Looking for ways to access the internet without cable or phone line? Well it’s totally possible. It’s the 21st century and there is nothing that is impossible for humans to achieve!

Amongst the advances is the option to get internet without phone line or cable. The people today are always on the go. People have switched to watching shows on their mobile phones instead of TV through Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. The landline phones have slowly declined in use with every member having a personal cell phone for their use. This automatically eliminates the need for cable or a phone line.

The Internet has brought such a revolution that people no longer feel the need for cable to watch their favorite programs, watch news etc. because all such things reach quickly to you via social media platforms all accessible via the internet. Applications like Whatsapp, Skype, Microsoft teams, Zoom etc. have made connections easier than ever before across the globe.

The question arises, how to get internet without cable or phone line. The most immediate step is to find the best internet service providers available in your area and look for service providers who also offer standalone internet packages. Since you are looking to get access to internet without phone line or cable, you have the following options:

Satellite internet

The contemporary world uses the satellite internet that ensures greater connectivity via communication satellites. This provides uninterrupted internet in remote areas.

Naked DSL

With the advancement in modern technology, internet service providers now offer Naked DSL service to customers. This eliminates the needs of any phone line as DSL internet connection is designed to work without a phone line.

Fiber Optic Internet

With the onset of COVID-19, most offices have gone to work in a hybrid manner or remote work system which means that all employees must have a reliable internet connection. Bad internet service can cost you a lot. This is why fiber optic internet is the need of the hour which is the fastest, most secure connection type.

Fixed Wireless Internet

This means you get Internet without having to subscribe with a Cable TV service or Phone Line. Fixed wireless Internet reaches you through radio signals from local cell phone towers.

Some of the best internet service providers that offer internet without phone line are as follows:

  • Spectrum
  • Frontier
  • Kinetic by Wind stream
  • Viasat

All of these internet service providers offer different plans for internet without phone line. You can choose any package that suits you best. Let’s look at the prices of the internet-only plans offered by these internet service providers.


The best thing about Spectrum is that it is one of the best no-contract internet providers and also provides a free modem. Spectrum’s powerful WiFi gateway makes sure that the Internet is accessible across all rooms. In addition to this, Spectrum also offers FREE unlimited access to nationwide Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi which ensures that you stay connected on the go, never missing out on any important meeting, online streaming shows, or on the go calls. The Internet that’s wireless gives you the benefits of roaming around anywhere without being connected via a cord. Spectrum offers 3 types of only internet plans that provide the best experience for all types of online work whether it’s gaming, video streaming etc.

PackagesPriceSpeedMore Information
Spectrum Internet$49.99/monthUp to 200 Mbps30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
NO Data Caps
Spectrum Ultra Speed Internet$69.99/monthUp to 400 Mbps30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
NO Data Caps
Spectrum Internet Gig$109.99/monthUp to 1 Gbps30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
NO Data Caps


Frontier offers internet plans at extremely affordable prices. With a starting price of less than $50/mo; if availed for a year. You can also get free activation for internet plans with up to an $85 value. Frontier internet deals are one of a kind. They make sure to have a zero percent compromise on Internet quality ensuring you have a network that is strong and makes you stay connected round the clock.

Types of Frontier Internet:
  1. Frontier Fiber Optic Internet:
  2. Frontier Internet:

Kinetic by Windstream

One of the best internet providers for high-speed internet, no matter which Windstream internet plan you choose.

PackagesPriceSpeedMore Information
Kinetic 200$45.00/mo.*Offers 200 Mbps Internet SpeedWatch videos, shows –live streaming
Downloads in a jiffy
Kinetic 500$65.00/mo.*Offers 500 Mbps internet speedCan be streamed on multiple devices
Downloading large files quickly
Kinetic GIG$75.00/mo.*Offers 1 GB high-speed internetIdeal for ultra-connected smart homes
An internet experience like never before


Viasat promises to bring the Internet where others don’t. This means that there is a higher possibility of having Viasat as your Internet provider if other service providers are not available in your area. Through the use of Satellite Internet, Viasat makes sure to make Internet available in far flung areas making the rural and remote areas feel inclusive in the digital world.

Satellite internet by Viasat enables you to connect, access the world news and surf the internet endlessly. The most outstanding thing Viasat has to offer is its high-speed Viasat satellite internet which is up to 3 times faster than the typical DSL internet.

Viasat is one of the best providers in terms of service area, no matter which Viasat Internet Plan you choose.

PackagesPriceSpeedMore Information
UNLIMITED BRONZE 12$64.99/mo.*Download speed up to 12 MbpsUp to 360p Video Streaming
Unlimited data
UNLIMITED SILVER 25$84.99/mo.*Download speed up to 25 MbpsUp to 480p Video Streaming
Unlimited data
UNLIMITED GOLD 30$119.99/mo.*Download speed up to 30 MbpsUp to 1080p Video Streaming
Unlimited data
UNLIMITED PLATINUM 30$169.99/mo.*Download speed up to 30 MbpsUp to 720p Video Streaming
Unlimited data