The internet is an ever-growing part of the modern world, and in order to stay connected, it’s important to have reliable internet service. EarthLink is one of the most popular providers of internet services in the United States, bringing reliable and dependable internet to millions of homes and businesses each year. It has established itself as one of the country’s premier providers of internet access since 1994, with a broad network spanning over 48 states. 

With vast EarthLink internet availability, it provides reliable and fast internet access throughout the country. The company offers both types of internet services, including DSL and fiber optic. Customers can choose between plans that have speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 5 Gbps. 

In this article, we will explore EarthLink’s availability in different areas and investigate the types of coverage it offers, so you can find out if it’s an option for you.

EarthLink Availability Map

Anyone wanting to use the internet and telecommunications services that EarthLink offers. The company provides an extensive coverage network throughout America, allowing users to access their services from almost any location.

EarthLink has been providing its services since 1994 and currently serves over five million customers nationwide. EarthLink has the best coverage in New York, California, and Texas in the United States. For example, in California, you’ll find the provider in the most populated cities, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. In New York, its main service area is around New York City. In Texas, it covers major cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin. The company also provides local availability in many smaller cities, including Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and St Louis. 

EarthLink also provides DSL internet service in various rural areas. You can view a full list of its coverage areas below. Check the availability map below that shows the areas where it provides service. It includes all of the states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Is EarthLink Internet Available in My Area?

If you’re wondering whether EarthLink internet is available in your area, the answer is likely to be yes. EarthLink delivers DSL and fiber internet to 96% of households in the majority of addresses in its service area. This approach boosts high availability and saves you from dealing directly with different providers.

Most households in its coverage area can access this provider, but you can verify EarthLink availability at your address by entering your ZIP code into the box provided. Once you enter your ZIP code, you’ll be presented with information about available plans and pricing and details on EarthLink’s benefits and features.

EarthLink Availability by State

As the demand for high-speed internet access continues to grow, EarthLink has risen to the challenge of providing reliable and secure internet service. EarthLink offers both DSL and fiber services across numerous states in America for efficient and dependable ways to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. They also offer various packages tailored to fit different budgets and speed requirements.

EarthLink is also available in some rural areas through its partner networks. The company has a strong nationwide infrastructure that covers millions of households and businesses. This means that you will likely have access to an EarthLink connection no matter where you live. If you are in any of the states mentioned below, it is a great option. 

EarthLink Coverage Areas
AlabamaIllinoisMinnesotaNorth CarolinaTexas
ArizonaIndianaMississippiNorth DakotaUtah
ConnecticutLouisianaNevadaPennsylvaniaWest Virginia
DelawareMaineNew HampshireRhode IslandWisconsin
FloridaMarylandNew JerseySouth CarolinaWyoming
GeorgiaMassachusettsNew MexicoSouth Dakota
IdahoMichiganNew YorkTennessee


After researching EarthLink coverage in the USA, it is easy to see why they are so popular with consumers. Their goal of always providing fast Internet speeds and reliable connections has certainly been achieved no matter where you live. 

Additionally, their extensive coverage ensures that customers in rural areas can access the same high-speed internet enjoyed by city dwellers. They offer various plans suited to all types of users, offering great value for your money. With EarthLink’s commitment to quality and affordability, it is no wonder they are one of the leading providers of high-speed internet access in the United States.