Do you enjoy watching television programming? Then you must have a suitable TV service for your home. Several TV providers serve numerous Americans using various technologies with unique packages and features. DIRECTV is a well-known name among many households, and if you are its customer, you may already be familiar with its protection plan.

Many DIRECTV subscribers pay for this plan with their monthly service without even realizing its purpose. So, if you’re wondering whether this DIRECTV protection plan is worth your investment, you can read this detailed overview to understand all the crucial details of this service.

What is DIRECTV Protection Plan? 

Every TV service has its own equipment, and Satellite TV is the same. Since DIRECTV is a satellite TV provider, DIRECT TV plans come with a satellite dish, a receiver, and a remote. This equipment is valuable, but we often overlook its protection. The DIRECTV protection plan is beneficial in this regard.

But what exactly does the DIRECTV protection plan entail? This protection plan is created to ensure free maintenance, upgrades, and repairs of the most vital home systems. This plan is offered to all new DIRECTV customers for an additional starting price of $8.99 per month and covers all the DIRECTV equipment. Besides that, this plan also includes regular safety inspections.

Although DIRECTV includes this plan with its TV package, it does not own this service. Instead, New Asurion, a top supplier of product protection programs, offers this package. In fact, this subsidiary of Asurion Inc. officially deals with all the DIRECTV warranties.

You get three variants of this plan. The first plan costs about $9 per month, while the other two cost more since they include additional features and perks. Let’s review them in detail to see which one suits your requirements.  Here are all the pertinent specifics.

Protection Plan Price Features Contact DIRECTV
DIRECTV Protection Plan $8.99/mo
  • DIRECTV system protection
  • Receiver upgrades every 2 years
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DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier $20.99/mo
  • Includes all DIRECTV Protection Plan features
  • Protection for your other devices
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DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier + Accidental Damage from Handling $25.98/mo
  • Includes all the benefits of other plans
  • Coverage for accidental damage
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DIRECTV Protection Plan

New DIRECTV subscribers can get this standard protection package for $8.99 per month. The DIRECTV protection plan offers the most recent receiver upgrade every two years and ensures the security of all your DIRECTV devices.

The plan covers your DIRECTV equipment, including your receiver, remote control, dish antenna, and associated wires and switches, and troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces them when necessary. Additionally, it offers free service calls and 24/7 technical assistance, allowing you to contact a qualified specialist without paying a fee to fix your system. Typically, this technician visit would cost $50 without this plan. 

To summarize everything, this DIRECTV plan includes the following features.

  • Free service calls
  • Easy equipment replacement
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Total coverage for your DIRECTV system
  • Equipment upgrades every two years

DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier

Want more protection? You can always sign up for DIRECTV’s Premier Protection Plan. Besides including everything in the basic protection plan, this premium plan protects all your existing and future entertainment devices, including TVs, laptops, PCs, tablets, routers, modems, and more. So, for just $20.99 a month, you can protect countless entertainment devices with this plan.

DIRECTV’s premier plan not only provides protection but also offers something more to make it extra attractive. It also includes phone claims support so you can troubleshoot your issue conveniently. Additionally, you may rapidly file your claims online thanks to the 24/7 online claims filing. In conclusion, the plan is ideal for people who have multiple TVs and expensive surround sound systems as it provides:

  • Security to all your entertainment devices
  • 24/7 online claims filing
  • Support for phone claims

Equipment Covered

As we have mentioned before, the premier plan covers an unlimited number of entertainment devices on which you enjoy your DIRECTV service. Here is a list of the devices covered by this plan.

  • Televisions: Any brand or model of LCD TVs, LED TVs, and Plasma TVs
  • Computers: Windows computers, Apple computers, and others with Linux OS.
  • Tablets: Android and Apple tablets
  • Others: The other covered devices include
    • 3D glasses
    • Home theater systems
    • TV remotes
    • Routers
    • Modems

DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier with Accidental Damage from Handling

For $25.98, this plan covers all the same things as DIRECTV’s premier plan, along with the coverage for accidental damage. Accidental damage can include drops, spills, cracked screens, and more. However, it does not cover devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, or others. DIRECTV protection plan with ADH is excellent for people who have over $5,000 worth of electronics. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money with this plan.

What Does DIRECTV Protection Plan Cover?

Initially, these plans only included coverage for technical issues brought on by equipment failure and dish alignment issues. However, the protection plan expanded with time, and now, it covers all the equipment that provides AT&T service. This could include cable, phone jack, or anything.

After receiving multiple complaints regarding troubleshooting, the plan incorporated the accidental damage feature. The DIRECTV security package later included free receiver upgrades every two years to entice more customers to choose this service. The equipment upgrade, originally offered separately from the protection plan, ended up being the most important addition. This also includes coverage for remote controls, offering you a free replacement in case of any damage. However, bear in mind, that this offer is only valid in case of damage, not when you have misplaced your remote control.  

What is not covered in the DIRECTV Protection Plan?

To answer this question, consider these plans’ operations as those of an insurance business. You may believe that your device is covered, only for you to find out later that it wasn’t. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the terms before signing up for this service. 

These plans will not cover everything, and this often includes natural damages caused by fallen trees, water, animals, and misalignments due to strong winds. DIRECTV’s protection plan also does not cover issues caused by human error, such as wire cutting, moving equipment, or damaging your satellite dish. 


Every TV provider has unique equipment that has to be appropriately maintained. DIRECTV provides a comprehensive solution to this issue. The DIRECTV protection plan offers regular inspections, repairs, and simple replacements while guaranteeing the proper security for your gadgets.

In short, this plan is an excellent choice for people who want to call a technician to fix their issues without paying hefty fees for their service. In addition to that, you also get 24/7 customer support and free service calls. Therefore, if you have a large family, several TVs, and various devices, this DIRECTV protection plan is undoubtedly worth the investment.