If you are tired of dealing with unreliable internet service, it is better to investigate the available options to find an appropriate alternative for your current ISP. We all know that the internet type plays a crucial role in defining our online experience, and you can never go wrong with fiber internet.

Fidium Fiber is a new name in the telecommunications market that has been making waves due to its rapid expansion. With competitive prices and attractive flyers, you may be wondering how their service works. While one satisfied customer on Reddit reported significantly fewer reliability issues after switching to Fidium Fiber from Comcast, you cannot make an entire decision without knowing the other details of this provider.

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Fidium Fiber Plans Start at $35/mo.

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You can read this review to examine if this provider can address all your connectivity problems and see how it stacks up against other providers.

Fidium Fiber Internet

Fidium Fiber is the brand of Consolidated Communications, committed to delivering a desirable internet experience without any unwanted extras. Since Fidium Fiber’s foundation is dependable, you get reasonable prices and reliable high-speed fiber internet direct to your home or small business, with no hidden fees or extra charges.

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Get Fidium Fiber 1 Gig for $55/mo.

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Consolidated Communications debuted this brand in parts of Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire but has since expanded its coverage to other states. The good news is that you don’t have to worry if you’re not in a Fidium service area yet because the company plans to expand its infrastructure to more locations by 2025. In summary, its reliable technology guarantees a seamless online experience free from buffering or interruptions.


  • Reasonable price
  • No data caps
  • No contracts
  • Free Installation
  • No monthly equipment charges


  • Limited coverage area
  • Below-average customer service

Fidium Fiber Internet Plans

PlansPriceDownload SpeedContact Fidium
Essential$35.00/mo.50 MbpsCall Now
Advanced$60.00/mo.250 MbpsCall Now
Supreme$55.00/mo.1,000 MbpsCall Now
Futuristic$75.00/mo.2,000 MbpsCall Now

Fidium Fiber offers four different plans with speeds ranging from 50 to 2000 Mbps, starting from just $35 per month. While three of its plans are reasonably priced, it is worth mentioning that the 250 Mbps option is slightly more expensive than other providers that offer the same or higher speed. However, the most popular option is the gigabit plan, as it is only $10 more than the 250 Mbps option, providing better value for those who need top-tier speeds.

Regardless of your choice, all Fidium Fiber internet plans are contract-free and include unlimited data. You can stream, game, and browse to your heart’s content without worrying about data caps or hidden charges. Additionally, the prices are locked for a year for its new customers, giving you a worry-free first year of service.

*prices can vary with location

Fidium Fiber Essential

fidium fiber internet
  • 50 Mbps Download Speed
  • 1-Year Price Lock Guarantee
  • Free Installation

Plans Start at


Do you have a small family? Or are you looking for an internet plan just for yourself? Finding a perfect internet plan that addresses all your connectivity requirements without paying for extra features can sometimes be a challenge. However, Fidium Fiber has the ideal solution for your woes with its entry-level plan, Essential.

This plan is perfect for those who need basic internet access with 50 Mbps speed and an introductory rate of $35 a month. While 50 Mbps may seem like a slow internet connection for larger households, it is perfect for essential web-based activities, like online shopping, web surfing, and emails.

Moreover, you can even use this plan to stream your favorite shows, music, and videos without experiencing buffering if you are the only one using the internet. It’s also suitable for uploading and downloading files. Hence, you don’t need to pay for a high-speed internet plan, as Fidium Fiber Essential is sufficient to keep up with your daily online tasks if you live alone.

Fidium Fiber Advanced

fidium fiber internet
  • 250 Mbps Download Speed
  • 1-Year Price Lock Guarantee
  • Free Installation

Plans Start at


Internet speed requirements grow with family size and online activities. While most individuals can get by with a 50 Mbps internet connection, it is impossible for people living in large households to carry out most online activities with this speed. Fidium Fiber fulfills all the connectivity needs of small to mid-sized families with its 250 Mbps plan.

For an introductory price of $60 per month, the Advanced plan is perfect for households with more than two devices and advanced online activities such as e-learning, remote working, HD streaming, and playing live games. However, keep in mind that this introductory price can vary with your location. Moreover, Fidium Fiber also hikes the price of this plan by $15 after a year of subscription, making it more expensive than some plans offered by rival fiber internet providers.

In short, Fidium Fiber’s Advanced plan is the perfect choice for those with a small to mid-sized household who need a reliable and high-speed internet connection, but it can be a little more expensive than some alternatives available in the market.

Fidium Fiber Supreme

fidium fiber internet
  • 1 Gbps Download Speed
  • 1-Year Price Lock Guarantee
  • Free Installation

Plans Start at


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a gigabit connection? Well, you can experience lightning-fast internet speeds with Fidium Fiber Supreme. This plan provides excellent value by giving you a symmetrical 1000 Mbps connection for just $70 a month for a year. The Supreme plan is ideal for large households that have multiple users and devices connected to the internet simultaneously. So what can you really do with 1000 Mbps speed? The possibilities are endless! The Supreme plan allows you to stream 4K content, play online games, and download files in a few seconds.

So while this plan’s price may increase to $95 after a year of subscription, it’s still worth considering because it meets all the demands of your work, school, and entertainment needs. In short, Fidium Fiber Supreme gives access to a reliable and stable connection that can handle even the most demanding online activities.

Fidium Fiber Futuristic

fidium fiber internet
  • 2 Gbps Download Speed
  • 1-Year Price Lock Guarantee
  • Free Installation

Plans Start at


A few years back, gigabit connections were the standard of high-speed internet. But now, multi-gigabit options are becoming the new norm with the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth-hungry apps and services. As a result, many providers are rolling out faster speed tiers to stay in the competition. 

Fidium Fiber’s Futuristic plan offers a blazing-fast 2 Gbps internet connection which starts at just $85 a month. One might wonder, what could you do with such a high-speed connection? This plan is excellent for smart homes, where multiple devices are constantly in use. Hence, you can carry out any online activity without experiencing any lag or buffering issues while connecting several smart gadgets simultaneously.

Additionally, this plan arrives with a 1-year price lock guarantee, just like all Fidium Fiber’s Internet plans. What’s different is that its regular price is surprisingly similar to Fidium Fiber’s gigabit connection; $95. It means that this provider is excellent for its faster internet plans.

In short, this provider is an ideal choice for those who require faster internet options to support their online activities.

Additional Costs

The telecommunications world is filled with internet providers whose advertised subscription charges often seem too good to be true. People often choose their plans thinking they have snagged a great deal, only to discover that additional costs have been creeping up on their monthly bill like a silent predator, slowly draining their account. Suddenly, that affordable subscription becomes a burden.

However, Fidium Fiber is different as it does not trap its customers with false advertisements. The provider is remarkably straightforward about its pricing and does not charge additional fees.


The installation fee is one of the additional costs that most providers charge when you subscribe to their service. This one-time fee can become a burden on many people’s pockets. However, the best part about Fidium Fiber’s internet service is a free professional installation. Hence, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to pay a hefty fee to their team of experts for a seamless installation.

Fidium Fiber Installation
Professional Installation Free


The equipment fee is another additional charge that can add up to your monthly bill. Fortunately, you also don’t have to worry about this fee with Fidium Fiber since this provider offers a WiFi 6 Gateway with every plan. It means you can save money in the long run as you don’t have to invest or rent a compatible router with your internet plan.

Fidium Fiber Coverage

While Fidium Fiber may not be accessible in all of Consolidated Communications’ coverage areas, the brand is rapidly expanding and reaching new frontiers. Consolidated Communications is committed to bringing fiber to as many locations as possible by 2025.

This rapid expansion is not a small accomplishment considering that Fidium Fiber is a relatively new player in the market. Currently, you can find this provider in the specific cities of the following eight states.

States with Fidium Fiber Coverage
California New Hampshire
Illinois Pennsylvania
Maine Texas
Minnesota Vermont

Fidium Fiber vs Competitors

Competition is a crucial part of any industry, as it helps to keep providers in check and ensures that customers receive the best products and services. While Fidium Fiber doesn’t face much competition in its service areas, Comcast is still a significant name in the market and stands as its biggest rival. Both providers offer exceptional internet speeds, but they use different technologies to provide access to their customers.

Comcast primarily uses coaxial cable to provide internet access, while Fidium Fiber uses fiber-optic technology to deliver lightning-fast internet speeds. However, Fidium Fiber gives you symmetrical uploads and downloads. Plus, you don’t have to rent or purchase your own equipment to use its service.

Overall, Fidium Fiber is a reliable internet provider and can compete well with top industry names like Xfinity, offering symmetrical internet speeds and advanced equipment with every plan.

ProvidersStarting Price SpeedInternet Type
Fidium Fiber$35.00/mo.Up to 2 GbpsFiber
Xfinity$25.00/moUp to 6 GbpsCable, Fiber
AT&T Fiber$55.00/mo. Up to 5 GbpsFiber


To conclude, Fidium Fiber is a high-speed internet provider that offers four plans with symmetrical speeds and unlimited data, making it an excellent alternative for anyone looking to upgrade their home internet. It can be an ideal solution to your connectivity issues if your address falls under its service area.

In this Fidium Fiber review, we have covered all the crucial aspects of this provider, including their internet plans, additional costs, availability, and more, to ensure that you have all the information you need to clear your doubts. You can further read the customer reviews to see if this provider is well-suited for your home.