The popularity of online gaming has only grown with time, and now they are not just limited to being a hobby. They are a primary source of entertainment and a great way to unwind and relax from daily stressful routines, and a laggy internet connection can hinder your gaming experience. Whereas a fast and reliable internet connection with low latency is essential for a quality gaming experience, not everyone is fortunate to have such options.

Fixed wireless internet is a great option for people with limited choices. It mainly serves rural and underserved populations where the only other option is satellite internet due to a lack of network infrastructure. But does it have the ability to keep your online games running without any interruptions or lags? Let’s take a look at its benefits and drawbacks to find out.

What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless internet is a broadband connection that relies on radio signals instead of wires to transmit data. Many internet service providers offer this service as an alternative to their wired broadband connections in rural or underserved areas as it is expensive to lay a network infrastructure. Fixed wireless internet uses antennas mounted on or near your homes to transmit signals from a nearby tower.

You only need these antennas, and these are extremely cheap compared to wires and cables other providers use to transmit signals.

How Fixed Wireless Internet Facilitates Online Gaming?

Uninterrupted Gameplay Due to Stable Connection

Unlike satellite internet’s vulnerability to bad weather and interruptions due to long distances from satellites in space, fixed wireless internet offers an uninterrupted connection. As it transmits its signals via a tower over a short distance, you can enjoy your games without interruptions. It also doesn’t get hindered by other users as it is an uncontended connection, meaning you don’t have to suffer low speeds during peak hours.

Sufficient Speed for Gaming

Online games are dependent on a stable connection. Although you can play some games even on a slow internet connection, you’ll need high speeds for complex games. Games require quick actions and a lot of real-time movements, which are not possible with a laggy internet connection.

While fixed wireless internet does not offer the fastest speeds, its 25 Mbps to 30 Mbps speeds are still sufficient for most games as online games require an average speed of 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds.

With continuous improvement and the possibility of 5G further boosting the speeds of this connection, fixed wireless internet is expected to become the main source of connectivity for the underserved population.

Types of Games You Can Play With Fixed-Wireless Internet

As most game developers claim that most games require 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds, you can play most graphic-intensive games. If only 2 people are using the network, fixed-wireless internet’s 25 Mbps is sufficient for Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, and more. However, this speed may not be the best for downloading patches and updates of games, requiring you to wait a significant time.

Unlimited Data for Unlimited Gaming

Unlike satellite internet connections, most fixed wireless internet providers give you unlimited data which is ideal for gaming. You can play your favourite games without any concerns about data limitations.

Low Latency

Another aspect that makes it a better connection for gamers is its low latency. Compared to a satellite internet connection’s latency of approximately 600 ms, fixed wireless latency is only 30 ms, making it ideal for enthusiastic gamers who want to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Opportunity For More People to Enjoy Online Games

For years satellite internet was the only option of connectivity for people living in underserved areas. Fixed wireless internet has provided them with another option. It doesn’t require cables or wires and uses radio signals transferred via a nearby tower to transmit data. The availability of fixed wireless internet in these areas has made it possible for many gamers to enjoy their games with faster speeds and less latency.

Drawbacks of Fixed Wireless Internet For Gaming

Line of Sight Issues

One of the main drawbacks of a fixed wireless connection is the need for the transmitter and receiver to be in the line of sight with each other for data transmission. Any obstructions like trees, buildings, or hills can cause disruptions in the connection. For a seamless gaming experience, your receiver should be in an optimal position, so there are no obstacles hindering your connectivity.

Insufficient Speed For Complex Games

Speed is a crucial factor when it comes to online gaming. Internet speed requirements for complex online games are quite high. Fixed wireless internet may be better than a satellite internet connection, but its speeds are much slower than wired internet connections. Although it supports most games, as the number of people grows on the network, it cannot match the smooth gaming experience of wired internet connections like cable or fiber internet.


As it is a dedicated service, fixed wireless internet can be expensive compared to DSL and some plans of satellite internet connection.


A high-speed internet connection has become a necessity, and just like every other activity, gaming is also dependent on it. Although fixed wireless internet speeds are not much compared to other wired services, it has given decent internet access to rural areas, and it is a much better option for gamers than satellite internet with its low latency, stable connectivity, and unlimited data.

The advent of new technologies like 5G is also expected to bring revolutionary changes in this type of connection for gaming. The future of gaming looks bright as it will support more complex games with more features.