Experience lightning-fast internet speeds in the Dream City of America. Being the 6th-fastest city in Texas for broadband connectivity, Arlington is the perfect place for dreamers to actualize their visions. 

From multigigabit home internet to hyperfast business broadband and ultra-low latency to citywide coverage, the top-rated internet providers in Arlington, TX, surely have a lot to offer to the city’s residents. 

Unlock the digital district of Arlington as we explore its best internet providers and analyze their plans, prices, availability, and more. 

Residential Internet Providers in Arlington, TX

From Viridian in the north to Webb in the south, Arlington has a sprawling network of wired and wireless home internet services, delivering superfast speeds of up to 5 Gigs for monthly rates as low as $45. 

While satellite internet providers in Arlington offer blanket coverage, their slow speeds, high fees, and data caps deter homeowners from choosing them as their primary network carriers. 

Luckily, Spectrum Internet offers respite by delivering ultrafast gigabit download speeds to over 96 percent of the city through its expansive coaxial cable network. 

Here are the top Arlington internet providers for reliable home internet. 

10 Best Home Internet Providers in Arlington, Texas
Providers Download Speed Type Price Range
AT&T 5 – 5,000 Mbps  Fiber-optic and IPBB $55.00 – $255.00/mo.
Spectrum 300 – 1,000 Mbps  Cable  $49.99 – $79.99/mo. 
EarthLink 100 – 5,000 Mbps  Fiber-optic  $59.95 – $189.95/mo. 
Viasat 25 – 100 Mbps  Satellite  $99.99/mo. 
HughesNet  50 – 100 Mbps  Satellite  $49.99 – $94.99/mo. 
Starlink  25 – 220 Mbps  Satellite  $90.00 – $120.00/mo. 
T-Mobile Home  72 – 245 Mbps  Fixed Wireless $60.00/mo. 
Verizon 5G  300 – 1,000 Mbps  Fixed Wireless  $60.00 – $80.00/mo. 
Nextlink  25 – 2,000 Mbps  Fixed Wireless  $45.00 – $110.00/mo. 
Easy Internet Now 300 – 1,000 Mbps  Fiber-optic  $88.00 – $178.00/mo. 

Business Internet Providers in Arlington, TX

Small businesses alone contribute to two-thirds of the jobs and nearly half of the country’s GDP. Downtown Arlington has a thriving business community where the residents are encouraged to shop and dine locally. However, these businesses need more than just a cohort of zealots for sustained revenue growth.  

Fast, affordable, and reliable internet access is essential for businesses to thrive in a competitive market. Several Arlington internet providers offer custom-made plans for small and mid-sized business owners with added perks like dedicated customer support, wireless backups, static IPs, and more.  

The following are the top 10 business internet providers in Arlington, Texas. 

10 Best Business Internet Providers in Arlington, Texas
Providers Download Speed Type Price Range
AT&T  300 – 5,000 Mbps  Fiber-optic  $70.00 – $285.00/mo. 
Spectrum  300 – 1,000 Mbps  Cable  $64.99 – $164.99/mo. 
EarthLink  50 – 5,000 Mbps  Fiber-optic  $69.95 – $169.95/mo. 
Verizon 5G  100 – 400 Mbps  Fixed Wireless  $69.00 – $199.00/mo. 
Viasat  50 – 150 Mbps  Satellite  $49.99 – $159.99/mo. 
HughesNet  50 – 100 Mbps  Satellite  $59.99 – $104.99/mo. 
Starlink  40 – 220 Mbps  Satellite  $140.00 – $500.00/mo.
Rise Broadband  25 – 100 Mbps Fixed Wireless $80.00 – $100.00/mo.
Nextlink  5 – 2,000 Mbps Fiber and FWA Call for price
Cirra Networks  15 – 50 Mbps  Fixed Wireless  $89.99 – $169.99/mo. 

High-Speed Fiber Internet in Arlington, TX

Fiber internet access remains scarce in Arlington, Texas. According to TexasStandard.org, only 35.7% of the city is connected to fiber-rich broadband networks. The main locations for fiber connectivity are in the western region, near Lake Arlington. 

AT&T is the primary fiber internet provider in Arlington, TX. With monthly internet fees as low as $55, it delivers up to 5,000 Mbps of upload and download speeds, along with perks like unlimited data, free equipment, and non-contractual service. 

In November 2023, Novos Fiber, a Dallas-based internet provider, announced an investment of $20 million for deploying its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network in Arlington. Work is underway. 

Top 6 Fiber Internet Providers in Arlington, Texas
Providers Download Speed Price Range
AT&T  300 – 5,000 Mbps  $55.00 – $255.00/mo. 
EarthLink  100 – 5,000 Mbps  $59.95 – $189.95/mo. 
EIN  300 – 1,000 Mbps  $88.00 – $178.00/mo. 
SiFi Networks  50 – 1,000 Mbps  $50.00 – $79.00/mo. 
Nextlink  100 – 2,000 Mbps  $50.00 – $110.00/mo. 
Novos Fiber  300 – 2,500 Mbps  $59.99 – $114.99/mo. 

Internet Speeds in Arlington, TX

Arlington is the 16th fastest city in the USA for broadband speeds. The median download speed in Arlington is 260.37 Mbps, which is 35.6 Mbps faster than the state average. Most residents can get upload speeds up to 22.80 Mbps, and the median latency in the city is 19 milliseconds (ms). 

There are nearly 25 internet providers in Arlington, TX. Among them are some of the most prominent satellite, fixed wireless, cable, DSL, and fiber internet providers, offering speeds as slow as 5 Mbps and as fast as 5,000 Mbps. 

AT&T Fiber is the fastest internet provider in Arlington, TX. It offers symmetrical 5 Gig speeds to nearly 35% of Arlington for prices as low as $55 per month. For households with light-to-moderate internet usage, cable, fixed wireless, and even satellite internet technologies are sufficient, with their maximum speeds ranging between 100 and 940 Mbps.  

Internet Coverage in Arlington, TX

Satellite internet providers in Arlington, like Hughesnet, Viasat, and Starlink, offer blanket coverage in the city. Around 99% of the residents in Arlington can access their decently fast internet plans thanks to their extraterrestrial mode of broadband transmission. 

Cable internet is the second-most widely available source of broadband technology. Spectrum is the dominant cable internet provider in Arlington, TX, with service availability in over 96% of the city. 

T-Mobile and Verizon are the biggest deployers of 5G home internet in Arlington, TX, and their plans can be accessed in at least 40% of the city. 

Despite being one of the top 20 cities in the country for high-speed internet, Arlington’s fiber readiness lags behind. Only West Arlington is truly fiber-ready, and AT&T Fiber is the main provider of fiber-rich plans there. 

The table below highlights the citywide broadband coverage of the 10 best Arlington internet providers. 

Arlington Internet Providers Citywide Coverage 
HughesNet 99%
Viasat 99%
Starlink 98%
Spectrum 96.7%
AT&T 91.5%
EarthLink 87%
Easy Internet Now 85.4%
Nextlink 74%
T-Mobile Home 43%
Verizon 5G 39%

Best Internet Provider in Arlington, TX

Collectively, the diverse pool of Arlington internet providers, which includes satellite, fiber, cable, DSL, and fixed wireless broadband carriers, offer reliable internet connectivity for people from all walks of life. Budget-conscious Arlington residents can opt for cheaper alternatives like Nextlink, Spectrum, and Hughesnet, all of which start their base plans at promo rates of under $50 per month. 

Whereas, speed-conscious subscribers will love the deal that AT&T has to offer, at least in the western parts of the city. AT&T’s fiber internet plans, too, start at $55 per month (just like its moderately fast hybrid fiber-copper, IPBB, service). However, with AT&T Fiber, you can expect mirrored upload and download speeds of up to 5,000 Mbps, sufficient to power a 20-member team and its myriad data-intensive online activities. 

Spectrum, a high-speed cable internet provider in Arlington, is the second-best alternative for those in fiber-deprived neighborhoods. Its promo rates, price guarantees, cost-saving bundle deals, and citywide availability work in synergy, offering a promising digital experience. 

So, if you are new in the city or would like to switch to a better deal, our well-curated list of the best internet providers in Arlington for 2024 will get you going.