High-speed internet is necessary for any organization, given today’s technological advancement. Think about your business objectives and then consider the role of the Internet in meeting and surpassing them. You are losing out on opportunities to boost productivity and efficiency if your business does not already utilize high-speed internet for everyday operations.

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Since companies always have a high demand for bandwidth, several business internet providers offer cost-effective solutions to guarantee the productivity of America’s business environment. This Frontier Business Internet review highlights one such provider who can be an enticing option for your company. Therefore, it is important to know about it before you purchase its plan.

Frontier Business Internet

Frontier Communications, or Frontier, is a well-known name in America’s telecommunication market due to its residential broadband service. Founded in 1935, Frontier offers a wide range of services besides home internet. The provider understands the challenges of running a small business, and therefore, its business internet via fiber-optic network provides a secure and high-speed connection to enhance profitability.

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Unlike other business providers, Frontier’s business internet gives you a fast internet speed for your work without charging extra costs. The company also has a DSL network to service its customers, but its fiber internet is the one that pushes your business forward.

Pros & Cons

Frontier’s business internet provides quality connection and uninterrupted profitability, but like every other service, this provider is also not without its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s explore it’s the pros and cons of Frontier business Internet.  


  • Affordable business internet plans
  • High and symmetrical internet speeds
  • Free Wi-Fi 6E Router
  • Waived activation fee
  • No annual contracts


  • Limited availability
  • Poor customer ratings

Frontier Business Internet Plans & Pricing

Frontier utilizes its fiber network for its business packages and stands out as one of the best and most affordable business internet providers. The provider presents three high-speed internet options ranging from 500 Mbps to 2000 Mbps to small and mid-sized companies.

The best thing about these internet plans is that they are symmetrical and hence satisfy the requirements of the majority of small enterprises. However, the internet plans and speeds can vary depending on the location of your company.

The only significant drawback to this service is its restricted availability, but Frontier fiber internet can reach people due to its acquisition of certain Verizon fiber networks. Here is a list of the most common Frontier business internet plans.

Frontier Business Internet Plans
Plans Price Speed Best for Contact Frontier
Business Fiber 500 $54.98/mo. 500 Mbps Email Call Now
Web Browsing
POS Transactions
Business Fiber 1 Gig $89.98/mo. 1,000 Mbps E-commerce Call Now
Multi-device File Uploads
Business Fiber 2 Gig $154.98/mo. 2,000 Mbps Larger Teams Call Now
Extensive Cloud Data
Website Hosting

No Equipment Fee

Frontier business internet further makes it easier for small businesses to manage their budgets by not charging a monthly equipment rental fee for its wireless router. However, it charges $150 per device for unreturned equipment when switching to another provider.

Waived Activation Fee

Frontier business internet allows you to save $95 on activation if you opt for their professional installation. The affordable plans and pocket-friendly policies make Frontier a logical choice for businesses in this economy.

Internet Disconnection Fee

It’s quite simple to overlook critical elements in the fine print, but we are here to provide all the vital information. Frontier charges a standard 9.99 internet disconnect fee if you cancel their service. So, keep this fee in mind when switching your internet service.

Frontier Business Internet Speed

Frontier’s high-speed business internet paves the way for supercharged productivity. Its internet plans ranging from 500 Mbps to 2000 Mbps, come with symmetrical upload and download speeds with low latency. While the first two options also offer adequate internet speeds, Frontier’s multi-gigabit business may serve your company more effectively by enabling you to hold high-quality videoconferences, transfer huge files without a hitch, and back up your data.

Frontier’s smooth and reliable internet connection can help your business make an excellent impression on your clients while giving your employees the required resources to stay ahead of your competition. Here is a comparison of its download and upload speeds.

PlansDownload SpeedUpload SpeedContact Frontier
Business Fiber 500500 Mbps500 MbpsCall Now
Business Fiber 1 Gig940 Mbps880 MbpsCall Now
Business Fiber 2 Gig2000 Mbps2000 MbpsCall Now

Additional Services 

Frontier business internet comes with additional features and perks making it more useful and reliable for organizations. You can also add other services to make your package more valuable. In short, you can expect the following perks with your business internet plan.

Special Technical Support

The performance of your business relies heavily on a reliable internet provider, which is why you should select someone who can efficiently tackle your internet issues. Frontier has a dedicated technical team for its business customers, which is available throughout the day. But is the support really satisfactory? Read on to find out how its customer service fares in major customer service reviewers’ reports.

99.9% Uptime

Reliability is an essential quality of a business internet provider. Otherwise, a sluggish and unresponsive internet connection might hinder your regular business activities. Therefore, uptime is the most crucial component of a business internet plan since a plan with lengthier downtimes might interfere with your business functions.

While Frontier claims that its service has an average uptime of 99.9%, there are better options available in the market with robust uptime averages. Frontier’s 99.9% uptime translates to a downtime of about 43.8 minutes per month, which makes it quite a decent option.

Static IPs

Frontier Business Internet also gives you a static IP option if you run a virtual private network (VPN) or host your own web servers. Small companies, in particular, benefit from a static IP since it speeds up data communication, lowers the possibility of server outages, and provides stability.

Custom Email Addresses

Frontier helps your business create a professional by providing at least 8 email addresses with 1 TB of storage.

Frontier Business Internet Bundles

Just like other business internet providers, Frontier also offers excellent bundles to upgrade and scale your business. These bundles provide additional functions to enhance your growth and help you save some money on your internet bill. Here are some fetching Frontier bundles.

Secure Connection with Frontier Secure Pro

This add-on secures your business by protecting up to 35 devices against malware and hacking. Additionally, its advanced settings allow you to control internet access, activities, and more. Add Secure Pro to your Frontier business internet plan to get a discount and make your business extra secure.

Frontier + RingCentral

Frontier’s partnership with RingCentral helps you transform your communication experience. This all-in-one productivity bundle enables you to seamlessly run your business operations from anywhere by combining cloud communication solutions with high-speed internet.

This package combines your messages, videoconferences, and phone calls into a single user-friendly app and enables you to empower your team. RingCentral costs $24.99 when you bundle it with your Frontier business internet plan.

BundlePriceInternet Speed
Frontier Fiber 500 + Frontier | RingCentral$74.98/mo.500 Mbps
Frontier Fiber Gig Service + Frontier | RingCentral$109.98/mo.940 Mbps
Frontier Fiber 2 Gig + Frontier | RingCentral$174.98/mo.2000 Mbps

Frontier Business Internet Availability

While Frontier serves customers in 25 states, its FiberOptic internet is available in metropolitan areas of only 15 states. The company’s coverage includes most of the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and West Coast regions. After purchasing specific networks from Verizon Fios in 2016, the company also offers business internet services in Florida, Texas, and California. Currently, Frontier Fiber business internet plans are available in 15 states which include:

Frontier Internet for Business | Availability by State
Arizona New York
California North Carolina
Connecticut South Carolina
Florida Ohio
Indiana Texas
Minnesota West Virginia

The serviceability of Frontier business internet is now mostly limited to the metro regions of these states, but with the company’s ongoing expansion, you can anticipate this service in other states as well in the future.

Frontier Business Internet Customer Service

Although Frontier has a dedicated technical support team for its business service, its customer satisfaction scores are pretty poor compared to other internet service providers. A few resources like the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), J.D. Power, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) give us the insight to evaluate its customer service.

While Frontier ranked last in ACSI’s 2019 and 2020 reports, the provider is showing tremendous improvement in the latest report, with a score of 61. However, its score is still below the industry average. Moving on to J.D. Power, it did not fare well in the latest report, ranking last in North Central, East, and West regions.

Finally, due to service interruptions, a lack of speed updates, and subpar customer service, the BBB received 5,200 customer complaints in the previous three years. With an average rating of 1.04 out of 5 stars in 540 BBB customer reviews, this provider ranks incredibly low even among the other providers.

Best Alternatives to Frontier Business Internet 

Frontier Business Internet is a popular service with multiple business-oriented features. However many company owners find it tough to access Frontier due to the restricted availability of its fiber internet. Fortunately, you can find many other good options in the market. So, if you want to increase productivity and keep well ahead of your competition, here are some of the greatest high-speed solutions for your company.

ProviderStarting PriceMax SpeedInternet TypeContact Provider
Spectrum Business$49.99/mo.1000 MbpsCableCall Now
AT&T Business$70.00/mo.1 TbpsFiber & 5G WirelessCall Now
Verizon Fios $69.00/mo.940 MbpsFiberOrder Now


Business growth is directly proportional to a reliable internet connection nowadays. Therefore, you should carefully consider your options and see whether they can fulfill your company’s requirements. Among the ever-growing business internet service providers, Frontier Business Internet is a decent choice for small businesses. The provider understands modern needs and thus provides quality and uninterrupted service to enhance your business growth.