Mississippi Missouri
Nevada North Carolina
Ohio Oklahoma
South Carolina Tennessee
Texas Wisconsin

The good news is that you might see AT&T Fiber soon in Pennsylvania as well.

Top Cities with AT&T Fiber Coverage

It is not profitable for AT&T to deploy its fiber network in all the areas within its footprint. Hence, AT&T Fiber mainly operates in densely populated locations, including large metro areas and cities. 

Even then, its coverage varies with your address, as it may only be available in some parts of your city. So, if you are interested in this service, here are the top AT&T Fiber-powered cities.

Top CitiesAT&T Fiber Availability
Oshkosh, WI86.2%
Kenosha, WI86.17%
Houston, TX85.2%
Fort Lauderdale, FL85%
Los Angeles, CA84%
Charlotte, NC83%
Atlanta, GA80%
Sacramento, CA79.45%
Orlando, FL72%


AT&T Fiber availability is limited to 100+ metro areas within 22 states. However, it is the largest fiber internet provider in the country, with over 8 million customers. The provider is on a mission to build a futuristic network that can keep up with the growing trend of data consumption. 

AT&T Fiber has shown tremendous progress in a decade, passing 26 million locations and connecting more people to a faster and more reliable connection. The provider is on track to expand this network to more areas, with a goal to exceed 30 million locations by the end of 2025.

The provider is also taking several initiatives to make fiber internet more accessible. AT&T has partnered with BlackRock to create Gigapower, LLC. Through this joint venture, AT&T plans to build a modern fiber network for other fiber internet providers, so they can offer better services to their customers. 

Moreover, it is currently working to deploy a fiber network in certain areas of Northeastern Pennsylvania.