Fidium Fiber and Xfinity are well-known internet service providers (ISPs) in the US. Both provide high-speed home internet service, and to help you get the most for your money, both offer TV, phone, and internet bundles at reasonable monthly rates. 

In this in-depth comparison, we break down the features offered by Xfinity and Fidium Fiber and walk you through the entire process (from inquiry to installation) so you can choose the best possible internet experience for your household.  

Fidium Fiber by Consolidated Communications

Fidium Fiber Internet is known for its reliability and symmetrically fast speeds. It is a unique fiber-based ISP that provides service to residential and business customers in 8 states, offering a 100% fiber connection to their doorsteps. 

Fidium provides customer-centric internet and related services. It believes in the principle that what you desire is what you should get, which is why the company does not even force its bundles on customers while ordering the internet service. 

Fidium Fiber was introduced to serve the user’s needs. It offers straightforward monthly plans and prices with blazing-fast speeds. Customers get no-contract service, unlimited data, and pay minimum hidden costs without the obligation of bundling. 

Fidium Fiber’s affordable internet plans start at $25 per month, and you get equal download and upload speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps with free professional installation.  

Fidium Fiber’s advanced internet solutions are ideal for power users. 


  • Symmetrical speeds
  • No data caps
  • No contracts required
  • No need for bundling 


  • Limited availability
  • Mixed customer reviews

Xfinity by Comcast

Xfinity is primarily a cable network provider but offers fiber connections in some parts of its coverage area. Its services are widely available in 35 states and Washington D.C., connecting nearly 32.3 million Americans to high-speed internet. 

Some Xfinity Internet plans may require annual contracts. Signing a contract can come in handy if you want price-lock guarantees for up to 3 years. 

Most Xfinity plans include unlimited data, perfect for heavy streamers and gamers. However, some plans may have a 1.2 TB data cap, and users are charged a data overage fee upon exceeding the data limit. 

Xfinity offers up to 8 internet plans, ranging from $9.99 per month for 50 Mbps to $120 per month for 2 Gbps. It has launched the all-fiber Gigabit package in some locations, offering symmetrical speeds up to 6,000 Mbps. However, you must pay several hundred dollars a month for speeds that high. 


  • Widespread coverage across the nation
  • Best promotional pricing for 1-3 years
  • Multi-gigabit plans


  • Data Caps of 1.2 TB on some plans
  • Contract required for price guarantees
  • Add-on fee for equipment lease

Key Differences – Fidium Fiber vs Xfinity Internet

FeaturesXfinity InternetFidium Fiber
Starting Price$9.95/mo.*$25.00/mo.**
Data Caps1.2 TB(Applied on some plans)No
Equipment FeeYes Yes
Internet TypeCableFiber
SpeedsAsymmetrical speedsSymmetrical speeds
Maximum SpeedUp to 6,000 Mbps  Up to 2,000 Mbps
Installation FeeNoNo
Coverage Area35 states8 states 
Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
*Xfinity’s most affordable Internet Essentials plan is for eligible ACP customers only, and its availability depends on your location. 
**Promo price with AutoPay and paperless billing. Subject to change after 12 months. 

Plans & Pricing Details – Fidium Fiber vs Xfinity 

In this section, we will analyze the price and additional charges of Fidium Fiber and Xfinity.

Xfinity offers contract and contract-free options depending on the type of plan and service region. As a result, customers can expect to pay early termination fees of up to $110 if they cancel their contract before the agreement ends. However, the annual contracts ensure that customers continue to enjoy discounted rates for up to 3 years. 

As for Fidium Fiber, the monthly charges reflected in the table are standard prices after a 12-month introductory period. After this period, the price increases by around $15 to $20. The good thing about Fidium is that, unlike Xfinity, it offers unlimited data on all its plans.

Fidium Fiber

Fidium Fiber Plans
Plans Promo Price Regular Price  Max Speed
100 Mbps $25.00/mo. $45.00/mo. 100 Mbps
300 Mbps $45.00/mo. $65.00/mo. 300 Mbps
1 Gig $65.00/mo. $85.00/mo. 1,000 Mbps
2 Gigs $85.00/mo. $100.00/mo. 2,000 Mbps

All prices shown in the table above are with AutoPay and paperless bills. 

Xfinity by Comcast

Xfinity Internet Plans
Plans Starting Price Max Speed Type
Central Region
Internet Essentials $9.95/mo.* 50 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Internet Essentials Plus $29.95/mo.* 100 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Connect $20.00/mo. 150 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Connect More $35.00/mo. 300 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Fast $55.00/mo. 500 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Superfast $70.00/mo. 800 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit $80.00/mo. 1,000 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit Extra $85.00/mo. 1,200 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Northeast Region 
Internet Essentials $9.95/mo. 50 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Internet Essentials Plus $29.95/mo.*  100 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Connect More $30.00/mo. 300 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit $55.00/mo. 1,000 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit Extra $75.00/mo. 1,200 Mbps Coaxial-cable
West Region 
Internet Essentials $9.95/mo.* 50 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Internet Essentials Plus  $29.95/mo.* 100 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Connect $19.99/mo.  150 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Connect More $30.00/mo.  300 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Fast $50.00/mo. 500 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Superfast $60.00/mo. 800 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit $65.00/mo. 1,000 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit Extra $70.00/mo. 1,200 Mbps Coaxial-cable
Gigabit X2  $120.00/mo. 2,000 Mbps Coaxial-cable
*Plans are for qualifying ACP customers. You are required to show proof of ACP enrollment since September 2023 within 60 days from order placement. Otherwise, you will be automatically upgraded to the Connect plan. Availability may vary based on your location within Xfinity’s footprint.

Additional Costs – Xfinity vs Fidium Fiber

Fidium Fiber and Xfinity charge extra fees for expert installation and internet equipment. However, their terms and conditions are different. 

For example, Xfinity charges $15 per month for the lease of its Gateway, but customers wishing to rent its xFi Complete equipment are required to pay $20 each month for the first 12 months, after which the price increases to $25 per month. 

In comparison, Fidium Fiber gives away free Wi-Fi 6 Gateway ($120 in value) on its Most Popular (1 Gig) and Best Value (2 Gigs) plans. However, its Essential (100 Mbps) and Advanced (300 Mbps) customers must pay $10 each month for leasing a Wi-Fi Gateway. Moreover, renting Mesh Wi-Fi extenders will cost an additional $10 per month.

Xfinity$15.00 – $25.00/mo.$100.00*Up to $110
Fidium Fiber$10.00/mo. $199.00**$0.00
*Xfinity Internet customers can avail of cost-free installation by ordering a Getting Started Kit, which may be delivered at no cost to their home address. Professional installation costs $100. 
**Fidium Fiber offers free professional installation ($199 in value) on all its plans. Terms and conditions apply. 

Data Caps – Xfinity vs Fidium Fiber 

Fidium Fiber offers unlimited data on all its plans. 

In contrast, a few plans of Xfinity include data caps that can result in overage penalties with an overage fee of $10 for every 50 GB of additional data used in the month. 

These data limitations on Xfinity plans are applicable in some situations. The monthly data cap of 1.2 TB (terabytes) is more than sufficient to meet the needs of several households. 

However, if your family frequently plays heavy graphic video games or streams in ultra-high-definition, the data overage fees might mount up quickly.

Better Option for Gaming – Fidium Fiber or Xfinity

Fiber internet is renowned for its substantially lower ping rate than cable internet. Combine that with fast and symmetrical speeds to get a seamless gaming experience. 

Fidium Fiber is a fiber-optic internet service that provides high download and symmetrical upload speeds, with minimal latency, making it the ideal option for most types of online games and livestreaming.

Xfinity is a cable internet service provider that does not offer symmetrical upload speeds but is still fast enough for online gaming. Xfinity’s multi-gigabit plans have an average latency of 13 ms or less, making them a good option for competitive gaming. 

Given that Fidium Fiber and Xfinity both have average ping times of less than 20 ms, it would be difficult to go wrong with either option for latency-sensitive activities like online gaming or video conferencing.

Wider Coverage Area – Fidium Fiber or Xfinity?

Considering where Fidium Fiber and Xfinity deliver their services helps you narrow down your options and move you closer to choosing an internet provider that not only fits your technological demands but is also easily accessible in your location.

Xfinity Internet and TV service is available in 35 states and Washington, D.C., so there is a high chance you live in one of them. However, Fidium Fiber is available in only eight states. Thus, the prospects of its availability are slim.

All the States Where Xfinity Internet is Available 
Alabama Illinois Minnesota Tennessee
Arkansas Indiana  Missouri Texas
Arizona Kansas Mississippi Utah
California Kentucky  New Hampshire Virginia
Colorado Louisiana  New Jersey Vermont
Connecticut Massachusetts  New Mexico Washington 
Delaware Maryland  Oregon West Virginia
Florida Maine  Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Georgia Michigan  South Carolina  Washington, D.C. 
Availability within the states may vary. 

The coverage area of Fidium Fiber is as follows.

All the States Where Fidium Fiber Offers Broadband Service 
California Maine New Hampshire Texas
Illinois Minnesota Pennsylvania Vermont
Please call Fidium Fiber customer service to check its availability in your zip code.

Better Customer Service – Fidium Fiber or Xfinity? 

Fidium Fiber is yet to have a large customer base to qualify for an assessment by one of the major national customer satisfaction reviewers, such as the J.D. Power Survey or the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Nonetheless, Fidium has a good reputation for offering 24/7 customer support. Fidium users can reach an account representative faster than Comcast users. 

In 2023, Xfinity stood at the top among other service providers in the non-fiber ISPs category. The ACSI has ranked them the fifth best for customer satisfaction with a score of 73/100.  

Final Verdict – Fidium Fiber or Xfinity? 

Let’s go over the key differences and similarities between Fidium Fiber and Xfinity. Comcast often offers lower prices with multi-year price guarantees, but Fidium provides much faster upload speeds and unlimited data on every plan. 

In most circumstances, both provide a faster Internet experience, and when it comes to download speeds and latency, they are practically equivalent.

Based on this information, you may assess your needs and select any of the two options for your home or workplace.