We have all been a victim of video buffering. Imagine planning a movie night or finally settling down to watch that one series you have been putting off for ages, and then it happens; video buffering. Nothing puts a bigger damper on your plans than video buffering due to poor internet connection. Video buffering can make a minute-long video feel like an hour-long and give you a migraine.

Want to improve your overall streaming experience? We will share a few simple tips and tricks that can help you improve your streaming experience, and can finally put an end to the buffering nightmare. But first, let’s discover the reason behind buffering.

Why do Videos Buffer?

A video can buffer due to many reasons, but the most common reason is always insufficient internet bandwidth. Other reasons for buffering can be due to an unstable internet connection, using an outdated browser, and heavy traffic on streaming platforms.

There is nothing you can do but wait for the provider to catch up with the requests when customer complaints start coming in. Although it rarely happens, streaming platforms can get overwhelmed during prime time or the release of a new season of a famous show.

Most buffering problems are linked to your device or internet connection. Here are some tips that can speed things up.

Some Common Tips to Minimize Buffering

Examine your Data Cap

Data caps can be the reason for your slow internet speed. As many ISPs don’t advertise about their data caps, many people don’t have any idea about them. You can check your bill to find out about data caps. Data caps are the restrictions your ISP places on certain amounts of data, and if you exceed that limit, they throttle your internet speed.

Go through your bills and observe the pattern, and if you keep exceeding the data limits, choose an alternate plan with a higher data allowance.

Use Ethernet Connection

You might find WiFi connections convenient because they are wireless, but they are not always fast, and they can never substitute to the speed of cabled connections like Ethernet. If you experience video buffering despite your high-speed internet, consider connecting your essential devices to Ethernet.

With Ethernet, your devices will directly get the signal, and your buffering will be minimized. Ethernet is best for data-heavy media, and it can enhance your streaming experience by providing you with solid signals. This cabled connection will require an extra adaptor and cable connectors.

Disconnect other devices from your Network

Another reason for your buffering can be numerous devices connected to your network. These devices constantly ping your network even when you are not using them which affects the overall bandwidth of the network. Always try to free up your bandwidth so you don’t suffer from reduced internet performance.

Maintain & Upgrade your WiFi Devices

Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot transform your turtle-like internet speed into a rabbit by resetting your router, but it does help. Routers also need regular and proper maintenance. Give your device a break, reset your router every month, and refresh your connection. You can also do a hard reset by pulling the power cord from the router and then plugging it back again.

You can also stimulate your internet connection to your ISP by resetting the modem as well. But, if all of this doesn’t work and your videos still buffer, then it’s time to upgrade your devices.

Install Antivirus and Malware Scanner

Viruses and malware can also impact your internet speed. It’s important that you install antivirus or malware scanning software to remove these viruses. A protection software can help you improve your overall internet performance. It scans and reports existing viruses, and by removing them, you can get back to your easy browsing and fast streaming.

Clear Cache Daily

Your internet connection might not be the actual problem of your buffering. The problem can be your browser. Whenever you visit a website, browsers store information in the form of cache, which overloads your browser and slows it down.

The easy solution to your buffering problem is the regular cleanup of your browser. Clearing cache regularly involves getting rid of cookies and deleting your browser’s history. This solution is not permanent as the data can accumulate again. Consider using a browser that maintains automatic cache cleanup as a long-time solution.

Switch your ISP

If nothing works and your speed is still slow, switching your internet provider is your last resort. We know that it is not as simple, but it is practical, and it might be helpful in the long run. Internet providers can be the biggest hindrance if they don’t provide the promised speeds.

You can check out all the other ISPs available in your area and check their reviews and ratings before contacting them. Talk to their customer service in detail and see which plan fits your needs and budget.


The most important thing for enjoying quality streaming is a good internet connection. A slow-speed internet can make your daily activities painful. You can use our tips to get back to your high-speed video binging. They are simple, and they can help you speed things a bit. Enjoy quality streaming with our tips!