Internet access has become an integral part of our quintessentially connected society. Hence, one should never underestimate the importance of selecting the best internet provider in the market. Today’s high-speed internet connectivity has tremendously impacted our everyday lifestyle, allowing us to conduct many mundane and insignificant tasks with relative ease. Since everything is directly dependent upon performance, the end-user is always searching for solutions to improve their internet connectivity.

This is one of the reasons why choosing two internet providers has become a common practice nowadays. Although it is not considered an optimal solution, individuals often opt for it due to several reasons. If you are also thinking of subscribing to two different providers, we encourage you to follow this guide to better understand the process.

Is It Possible To Use Two Internet Providers in One House?

Although it is possible to have multiple internet connections at your residence, having two internet providers depends on your budget, current internet connection, and provider. For example, if you already have DSL internet in your home, it can be challenging to get internet service from another DSL provider because they use the same cabling to provide the service.

Similarly, getting services from two cable providers can also be challenging as many companies like to monopolize their customers. You should also check your rental agreement if you live in an apartment or housing complex, as sometimes it is not allowed to go to a competitor for internet access.

The best solution for having two internet providers is to go with ones that provide different services. You can always opt for a DSL internet provider with a cable internet provider. In this way, you can enjoy high-performance internet connectivity without paying too much for these services.

Advantages of Having Two Internet Providers in One House

  • Stable internet performance
  • Less chance of network collision with another device
  • Some services require different connections. For example, a satellite cable package may require satellite internet, but you also need a high-speed connection, so you opt for another provider.

Disadvantages of Having Two Internet Providers in One House

  • More expensive than paying for one provider
  • Limited providers in your area do not allow you to choose the second provider
  • Two internet providers in one house will not collide with each other and you might also face technical problems if you go through a long process if they are both connected.

Why Do People Choose Two Internet Providers?

Having two internet providers is pretty unconventional, yet many people choose them for these reasons:

You Require Super-Fast Internet Connection

Many people require high-speed internet connections because of their online activities. The easiest way to get a faster internet connection for many households is to upgrade their internet plan. However, if that isn’t sufficient for you, you should consider getting a second line. A second internet connection enables you to join two networks together, which allows you to use them simultaneously. This second connection consequently increases your network performance.

You Share A Large Space

If you live in sharing or have a large family, network bandwidth and accessibility can be your main concerns. Although upgrading your internet plan is preferable, a second internet provider is the next best option if you want a separate network for your activities.

As A Backup Plan

A high-speed internet connection is crucial for people who work from home or conduct their businesses online. Therefore they cannot afford even a single minute of inactivity due to poor internet connection or blackouts.

They use a second internet connection as a backup. Although they do not use this connection all the time, it saves them if anything goes wrong with their primary internet connection.

How to Use Two Internet Connections in One House?

Using multiple internet connections simultaneously can speed up your internet connection and extend its coverage. Here are two methods through which you can use two or more than two internet connections.

Direct Method Internet Connections

This method makes it easy to effectively use two internet connections within one house. It requires a robust, specially manufactured router with multi-homing WAN or LAN interfaces to handle all loads from your network. However, keep in mind that double connections are suitable for business areas with high-speed internet requirements. Otherwise, it is better to upgrade your internet connection instead of using two internet connections in one house.

Double Bandwidth Connection

Users can easily control multiple internet connections within a single home with double bandwidth. It requires you to install two broadband network routers. Ensure that each router has its internet subscription already enabled. This will allow you to use both internet connections in one house simultaneously. However, you’ll have to use separate devices for them.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier, although it is possible to have two or more providers in a single house, it is not conventional. It is expensive and sometimes not viable due to limited options, especially if you live in a rural area. Therefore if you want to improve your internet speeds, it is preferable to upgrade your internet plan or switch to a more reliable ISP.