Connections give meaning to our life. Mobile phones have proven to be a powerful tool for creating strong bonds by bringing people from different corners of the world together. They also equip us with the information to tackle everyday issues. As a result, there is a constant barrage of new phones each year, driven by technological advancements, which ignites our desire to own the latest models of our beloved brands.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars on these devices. That’s where mobile carriers come in, making it easier for you to upgrade your phone. If you are a new AT&T customer or simply searching for an easier way to purchase a new phone, you have a wide range of options with this carrier. We have rounded up the best AT&T cell phones for sale so you can buy your desired device without any hassle.

Top 10 AT&T Phones for Sale

PhoneCapacityInstallments Retail PriceRating
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max256 GB$33.34/mo.*$1,199.994.2
512 GB$38.89/mo.*$1,399.99
1 TB$44.45/mo.*$1,599.99
Apple iPhone 15 Pro128 GB$27.78/mo.*$999.994.2
256 GB$30.56/mo.*$1,099.99
512 GB$36.12/mo.*$1,299.99
1 TB$41.67/mo.*$1,499.99
Apple iPhone 14128 GB$20.28/mo.*$729.994.3
256 GB$23.06/mo.*$829.99
Apple iPhone SE 3rd Gen (2022)64 GB$*$429.993.9
128 GB$13.34/mo.*$479.99
256 GB$16.12/mo.*$579.99
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE128 GB$16.67/mo.*$599.994.7
Apple iPhone 15128 GB$23.06/mo.*$829.994.2
256 GB$25.84/mo.*$929.99
512 GB$31.39/mo.*$1,129.99
Apple iPhone 15 Plus128 GB$25.84/mo.*$929.994.4
256 GB$28.62/mo.*$1,029.99
512 GB$34.17/mo.*$1,229.99
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra256 GB$33.34/mo.*$1,199.994.7
512 GB$38.34/mo.*$1,379.99
Google Pixel 8 Pro128 GB$28.89/mo.*$1,039.994.3
Motorola razr – 2023128 GB$18.34/mo.*$659.993.7
*for 36 mos., 0% APR

Instead of expressing our personal opinions, we have thoroughly analyzed the customer reviews and ratings to round up the 10 best-selling phones on AT&T’s website. The carrier has a diverse collection of well-known mobile phones, letting you purchase your dream device through their simple AT&T Trade-in Program. This program allows you to trade in your old smartphone for the latest model and offers an AT&T Promotional Card, which you may use to buy AT&T merchandise like a new case or headset for your device or to pay your bill.

Alternatively, you can opt for the flexible AT&T Installment Plan, which gives you two options – with or without AT&T Next Up. The Installment Plan is a straightforward payment option. With this plan, you can pay for your phone over 36 months in interest-free installments. While you may need to make a down payment, there are no finance charges associated with this plan. Additionally, you have the option to complete your payments ahead of schedule.

On the other hand, the AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up brings additional advantages. This plan offers a 0% APR on the phone’s price, which is split into 36 monthly payments. The primary distinction is that it is a phone upgrade program aimed at early adopters who want to get the latest phones sooner rather than later. If you are one such person, you can upgrade your phone early by paying off 50% of your current smartphone’s price for an acceptable trade-in with an extra cost of $6 each month. Keep in mind that this fee is not part of the monthly installments. This option, like the AT&T Installment Plan, may also require a down payment and offers the possibility of an early payout.

However, you are free to quit the Next Up program at any moment. The AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up is only available with certain smartphones and requires a good credit history.

AT&T Prepaid Phones for Sale

AT&T’s offerings are well-categorized, enabling easy navigation. The carrier also offers an impressive selection of prepaid phones, giving users a flexible and affordable mobile solution. These prepaid phones are perfect for people looking for a budget-friendly device or a top-of-the-line smartphone. With AT&T’s prepaid options, you can choose an eligible monthly unlimited AT&T plan without the constraints of a long-term contract.

This freedom allows you to manage your finances while enjoying the latest technology and staying connected with your loved ones through AT&T’s extensive network coverage. We have compiled a list of all the prepaid phones on sale at AT&T’s website so you can easily choose your preferred gadget.

Prepaid PhonesCapacityPricePrice with a New Line
Samsung Galaxy A03s32 GB$139.99$19.99**
Motorola moto g 5G – 202364 GB$179.99 $29.99**
Apple iPhone 1164 GB$499.99NA
Samsung Galaxy A1332 GB$189.99$29.99**
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G64 GB$199.99NA
AT&T Maestro 332 GB$99.99 $19.99**
AT&T Radiant Max 5G64 GB$189.99 $29.99**
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G128 GB$379.99 $299.99**
AT&T Motivate Max32 GB$119.99 $19.99**
Sonim XP3plus (No Camera)16 GB$199.99NA
Sonim XP3plus16 GB$199.99NA
*Taxes apply.
**Requires the activation of a new line on qualifying wireless service.

Android Phones for Sale at AT&T

Are you also a fan of Android phones? While the debate between Apple and Android users is endless, with each claiming that their preferred operating system is superior, AT&T caters to both preferences. Its product portfolio includes the most recent Android phones from Samsung to Motorola. Hence, you can easily compare the specifications of these devices and choose a reliable one from your favorite brand either through a trade-in or monthly installments.

Whether you are looking to finally get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Ultra to take high-quality pictures or are interested in the Google Pixel 8 Pro for its impressive seven years’ worth of upgrades, AT&T makes Android phones more accessible.

Android Phones for Sale at AT&T
Android Phones Monthly Installment  Installments with Eligible Trade-in
Galaxy S23 Ultra $33.34/mo. – $38.34/mo. $5.56/mo. – $10.56/mo.
Galaxy S23+ $27.78/mo. – $31.12/mo. $0.00/mo. – $3.34/mo.
Galaxy Z Flip5 $27.78/mo. – $31.12/mo. $0.00/mo. – $3.34/mo.
Galaxy ZFold5 $50.00/mo. – $53.34/mo. $22.23/mo. – $25.56/mo.
Galaxy S23 $23.23/mo. – $23.89/mo. $0.00/mo. – $1.67/mo.
Galaxy A14 5G $5.56/mo. Ineligible
Galaxy A54 5G $12.50/mo. Ineligible
Galaxy Z Flip4 $27.78/mo. – $29.45/mo. Ineligible
Galaxy S22 $19.45/mo. Ineligible
Galaxy XCover6 Pro $16.67/mo. Ineligible
Galaxy A53 5G $12.50/mo. Ineligible
Android Phones Monthly Installment  Installments with Eligible Trade-in
Pixel 8 Pro $28.89/mo. Ineligible
Pixel 8 $23.34/mo. Ineligible
Pixel 7a $14.45/mo. Ineligible
Pixel Fold $52.23/mo. – 55.00/mo. Ineligible
Pixel 6a $13.06/mo. Ineligible
Pixel 7 Pro $26.12/mo. Ineligible
Pixel 7 $20.56/mo. Ineligible
Pixel 6 $20.56/mo. Ineligible
Android Phones Monthly Installment  Installments with Eligible Trade-in
razr – 2023 $18.34/mo. Ineligible
razr+ $27.78/mo. Ineligible
moto g stylus 5G – 2023 $8.34/mo. Ineligible
XP10 $15.84/mo. Ineligible
XP3plus Not available Ineligible
XP3plus (No camera) Not available Ineligible
XP5plus (No knobs) Not available Ineligible
XP5plus Not available Ineligible
*Requires eligible unlimited service
**If your device is not eligible for trade-in, you can still get its estimated trade-in value as an AT&T promotional card
***Monthly pricing requires a 0% APR, 36-month installment agreement. Well-qualified customers pay $0 upfront.
****Tax on the full price due at the time of sale. Certain restrictions apply.
*****Speed restrictions apply.

iPhones for Sale at AT&T

If you enjoy owning the latest technology, it is not surprising that you are attracted to the latest iPhone model. These smartphones have a massive following, and millions look forward to Apple’s annual product launch. While many people would like to upgrade their phones annually, paying the full upfront retail price may not be possible for everyone.

AT&T, among other leading mobile carriers, makes this process much easier for its customers. The provider offers an impressive lineup of iPhones and frequently runs exclusive promotions on these devices, delivering significant value whether you choose the monthly installment or the trade-in program. So, whether you are eyeing the iPhone 15 Pro Max or looking for the iPhone 13, AT&T provides accessible mobile solutions.

iPhones for Sale at AT&TMonthly Installment
(for 36 mos., 0% APR)
Installments with Eligible Trade-in
iPhone 15 Pro Max$33.34/mo. – $44.45/mo.$5.56/mo. – $16.67/mo.
iPhone 15 Pro$27.78/mo. – $41.67/mo.$0.00/mo. – $13.89/mo.
iPhone 14$20.28/mo. – $23.06/mo.Ineligible
iPhone SE 3rd Gen (2022)$11.95/mo. – $16.12/mo.Ineligible
iPhone 15$23.06/mo. – $31.39/mo.Ineligible
iPhone 15 Plus$25.84/mo. – $34.17/mo.Ineligible
iPhone 14 Pro$27.78/mo. (256 GB)Ineligible
iPhone 13$17.50/mo. – $20.28/mo.Ineligible
iPhone 14 Plus$23.06/mo. – $31.39/mo.Ineligible
*Requires eligible unlimited service
**If your device is not eligible for trade-in, you can still get its estimated trade-in value as an AT&T promotional card
***Monthly pricing requires a 0% APR, 36-month installment agreement. Well-qualified customers pay $0 upfront.
****Tax on the full price due at the time of sale. Certain restrictions apply.
*****Speed restrictions apply.


Companies add new features or tweak existing specs every year to enhance the performance of their phones with the changing trends and technologies. The annual cycle of phone releases, accompanied by strategic marketing efforts, creates a sense of urgency, compelling tech-savvy individuals to consider device upgrades. However, not everyone can afford the steep upfront costs of the latest smartphones. AT&T understands the plight of its customers and hence offers accessible mobile phone solutions. We have highlighted the best AT&T Phones for sale so you can know what to expect when buying your desired phone through this carrier.