Statistically, America’s internet speeds are getting faster each year, and it seems like the companies are in competition to release the fastest internet plan. Multi-gigabit choices are rapidly becoming available across the nation, captivating many individuals with endless possibilities. However, opting for the quickest internet package might be a waste of money.

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This is why providers have a range of internet options so you can pick the speed you need. Generally, 100 Mbps internet is enough to support an average household. Hence, AT&T Internet 100, delivered over a hybrid fiber and copper network called IPBB, is the most viable option for standard usage. This AT&T Internet 100 review delves into all the crucial details of this plan and compares it with similar choices to help you make a calculated decision.

What is AT&T Internet 100?

  • 100 Mbps Download Speed
  • 20 Mbps Upload Speed
  • No Equipment Charges
  • No Contract

AT&T Internet 100 is a high-tier plan from AT&T’s IPBB lineup. Unlike other internet plans from this service, AT&T takes a different approach with this package by offering unlimited data. This plan’s promotional price is slightly higher than other AT&T Internet Plans. But its lack of data caps and fast internet speed enable it to accommodate typical activities like streaming, web surfing, and gaming. AT&T Internet 100 is widely available throughout the company’s service area.

Even though AT&T Internet 100 has asymmetrical upload and download speeds, it still outperforms rival DSL plans in terms of contract freedom, equipment costs, and data caps. You can expect the following features from this plan.

Main Features AT&T Internet 100
Monthly Price $55.00/month
Internet Type IPBB (hybrid fiber & copper network)
Internet Speed Download: 100 Mbps
Upload: 20 Mbps
Data Caps None
Contract None
Equipment Fee None
Coverage 21 states

Pros & Cons

Weighing the pros and cons of an internet plan can help you shape a clearer picture of your final decision. So, before proceeding with the minute details about AT&T Internet 100, it is necessary to know its advantages and disadvantages so you can decide whether it is the best solution for your house.


  • Widely available
  • No data caps
  • No annual contract
  • Equipment included in the plan
  • Excellent customer service


  • Price hike after 12 months
  • Higher cost than rival plans

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How Fast is AT&T Internet 100?

AT&T provides a range of internet speeds through its hybrid IPBB network. But its 100 Mbps internet is the fastest in the lineup, making it suitable for households with multiple devices and users who need a fast internet connection for activities such as streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. It might be a popular option for an average household, but it is not as reliable as AT&T’s fiber services, nor does it provide symmetrical internet speed.

However, its 20 Mbps upload speed is higher than traditional DSL and some entry-level cable internet options. In conclusion, AT&T Internet 100 is fast enough to

  • Connect up to 7 users at once
  • Download a high-definition movie in minutes
  • Update your online game
  • Use various social networks
  • Stream HD videos

However, we advise going with a speedier internet package if your family is large, with some family members being more inclined to bandwidth-hungry activities.

Data Caps

In contrast to its lower-tiered IPBB plans, AT&T does not impose data caps on this package, giving you full advantage of its high internet speed. It means that with AT&T Internet 100, you won’t have to worry about going over your data allotment when streaming your preferred movies, playing casual online games, or participating in virtual meetings. Consequently, your monthly internet bill will be free from data overage fees.

AT&T Internet 100 Installation

The first step after signing up for this plan is selecting an installation method, and AT&T offers two choices: professional installation via a knowledgeable technician or free self-installation. You can choose whatever suits you best. But first, you must decide whether you care more about staying within your budget or paying a professional to handle all the technical issues. Let’s explore these options in detail.

Professional Installation

AT&T’s professional installation may cost $99, but it gives you peace of mind by letting a professional handle everything. It means that a technician will come to your location and set up the service for you, which can include activating the service, running cables, and configuring equipment. You only have to be present at the appointed time, and AT&T’s team of professionals will handle the rest, including any potential technical issues.


AT&T also offers a free self-installation option for AT&T Internet 100. As a result, you don’t need a technician to visit your house, as you can set up and activate your service on your own.

AT&T sends the necessary equipment along with the self-installation kit. The self-installation procedure usually entails following a set of guidelines, which may include connecting equipment and online service activation. After setting up the router and modem, you can typically activate the service online by creating an account or logging in to an existing one.

AT&T also provides a customer support service that can assist with the self-installation process if the customers have any issues with the installation. However, keep in mind that self-installation is not available at all addresses. So, it is better to check AT&T’s website in advance to see whether you qualify for this offer.

Special Features

AT&T Internet 100 comes with a few special features and perks, making it a popular choice of connectivity.

Bundling Options

AT&T allows customers to bundle AT&T Internet 100 with other services, such as home phone and DIRECTV packages, to simplify their billing. These packages keep your family entertained by allowing them to enjoy the best networks and On-Demand titles.

Free Equipment

The advanced WiFi gateway, included with AT&T Internet 100, is a powerful modem and router combo that supports several concurrently connected devices. You don’t have to pay a monthly rental fee for this equipment, as AT&T incorporates its price into your plan.

Free AT&T Smart Home Manager App

AT&T Smart Home Manager gives you total control by allowing you to manage your internet, home phone, and home security services efficiently. You can manage your screen time, track your data usage, and test your internet speed through this app.

Free AT&T Internet Security Suite

AT&T protects your online presence by providing a free Internet Security Suite with this internet package. This security software offers advanced tools and features like Advanced Content Controls, ID Monitoring, and Threat Activity Dashboard and is qualified to protect up to three devices.

Access to Wide Hotspot Network

AT&T keeps its customers connected by providing free access to its nationwide hotspots. Hence, you don’t have to waste your mobile data outside your home when you can join a secure WiFi network.

Additional Costs

While AT&T Internet 100 provides relief by skipping equipment, overage, and early termination charges, its subscription involves a few additional costs.

Additional Charges
Professional Installation $99.00
Unreturned Equipment Fee $150.00
Late Payment Fee $9.99
Bill Reprint Fee $5.00/bill
Taxes Vary with location

AT&T Internet 100 Price after 12 Months

Unlike its fiber internet, AT&T’s IPBB plans start with a promotional rate. As a result, AT&T Internet 100 costs $55 for the first 12 months and then goes up to $70 following a 27% price hike.

AT&T Internet 100
Starting Price $55.00/month
Price after 12 months $70.00/month
Price increases by 27.2%

Contract-Free 100 Mbps Plan

Instead of forcing you into an annual contract, AT&T offers the flexibility to downgrade or upgrade your internet plan depending on your speed requirements. Therefore, unlike other typical DSL plans with contracts, you can elect to terminate AT&T Internet 100 or switch to a different plan at any time without incurring additional charges.

Availability Review

AT&T provides a variety of broadband services, but its IPBB network has the most extensive footprint compared to others. Hence, AT&T Internet 100 is a widely accessible internet plan in its service area, delivering faster speeds than other DSL counterparts. You can find this plan in the following 21 states.

States with AT&T 100 Mbps Internet Coverage
Alabama Arkansas California
Florida Georgia Illinois
Indiana Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Michigan Missouri
Mississippi North Carolina Nevada
Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina
Tennessee Texas Wisconsin

AT&T Internet 100 Vs Competitors

So, how does AT&T Internet 100 compete with other similar 100 Mbps internet plans? You can find many internet providers offering 100 Mbps speeds in the market, but it does not make them identical to AT&T. These competitors often use different technologies to deliver their plans. Hence, they have varying coverage areas, price points, and upload speeds.

AT&T Internet 100 might not be the most affordable option in the market, but its unlimited data, contract-free nature, and zero equipment charges make it the most practical choice for home internet. Here is how it stands among some of its biggest competitors.

FeaturesAT&T Internet 100Earthlink 100 MbpsKinetic InternetFrontier Internet
Starting Price$55.00/mo.$59.95/mo.$39.99/mo.$54.99/mo.
Regular Price
(After 12 months)
Internet SpeedAsymmetricalSymmetricalAsymmetricalAsymmetrical
Internet TypeIPBBFiberDSLDSL
Data CapsNoneNoneNoneNone
Equipment FeeNone$13.00/mo.$7.00/mo.None
Availability21 states48 states18 states25 states
Contact ProviderCall NowCall NowCall NowCall Now

AT&T Internet 100 vs 300

There is a significant difference between these two internet plans in terms of speed. AT&T Internet 100 is a fast internet option suitable for small households, but AT&T Internet 300 is much faster, supporting up to 10 devices and appropriate for more bandwidth-consuming activities. In the end, the choice depends on your speed requirements and the availability of these plans.

We usually recommend selecting a plan with suitable internet speed to avoid wasting money. But since there is not much difference in their pricing, AT&T Internet 300 is a much better option as it is a fiber internet plan, which makes it more reliable. Plus, its symmetrical internet speeds can support live streaming.

Features AT&T Internet 100 AT&T Internet 300
Monthly Price $55.00/month $55.00/month
Internet Speed Download: 100 Mbps Download: 300 Mbps
Upload: 20 Mbps Upload: 300 Mbps
Internet Type IPBB Fiber
Availability Throughout AT&T’s network Major metropolitan areas
Supports Up to 7 devices 10 devices
Suitable For Sharing photos and videos Binge streaming
Using social media Playing competitive games
Streaming HD videos Sharing large files

AT&T Internet 100 vs 500

AT&T Internet 100 and 500 are likewise two significantly different options from AT&T, using different technologies, which influence their speed and availability. While the 100 Mbps internet plan works on the IPBB network, the 500 Mbps plan is one of the AT&T fiber internet plans.

AT&T Internet 100 starts at a lower rate, its price increases by $15 after the first year of service. On the other hand, AT&T Internet 500 price remains the same as it does not have a promotional rate. Consequently, it is a cheaper option in the long run, providing symmetrical speeds and enabling you to connect more devices.

The only problem is that AT&T’s fiber footprint is smaller than its IPBB network. As a result, you can only access AT&T Internet 500 in major metropolitan areas of 21 states.  

Features AT&T Internet 100 AT&T Internet 500
Monthly Price $55.00/month $65.00/month
Internet Speed Download: 100 Mbps Download: 500 Mbps
Upload: 20 Mbps Upload: 500 Mbps
Internet Type IPBB Fiber
Availability Throughout AT&T’s network Major metropolitan areas
Supports Up to 7 devices 11 devices
Suitable For Sharing photos and videos Playing casual online games
Using social media Binge streaming on multiple devices
Streaming HD videos Sharing large files


DSL internet is not the most favorable choice of connection, but AT&T’s hybrid fiber and copper network, make it significantly faster than other options. And AT&T takes things up a notch with this internet plan, giving you a taste of high-speed internet with some of the best offerings. AT&T Internet 100 is the most popular plan from its IPBB portfolio as it has unlimited data, unlike others. This makes it excellent for small households who require a suitable internet option to connect multiple devices.