It’s time to turn up the heat! In this week’s Thursday Night Football we will be heading back to the Sunshine State for some blazing-hot fun. For the seventh time since 2001, Baltimore Ravens will be going head to head with their nemesis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, perhaps to give them another taste of sweet defeat. When it comes to Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers face-off, the Ravens have been on a strong winning streak.

Over the years, the Purple Pain have caused hellish anguish to the Pewter Pirates by consecutively winning 4 games out of 6. Their last showdown was in December 2018. Quarterback Lamar Jackson had shredded apart the Buccaneers’ defense by running 95 yards and throwing for 131, leading the Ravens to a 20-12 win on a rainy Sunday. 

Watch Week 8’s Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchup on October 27, at 8:15 p.m. ET., exclusively on Amazon Video Prime to see whether history will repeat itself or will The Bucs surprise NFL fans with new wins on the horizon.

Baltimore Ravens vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Baltimore Ravens vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Live Streaming

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Amazon Prime members can watch the live stream of Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers by signing into their Prime Video account and searching for the game in the Sports section, under the Live and Upcoming Events tab.

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Match Predictions – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Ravens 

The two-time Super Bowl championship winners, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will welcome their rivals Baltimore Ravens in their home ground of Tampa, Florida. This will be the first time that NFL star Tom Brady, who led his teams to victory in seven Super Bowl championships, will be facing the Ravens’ defense line since his switch from New England Patriots to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Ravens have cemented their place as an AFC North favorite by 1.5 points against the Buccaneers and experts are predicting it to be a close match between the two. Baltimore won their last game against Cleveland with a score of 23-20 merely due to penalties that kept the Browns under check. Tampa Bay lost its last match against Carolina Panthers with a score of 21-3. The buccaneers running action was heavily criticized and for some time, analysts and fans have been debating whether it is time for Tom Brady to retire. Tampa Bay has lost 4 out of 7 games this season and its back-to-back losses against the Panthers and Steelers are undermining the team’s morale and placement in the NFC South division.

Baltimore Ravens’ performance has been slightly better as so far they have won 4 out of 7 games this season. The Ravens have the fifth-best-scoring defense in NFL. Their strong offensive line led by Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews should make it easy for the Ravens to chase the yards and score touchdowns on Thursday.

The Buccaneers are averaging 17.7 points per game by running 341.9 yards. On the other hand, the Ravens are averaging 25.9 points by running 335 yards per game. ESPN experts have dismissed these previous standings and are predicting the match to tilt in favor of Tampa Bay. According to the ESPN matchup predictor, the Buccaneers have a 58.4 percent chance of winning the game.

Venue & Seating

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on Baltimore Ravens at their home in Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida. The multipurpose stadium was inaugurated in 1998 and can seat 65,890 spectators.

The stadium has three levels of seating:

  • 100 level seats – ground level seating (Sections 102 to 151)
  •  200 level seats – includes the club seats that are lightly wider (Sections 201 to 245)
  • 300 level seats – Upper-level seating (Sections 302 to 319 and 327 to 344)

Tickets for Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • The price range for 100-level seats is $150 to $300
  • The price range for 200-level seats is $120 to $705
  • The price range for 300-level seats is $90 to $249


On this Thursday, join millions of NFL fans around the country as the two equally qualified, Super Bowl champions fight for their place in playoffs. Don’t forget to tune into Thursday Night Football to watch the Baltimore Ravens vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers matchup on October 27th at 8:00 p.m. ET., exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.