There was a time when facilities launched in certain areas remained limited to only that area due to various different problems associated with expansion. However, it’s not the case now. Anything and everything is possible and within reach. The same is the case with internet facilities. When the internet was newly launched, the range and accessibility were limited. Only people in cities knew how to use the internet and were the only ones who had access to it. With time, information spread massively and people became aware of new technology and trends which included the Internet as the topmost necessity of today’s world.

Anything you need to get done, you need the internet. Whether it’s online shopping, online teaching, online studying, Skype calls, Facebook, Whatsapp, or just even a random Google search! There is access to unlimited information on the internet and everybody needs it one way or the other. No one should be deprived of it and that is what most internet service providers have taken care of now. They understand the needs of the rural people and aim to provide them with internet service of top-notch quality just like people in big cities have access to. First of all, let’s look at the best internet options for rural areas.

Rural Internet Options

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is one of the best internet options for rural areas. A satellite internet connection does not need a complex infrastructure as all you need is a dish antenna on your roof to get access to the internet. This is why satellite internet providers often have the largest coverage areas and are commonly used in rural areas where internet options are limited. However, satellite internet is not the best internet option for everyone due to its high price and low data caps.

DSL Internet

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. If a person living in a rural area already has a landline phone service at his home, he can easily get access to DSL internet. DSL has a lower internet speed but is more widely available as compared to cable internet. DSL internet is cheaper and has higher data caps as compared to satellite internet connections. That is why it is a viable option for people residing in rural areas.


Dial-up is also considered as one of the best internet options for rural areas as it provides a cost-effective alternative to a satellite internet connection. Dial-up is a rural internet option that is available to landline phone users in rural areas. A Dial-up internet connection utilizes signals from an existing landline phone to transmit data. A dial-up internet connection can only transmit a limited amount of data, due to which the internet speed is quite low. Since there are limited internet options for rural areas, dial-up internet is still a decent alternative for people who only need a basic internet connection and can not afford satellite internet.

Fixed Wireless Internet

A fixed wireless internet neither operates like a satellite internet nor does it work like mobile internet. Internet providers offering fixed wireless internet, transmit signals from a specific location to an antenna that is installed on the roof of the user. That signal is then transmitted to the router that transmits the internet.

Fixed wireless internet is an emerging technology, and its availability across rural areas is increasing with every passing day. It is often seen as a replacement for DSL internet in rural areas of the USA. The prices for this internet option are lower as compared to a satellite internet connection and some providers are even offering unlimited data. The internet speed is enough for online classes or medium-range usage. These characteristics make it one of the best internet options for rural areas.

Rural Internet Providers

So if you are someone residing in rural areas of the USA, you do not need to worry about getting the best internet service as we have listed the best rural internet providers.


Frontier offers fiber-optic internet service in rural areas which is not only the fastest internet service available today but also the greatest in terms of price. Frontier provides a stable connection with affordable rates and makes sure to provide users with the best internet option for rural areas.

Frontier offers various plans starting from download speeds of 500 Mbps ranging up to 1Gbps. Frontier not only offers fiber optic but also DSL internet service. You can choose the plan depending on the number of internet users and price. Frontier is trying its best to increase its fiber-optics coverage area. So make sure to check Frontier internet availability in your rural community as they are expanding coverage area at a rapid pace.

Kinetic by Wind stream

Known as one of the best rural internet providers, Wind stream is the best choice for a fiber optics internet connection. They also offer DSL internet service. Windstream internet plans are priced from $45 to $75 per month. They are one of the best service providers in rural areas due to their whopping speed range starting from 25 Mbps to 1000 MBps along with no limitations on data usage. This is something highly appealing to rural internet users where they can watch, stream, download content at great speeds.


Offering Satellite internet in rural areas of the USA, Viasat makes sure to provide quality internet service at prices ranging from $50 to $150 per month. They offer a reliable internet connection with a maximum download speed of up to 100 Mbps in rural areas. Viasat internet plans do not have any hard data caps either. Viasat is available throughout all 50 states in the USA. Another amazing feature of Viasat is its new satellite / DSL hybrid service which aims to improve signal reliability and lower latency.


HughesNet is also one of the best internet options for rural areas. HughesNet satellite internet has a starting price of $60. They offer a speed range of 25 Mbps with no hard data caps. Known as one of the cheapest internet service providers, HughesNet has become the choice of many rural area customers. They are available in over 50 states.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans
Plans Price Speed  Data Cap Shop Now
HughesNet 15  $49.99/mo. 15 Mbps 15 GB Order Now
HughesNet 50 $49.99/mo. 25 Mbps 50 GB Order Now
Fusion 100 $74.99/mo. 25 Mbps 100 GB Order Now
Fusion 200 $149.99/mo. 50 Mbps 200 GB Order Now

In the past 3 years alone, Spectrum reached around one-third of rural America. And the provider is dedicated to furthering its efforts and playing its part in achieving a comprehensive solution mandatory to buckle down the challenges associated with broadband availability and adoption in rural areas. Additionally, Spectrum aims to expand its internet service even more all across the USA which is why it has launched a “rural digital opportunity fund” to cover untapped rural areas offering internet download and upload speeds of at least 25 Mbps and 3 Mbps respectively. Spectrum has established itself as one of the best internet service providers in the urban areas and that is why the bar of expectations to become the best internet option for rural areas is pretty high! Therefore, Spectrum can be categorized as the upcoming internet option for rural areas of the USA.