Should you spend hundreds of dollars on hyper-fast gigabit connections when a simple 300 Mbps plan can be your calling? AT&T Fiber 300 is perfect for the needs of an average internet user. It is one of the best and most valuable internet deals, giving your small family enough bandwidth to stream their favorite videos, catch up to the latest pop culture trends, or prepare for the next best job without any hindrance. But if you still have doubts, you can read this review to learn why AT&T’s 300 Mbps Internet plan is the first choice of so many people.

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AT&T Fiber 300 Plan Details

300 Mbps is the lowest fiber speed tier by AT&T, designed specifically for small to medium-sized families. AT&T Fiber 300 starts at $55 per month and is $5 more expensive than the average 300 Mbps plan. So, how is it more valuable? This plan is well-loved because it is more reliable than competition and offers mirrored upload and download speeds. 

  • 300 Mbps Download Speed
  • 300 Mbps Upload Speed
  • High-Speed Fiber Internet



Moreover, it comes with multiple perks, such as unlimited data, a reward card, free equipment, and AT&T ActiveArmor, keeping your devices secure. AT&T also assures that its price will remain the same for 12 months. However, there is no price guarantee after this period, and AT&T can adjust the rates due to inflationary pressure. As of now, AT&T is promising to cover your full cancellation fee if you switch to its service.

Overview of AT&T Fiber 300
Monthly Price $55.00/mo. + taxes with AutoPay & Paperless Bill
Download Internet Speed 300 Mbps
Upload Internet Speed 300 Mbps
Data Caps None
Contract None
Equipment Included
Installation Self-installation: Free (available at only a few addresses)
Professional installation: $99.00
Reward Card $50.00
Coverage 22 states


  • Provides symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 300 Mbps
  • Offers unlimited data
  • Includes AT&T ActiveArmor and equipment at no extra cost
  • It does not require you to sign a contract
  • Gift you a $50 Reward Card
  • Price assurance for 12 months


  • It is only available in urban areas within AT&T’s fiber footprint

Internet Speed

300 Mbps may seem insignificant in front of lightning-fast multi-gigabit plans, but it is more than enough for households with three or four people. We usually refer to the download rates when we talk about the internet speed since they play a more significant part in our online journey. This is also why most internet providers offer asymmetrical plans. However, fiber internet providers have broken this norm, and that’s why you get equal upload and download speeds with AT&T Fiber 300.

So, how fast is a 300 Mbps connection? And what can you use it for? In simple terms, a 300 Mbps plan has a download rate of 37.5 Mb per second. It means that you can download a song within 7 seconds and a presentation slide deck in 10 seconds. You can also easily download large multimedia files. Since this plan is symmetrical, you can also upload content at a fast rate. AT&T Fiber 300 is also the perfect internet speed for live streaming ultra HD videos and playing online games on multiple devices. In short, you can do anything with AT&T Fiber 300. The only difference is that it supports fewer devices compared to other AT&T fiber internet plans.

Data Caps

There are no data caps on AT&T Fiber 300. It means you can use as much data as you want without facing throttled speeds after reaching a certain number of GB. Hence, with AT&T Fiber 300, you can catch the latest showbiz gossip, download heavy files and HD movies, update your games, and more without any worries.


AT&T does not demand your loyalty. It is one of the best no-contract internet providers, creating a loyal customer base through its reliable service. As a result, you don’t have to sign a term agreement with AT&T Fiber 300 to get the best price or promotional deals. And if you want to switch to another provider for any reason, you can easily do it without the burden of a hefty early cancellation fee. In fact, the provider makes it easier to switch to its service and is currently promising to cover your full early termination fee.


AT&T Fiber 300 also includes a powerful Wi-Fi gateway that covers more areas of your home. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for this equipment. However, if you live in a larger house and require whole-home connectivity, you can pair this gateway with AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extenders. But unlike the gateway, these extenders are not free, and AT&T charges $10 per month for up to five extenders.


While AT&T adopts a simple pricing model, it has a few additional charges. If you are a new customer, you might have to opt for professional installation, especially if your house is not equipped for AT&T Fiber. Since every home is different, the professional installation process, which includes both the interior and the exterior work, can take up to four hours.

The technician will visit your home on the scheduled date to evaluate the most suitable location for the gateway. So make sure to be present for the appointment. Depending on your situation, the technician may install a new fiber service line to your home and extend it inside to reach the gateway.

Hence, professional installation is more suitable for new customers. However, the choice depends on your circumstances, and the provider also has a free self-installation option.

Installation OptionsFees
Professional Installation$99.00

AT&T Internet 300 Price after 12 Months

As mentioned before, AT&T Fiber 300 comes with a price guarantee. The provider claims that your price will remain the same for 12 months. While there is no solid information about whether AT&T will increase the price after this period, keep in mind that the provider can adjust the price of this plan due to inflation.

AT&T Fiber 300 Availability

AT&T Fiber is available in metro areas of the following 22 states, so you can easily access this plan if you live within its coverage area.

AT&T Fiber 300 Availability by States
Alabama Arizona Arkansas
California Florida Georgia
Illinois Indiana Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Michigan
Mississippi Missouri Nevada
North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma
South Carolina Tennessee Texas

The good news is that AT&T is expanding its fiber footprint, so you might also see this plan in Pennsylvania soon.

AT&T Fiber 300 vs other AT&T Fiber Internet Plans

Internet 300 is the starting point of AT&T’s impressive fiber lineup. The provider offers two reasonable speeds and three hyper-gigabit plans (1 Gig, 2 Gig, and AT&T fiber 5 Gig). Each plan is tailored to satisfy the different usage requirements and online habits, connecting varying numbers of devices.

AT&T Fiber 300 is more suited for small to medium-sized households, offering equal speeds of up to 300 Mbps and sufficient bandwidth for HD streaming. Here is a brief overview of how AT&T Fiber 300 compares with other AT&T plans in terms of pricing, speed, and connected devices.

Overview of AT&T Fiber 300 vs other AT&T Fiber Internet Plans
Features AT&T Fiber 300 AT&T Fiber 500 AT&T Fiber 1 Gig AT&T Fiber 2 Gig AT&T Fiber 5 Gig
Monthly Price $55.00/mo. $65.00/mo. $80.00/mo. $150.00/mo. $250.00/mo.
Internet Speed 300 Mbps 500 Mbps 1,000 Mbps 2,000 Mbps 5,000 Mbps
Devices 10+ 11 12 12+ 12+
Reward Card $50 $100 $150 $150 $150
Suitable For HD video streaming Multiple users Smart homes Remote office workers Content creators
Online gaming Playing online games Professional gamers Home business Live streaming
Sharing large files Sharing large files Power users Running a server Business operations

AT&T Fiber 300 vs 500

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Although AT&T Fiber 300 is $10 cheaper, AT&T Fiber 500 gives you more bandwidth, allowing you to connect up to 11 devices. Therefore, AT&T Fiber 500 is more valuable for medium-sized families with extra requirements, allowing them to share larger files in less time and play more advanced online games. Apart from that, both plans share the same features, including unlimited data, free AT&T ActiveArmor Security, equipment, and no contracts. 

AT&T Fiber 300 vs 1 Gig

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AT&T Fiber 1 Gig may cost only $25 more, but it is significantly faster than AT&T Fiber 300. AT&T Fiber 1 Gig is excellent for larger families and power users who require faster speeds to play professional games or start their careers in content creation. Compared to AT&T Fiber 300, you can connect more devices with AT&T Fiber 1 Gig and even move towards smart home automation. But if you are an average user, it is better to stick with AT&T’s entry-level plan.

AT&T Fiber 300 vs Competitors

AT&T is not the only provider with a 300 Mbps plan in its lineup. In fact, it is the most common option in the country. Many fiber and cable internet providers, including nationwide famous names like Spectrum, Verizon, and Optimum, start their plans from this speed.

However, they all have different coverage areas, prices, and policies for equipment, installation, promotional deals, and price hikes. Moreover, they provide different experiences based on their technologies. For example, you only get symmetrical 300 Mbps speeds with fiber internet providers.

You can refer to the following side-by-side comparison of AT&T Fiber 300 with other popular 300 Mbps plans in the market to find the most suitable option for your home.

FeaturesAT&T Internet 300Spectrum InternetVerizon Fios 300Optimum 300
Starting Price (internet only)$55.00/mo.$49.99/mo. for 12 mos.*$49.99/mo.$40.00/mo.
Price After 12 months$55.00/mo.$84.99/mo.$49.99/mo.$70.00 – $99.99/mo. (depending on the type of internet network)
Internet SpeedSymmetricalAsymmetricalSymmetricalDepends on the type of internet 
EquipmentIncluded$5.00/mo. for WiFiIncludedIncluded
Installation$99.00$65.00$99.00$100.00 (free on online orders)
Internet TypeFiberCableFiberCable, Fiber
Coverage22 states41 states8 states21 states


Contrary to the common opinions, you won’t get left behind if you choose a low-speed tier. Instead of emptying your pockets on the speeds you don’t really need, invest in a plan that brings value to your household. AT&T Fiber 300 is one of the best plans in the market for average users. It is fast, reliable, and at the same time affordable. We have reviewed the plan in detail, discussing crucial elements, and have even compared it to the competitors’ plans so you can make a well-informed decision.