Getting equal WiFi signals around the entire house can be a bit challenging. Some places are dead zones, and some places get weak signals. You might have a robust router, but even a good router can miss some spots with all the interferences and obstructions in the house.

If you are experiencing unequal or weak WiFi signals at your home despite having a good-quality router, you might need a WiFi extender. However, you might be confused about its functionality and face problems while trying to connect it to your Spectrum Internet router. Let’s explore the WiFi extender before moving on to the steps for connecting it to your Spectrum router to get the best service.

What is a WiFi Extender?

A WiFi extender is a device that improves the coverage area of your WiFi signals. It helps eliminate dead zones in your home by extending the reach of your router’s existing signals. It is usually placed between your router and the dead zone in your home. It receives signals from your router, amplifies them, and transmits the boosted signals.

However, note that a WiFi extender only extends the reach of the signals and does not strengthen them. So make sure your router is of high quality and your WiFi signals are already strong.

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Connect WiFi Extender to Spectrum Router

It is very easy to connect a WiFi extender to a Spectrum router. You should first identify all the dead zones and places with weak signals in your home. Knowing this is important for the efficient placement of the WiFi extender. You can identify such points by conducting a speed test or a signal test in different areas of your home.

Install the WiFi Extender

Make sure to properly install the WiFi extender before connecting it to a Spectrum router. Place it in the optimal position, it should be between your router and the identified dead zones. Do remember that the distance between the router and the extender should be between 15 to 25 feet for a stable connection. Connect it to a power outlet and check the lights to monitor the connection.

Use the WPS Button

The next step is to use the WPS button. Press the WPS button on your router and then on the WiFi extender. Once you see that the WPS lights have stopped flashing, the connection is successful.

Without the WPS Button

If your router or extender doesn’t have A WPS button, you can use this method:

  • Disconnect your computer from the internet
  • Connect the computer to the WiFi extender either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable. For the wireless connection, select the extender from your list of available internet connections.
  • Enter the URL available on the extender and enter the admin password.

Configure The WiFi Extender

The final step is to configure the WiFi extender. This is a necessary process for a WiFi extender to function. You can either use a PC or mobile for this process.

Things to Consider Before Connecting a WiFi Extender

Spectrum routers are known for their better coverage and for delivering high-quality service. However, you might still face latency, dead zones, and poor signals at your home for various reasons. A WiFi extender can further boost your service. Here is how you can connect it to your Spectrum router.

Set Up Your Spectrum Network

The first step is to ensure that your Spectrum network is set.

Connect the Modem

Make sure your coax cable’s end is connected to the internet outlet while the other end is connected to the modem before powering it.

Connect the Modem to the WiFi Router

The next step is to establish a connection with the router. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the modem and the router. The yellow port of the router is used in this step. Ensure that the router cable is connected to a power supply.

Connect a Device to the Wireless Network

To make sure your process is successful, you can connect a device and set up your account. You can log in after entering your SSID and password available at the back of the router and you can make various changes after that.

Make Sure Your Connection is Activated

You can either visit the Spectrum website to activate the service or you can call the customer service representative for help.


There could be many reasons for dead zones and weak signal spots in your home. A WiFi extender is an ideal option to eliminate these spots. It gives you the wireless coverage you require so you can conveniently use the internet in any area of your home. Whether streaming in your family room or gaming in your basement, a WiFi extender gives you equal coverage. Combined with the powerful router of Spectrum, you can benefit from high-speed and reliable Spectrum internet plans.