Watching TV has been a primary source of entertainment for years, but recently it has changed a lot. The evolution of technology has redefined the way we consume TV. The integration of the internet and cable services has also introduced an era of online streaming.

Although watching TV has changed a lot, cable TV is still a reliable and preferable service for many users. Many companies provide cable TV services, and some of you might even cluster them together in one category, but they are not all the same. We have compiled a list of some of the Best TV providers so your entertainment doesn’t get compromised.


Certain factors differentiate each provider from the other, and Spectrum’s no contract policy makes it one of the best options. Therefore, you can unsubscribe at any moment without paying any Early Termination Fee or ETF fee. Spectrum TV also has a huge coverage, so you can probably get this service in your area.

Spectrum TV offers three cable TV plans at affordable prices. Every cable plan comes with remarkable features, solid HD channel lineups, and promotional prices. However, the availability of these plans and promotions may vary with location. The notable thing about Spectrum TV Plans is that the promotional price of every plan lasts for the first 12 months of your subscription. They are raised to standard prices after that period, so you might want to consider your budget beforehand.

If you are also a fan of premium channels but want to get a basic Spectrum TV plan, you can get them separately by paying $6 to $15 per month for each channel. The only downside to Spectrum TV is its insufficient DVR, holding only 35 HD or 80 SD hours. Although Spectrum has introduced a better DVR, it has limited availability.

PlanPromotional PriceChannel Count
Spectrum TV Select$49.99/month125+
Spectrum TV Silver$79.99/month175+
Spectrum TV Gold$99.99/month200+


Xfinity is also one of the best cable TV providers known for its cheapest plans. It is the most widely available cable TV provider and offers its TV plans with both no-contract and 1-year contract options. Now you might be confused with these options, but the main difference between them is the cost. 1-year contract plans come with cheaper prices, while no-contract plans come with additional $20 monthly prices. However, both TV plans come with promotional prices, which also last for the first 12 months of your subscription.

Xfinity TV offers two cable TV plans at affordable prices with remarkable features and channels lineups. Its DVR equipment is also pretty impressive, with a cable box and a controlled remote. Xfinity X1 DVR offers integration for Netflix and Amazon Prime and can record up to six programs at once. It can hold up to 20, 150, or 300 hours of HD content.

One of the downsides with Xfinity TV is additional fees such as a broadcast TV fee, a regional sports fee, and more attached to its plans.

PlanPromotional Price (1-year Contract)Channel Count
Popular TV$49.99/month125+
Ultimate TV$59.99/month185+

Verizon Fios

If Spectrum is known for its no-contract plans, Xfinity for cheap plans, then Verizon is known for its channel lineup. Verizon offers four different TV plans with more channels than any other provider, without contracts.

Fios TV could easily top the best cable TV providers list, but its downside is its limited availability. Only people living in Eastern US states can enjoy this service. Fios TV offers a Test TV Drive plan that lets you experience 425+ channels for 60 days for just $70, after which they recommend the best TV plan for you.

PlanPromotional PriceChannel Count
Fios TV Test Drive$70/month425+
Your Fios TV$70/month125+
More Fios TV$90/month300+
The Most Fios TV$110/month425+


Cox TV is known for its customizable plans. It offers the best customer experience by catering to every individual. Its wide range of channels includes local channels, sports channels, and Spanish channels. Its Record 6 DVR can store 340 HD and 1000 SD hours and costs about $19.99 a month.

Cox TV is available in 19 states, so it might be available in your area. Every cable TV plan comes with a 2-year contract with an ETF of $240 after the initial 30 days of subscription. Another notable thing about Cox TV is that its basic plan comes with a lot fewer channels, compared to other providers.

PlanPromotional PriceChannel Count
Contour TV Starter$53/month75+
Contour TV Preferred$98/month140+
Contour TV Preferred Plus$110/month170+
Contour TV Ultimate$138/month250+


When it comes to selecting a cable TV provider, there are certain factors you should consider. A reliable TV provider offers the best dollar-to-channel ratio, no-contract plans, and high DVR storage. You should also look at the channel lineup of every TV plan, especially the number of popular channels in basic plans. Lastly, consider the equipment prices and the installation process. Based on these factors, we have provided a list of some of the best cable providers of 2022.