We are living in the era of digital connectivity. Since its advent, internet technology has changed how we connect and interact with the world. Our day-to-day communication primarily relies on Web applications as we send and receive messages, and use a myriad of virtual tools to enhance our expression.

To get the most out of your online experience, you must have an internet connection that is safe, fast, reliable and offers good value for your money. If you have come to a fork in the road and cannot settle the debate on EarthLink vs. Spectrum internet, then relax because you have come to the right place for advice. Today, we will conclude this debate for you once and for all. 


EarthLink is a private internet service provider. It serves its customers across 36 states of the USA since 1994. The company operates from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and for nearly three decades it has been admired for its transparent pricing options and uninterrupted internet service. Along with providing fiber optic connectivity, EarthLink also uses telephone lines and modems to provide a secure and high-speed connection to its DSL subscribers.

EarthLink frequently partners with other providers like AT&T, Verizon, Viasat, Frontier, and CenturyLink to expand its network coverage across the USA. As of 2022, EarthLink’s coverage area encompasses more than 96% of the nation. If you are looking for a safe and reliable internet connection for your home or office space, EarthLink has an array of affordable, high-speed internet plans that you can choose from.


Under the brand name Spectrum, Charter Communications, Inc. (an American telecommunications and mass media company) has been offering its internet, cable TV, landline, and mobile phone services to nearly 32 million customers across 42 states of the USA. The brand was launched in 2014 and currently operates from its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Spectrum mainly relies on a combination of fiber optic and coaxial cables to convert signals from a light beam to radiofrequency and transmit them over coaxial cable lines for internet distribution. This is known as a hybrid-fiber coaxial system (HFC) and ensures high-frequency bandwidth.

For its residential internet subscribers, Spectrum Internet offers three value deals with unlimited data and prices as low as $49.99 per month. 

Pros and Cons – EarthLink vs Spectrum

While EarthLink and Spectrum, both are popular internet carriers in the USA, below are some pros and cons that will allow you to make an informed decision before taking your pick.

EarthLink Spectrum
Expansive network coverage Free modem and anti-virus software
High customer satisfaction No data caps
Fiber options in some areas No contract required
Unlimited data Free access to nationwide Spectrum Wi-Fi Hotspots
EarthLink Spectrum
1-year contract Price increases after 1 year
More expensive than other internet providers Non-availability for fiber options
Speed varies by location Low customer satisfaction

Internet Service Comparison – EarthLink vs Spectrum

Home Internet Plans33
Internet Speed12 Mbps -1000 Mbps300 Mbps -1000 Mbps
Type of InternetDSL and FiberHybrid-fiber Coaxial Cable
Data CapsUnlimited DataUnlimited Data
Bundle DealsUnavailableAvailable
Customer Service4 stars3.5 stars
Contracts1 yearNone
Coverage AreaAvailable across 36 statesAvailable across 42 states
Additional FeeYes ($15/ month)Yes ($5/ month)

Home Internet Plans


EarthLink has truly mastered the art of customer satisfaction. It knows how to cater to its residential subscribers’ unique needs. It gives its customers the option to choose between fiber internet, wireless internet, and satellite internet to enjoy maximum connectivity based on their location.

EarthLink DSL Internet for Home

It is to be noted that EarthLink’s fiber optic coverage is limited across the USA and perhaps that’s why its more affordable DSL plans continue to remain widely popular amongst residential internet users.

DSL PlanStarting PriceData CapContractContact EarthLink
12 Mbps$55/monthNone1 yearCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
24 Mbps$60/monthNone1 yearCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
45 Mbps$65/ monthNone1 yearCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
75 Mbps$70/ monthNone1 yearCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
EarthLink Fiber Internet for Home

Even though EarthLink internet plans are pricier than the monthly plans offered by its competitors, subscribers can be rest assured that they will not have to deal with hidden costs or sudden price hikes once the plan has been purchased.

The three most purchased EarthLink fiber optics plans are mentioned in the table below:

Internet PlanInternet SpeedStarting PriceContact EarthLink
Fastest Streaming5 Gigs$190/ monthCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
Most Popular300 Mbps$70/ monthCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
Best Value100 Mbps$60/ monthCall 1-877-209-2467 Now
EarthLink Wireless, LTE internet for Home

EarthLink’s wireless, 4G LTE internet plans for remote homeowners start at $64.95 per month. All subscribers are required to pay a one-time activation fee of $79.95 and a monthly router fee of $14.95.

LTE Wireless PlanMonth Data Limit PriceContact EarthLink
Plan 150 GB/ month$64.95Call 1-877-209-2467 Now
Plan 275 GB/ month$79.95Call 1-877-209-2467 Now
Plan 3100 GB/ month$99.95Call 1-877-209-2467 Now
Plan 4150 GB/ month$149.95Call 1-877-209-2467 Now
EarthLink Satellite Internet for Home

Its satellite internet is a dependable choice for those living in rural or remote areas. The EarthLink satellite internet plans are available for as low as $49.99 per month. However, like most satellite internet connections, EarthLink satellite internet, too is marred by slow speed and data restrictions.


According to the US News article ‘Best Internet Service Providers of 2022’, Spectrum internet was ranked the 5th best internet provider in the USA. Spectrum internet plans offer the best value for your money. For users who are looking for the best deals to install an affordable, high-speed internet connection in their homes, Spectrum instantly becomes an attractive option due to its no-contract policy, low price, and unlimited data.

Spectrum Internet Plans
Internet PlansSpeedPriceContact Spectrum
Internet300 Mbps$49.99/ monthCall 1-877-410-3834 Now
Internet Ultra500 Mbps$69.99/ monthCall 1-877-410-3834 Now
Internet Gig1000 Mbps$89.99/ monthCall 1-877-410-3834 Now

One major issue that users of Spectrum home internet plans complain about is the fact that after 12 months, there is an instant hike in the monthly subscription fee. This is because Spectrum offers its customers a ‘First Year Pomo Rate’ for the first 12 months of connection, but since the increase in monthly year-on-year price is not more than $25, most users are happy to continue with the service.

Internet Speed

Like most of the best internet providers around the world, Spectrum, and EarthLink also allow their customers to choose the internet speed that best suits their needs. Depending on your internet usage, budget, and location, you can decide on an internet speed that gives you the ease to upload, download, and stream data without any hassle.

An analysis of customer reviews and internet speed tests conducted at various locations within the country led to the findings that Spectrum internet was outperforming EarthLink. As promised, Spectrum was delivering reliable connections with top speeds that were reaching gigabit heights. Unfortunately, EarthLink’s internet speed was observed to falter in areas that were further away from the main site.

While both EarthLink and Spectrum promise to deliver the maximum internet speed of 5000 Mbps/ 5 Gbps to their customers, the main reason for varying speeds between the two internet service providers lies in the type of internet system used to transmit data.

Type of Internet

In the USA, DSL connections are used to provide internet to almost 89% of the country. Coaxial cables have a coverage of 88% and the least used method of internet transmission is fiber optic cables. Only 43% of the USA has access to the internet via fiber optic cables.

EarthLink primarily relies on slow-speed DSL connections to distribute data and media across most parts of the USA. Whereas, Spectrum heavily relies on a combined system of fiber optic cables and coaxial cables for the transmission and distribution. This is the main reason why Spectrum internet performs better than EarthLink in terms of internet speed.

Data Caps

Both Earthlink and Spectrum are proud distributors of unlimited data and hence do not have data caps on their internet plans. So, unless you are subscribed to one of EarthLink’s 4G LTE wireless internet for home, you don’t have to worry about running out of data. Feel free to download movies, binge-watch Netflix, play games, or call your loved ones through the night because both Spectrum and EarthLink have got you covered.

Bundle Deals

Here, Spectrum takes center stage once again. Unlike EarthLink, which only provides internet service, Spectrum has a whole range of perfectly curated services for its customers. The internet connection can be bundled with cable TV, mobile phone plans, and landline connections to help you make smart, cost-effective choices for your home.

The best Spectrum bundle deals on Internet, TV and phone are as follows:

Bundle DealsPrice Internet SpeedTV ChannelsHome Phone
TV Select + Internet + Voice$114.97/ month 300 Mbps125+Unlimited Calling
TV Select + Internet Ultra + Voice$134.97/ month500 Mbps125+Unlimited Calling
TV Select + Internet Gig + Voice$154.97/month1 Gbps125+Unlimited Calling
TV Select + Internet$99.98/ month 300 Mbps125+
TV Select + Internet Ultra$119.98/ month500 Mbps125+
TV Select + Internet Gig$139.98/ month1 Gbps125+

Customer Service

A company’s customer service determines brand loyalty. Companies that can retain a high volume of customers are ultimately the ones that enjoy a large market share in the industry.

Unfortunately, both EarthLink and Spectrum have garnered negative reviews for their customer service. Customers have complained about service interruptions, unexpected price hikes, hidden costs, poor quality of equipment, and unsatisfactory customer service when the helplines were dialed.

According to the most recent customer reviews, EarthLink fared slightly better in terms of its overall customer service than Spectrum. The results of the poll indicate that EarthLink received a 4-star rating for its diligent customer support, whereas Spectrum’s customer support team was given 3.5 stars.


If you are someone who loves experimenting in life, hopping from options to options before you settle for the best deal in town, enjoy availing promo rates, or are simply looking for a temporary internet connection for your rented abode for a few months, Spectrum internet is the one to save the day. A hassle-free, no contract required, zero cancellation fee policy will put you at an advantage, and you can unsubscribe to the service whenever you feel like it.

On the other hand, all internet plans offered by EarthLink require you to sign a year-long contract and if you fail to abide by it, you will be charged a fixed $200 cancellation fee for early cancellations.

Spectrum Contract Buyout

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Coverage Area

From the east coast to the west coast, 92% of the population of the USA is digitally connected to the world via the internet. Official records show that as of January 2022, there were 307.2 million internet users in the USA. So, which internet service provider dominates the market? Between Spectrum and EarthLink, the answer is Spectrum of course. Spectrum has network coverage in 42 states. And thanks to its affordable bundle options, the hybrid model of internet transmission, and customer-friendly policies, Spectrum continues to be ranked among the top 5 internet providers in the USA.

On the other hand, EarthLink offers direct coverage in 36 states across the United States. And in the remaining states, it has formed partnerships with other telecommunication companies like Verizon, Viasat, and AT&T to expand its customer base.

Additional Fees

Don’t we all hate it when what seems like to be a great value deal turns into a recurring nightmare as you are asked to pay for all the hidden costs mentioned in the disclaimer?

But you shouldn’t worry because, in the case of Earthlink vs. Spectrum, all the additional charges are clearly mentioned upon subscription. Customers can order a Spectrum self-installation kit for $19.99. After a successful DIY installation, you will have to pay $9.99 for internet activation. On top of this, every month subscribers are required to $5 for their Wi-Fi equipment.

In contrast, EarthLink charges its customers a high installation fee that can range anywhere between $40 and $80 depending on the type of service provided. Moreover, all EarthLink internet users will have to pay a monthly equipment rental fee of $14.95.

Best Internet for Online Gaming – EarthLink vs Spectrum

In the realm of online gaming, lagging equals losing. Gamers are dependent on superfast connections for leveling up their gameplay.

Without a doubt, Spectrum has won the accolade for being the best internet for gaming in terms of its wide availability. Spectrum also has a low latency of 32 ms which is ideal for gamers as it promises small delay times.

Even though EarthLink’s fiber internet delivers high-speed connections with an average downloading speed of 25 Mbps, it is a less popular choice amongst gamers due to its lack of availability around the country and high monthly costs.

Final Word

So, there you have it folks. The debate on EarthLink vs. Spectrum internet comes to end right here, right now as we tell you that overall, the best internet connection is…drumrolls, none other than Spectrum.

Spectrum has won over its users’ hearts for its affordable pricing plans, nationwide availability, fast and reliable connections, and improved technology.