Fiber internet has surpassed the other wired internet options to become the most sought-after service. And while its fast internet speed may play a vital role in raising its popularity, other factors like reliability and no throttling also have their own contributions. In fact, you can now find many broadband businesses developing their fiber infrastructure to keep up with the growing demands.

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Hence, choosing the best fiber internet provider for your home can be challenging with the growing number of available fiber internet services. But we have the ideal solution for your family if you live in the Midwest. This Metronet internet review can guide you in choosing perhaps the best internet service among all choices available at your address.

Metronet Review

What began as a family-run business in 2005 in Greencastle, Indiana, has swiftly emerged as the region’s top choice for fiber connectivity in recent years. Metronet is currently the largest independently owned fiber-optic residential and business internet provider in the country, offering cutting-edge fiber solutions like high-speed internet, phone service, and IPTV.

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Metronet merged with Vexus Fiber last year, which helped expand its coverage area. As a result, Metronet now covers 200 communities in 16 states via its 100% fiber network.

Pros & Cons of Metronet Internet

Metronet’s explosive growth has not dispelled its shortcomings. Although the company uses a fiber network to supply broadband connectivity, this does not imply that it is faultless. Like all the other internet service providers, this regional provider has its own benefits and drawbacks, highlighted in the table below.


  • Symmetrical upload & download speed
  • Affordable promotional rates
  • Free Wireless Router
  • 100% fiber network
  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts


  • Limited network
  • A limited number of plans
  • $9.95 Equipment fee on all plans
  • 1 Gig Internet has a short promotional period

These pros and cons can help you decide if this service is appropriate for your house. But if you are still curious, read on to find further details.

Metronet Internet Plans Review

Metronet primarily offers three internet plans in most service areas via its dedicated fiber network, but some locations can also access its multi-gigabit internet plan. The pricing structure is, however, not that simple. All Metronet internet plans start rather cheap thanks to the fair introductory rates, but its mid-tier and gigabit plans have varying promotional periods.

Metronet’s 1 Gig plan has the shortest promotions, meaning you will experience a price hike of $10 just six months after your service. In comparison, its 500 MB plan offers the most value for your money with an average cost per Mbps of 6 cents, surpassing some of the industry heavyweights like Spectrum, AT&T, and Frontier in terms of better promotional rates.

Overall, the average promotional cost of all Metronet internet plans is 19 cents, which might be better than others but falls short in front of AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, and more. Metronet performs better with average prices and further lessens your suffering by doing away with contracts, equipment rental fees, and data limitations.

PlanPriceInternet SpeedContact Metronet
100 Mb$40.00/month100 MbpsCall 877-395-5851 Now!
500 Mb$50.00/month500 MbpsCall 877-395-5851 Now!
1 Gig$60.00/month1000 MbpsCall 877-395-5851 Now!

Internet Speed

Metronet’s three-speed tiers provide symmetrical speeds. However, you may not get the quoted internet speeds as they vary with location. Therefore, it’s crucial to research local internet speeds and consumer reviews before signing up for Metronet.

Even if its starting speed tier is slower than many other providers’ opening speeds, Metronet gives you enough options that go up to 1000 Mbps speed, allowing you to choose the package according to your family’s internet consumption. The company’s 100% fiber network maintains a fast connection even during demanding hours, which is why it is the best choice if you have high-speed requirements. The following table highlights the different online activities supported by three Metronet internet plans.

Online Activities Metronet 100 Mb  Metronet 500 Mb Metronet 1 Gig
(100/100 Mbps) (500/500 Mbps) (1000/1000 Mbps)
Heavy Console Games
Streaming Music
Remote Working
Web browsing
Streaming TV Up to 2 devices Up to 5 devices 5+ devices
Suitable for Basic internet usage Moderate internet usage Heavy internet usage
Contact Metronet Call 877-395-5851 Now!

Metronet Bundle Deals Review

What about bundles? Metronet offers a variety of cost-effective packages, giving you incredible bonuses while easing the pain of dealing with multiple bills. From gift cards to free installation, Metronet is tossing out some of the most amazing offers for this season. So, don’t miss out on quality services, and check out their website to see what is available in your area.

Internet & Phone Bundles

Besides entertainment bundles, Metronet allows you to bundle your internet plan with its 100% Fiber Phone 1000 plan for an additional $9.95. This remarkable home phone service has 17 calling features, including:

  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Call hold
  • Caller ID
  • Call Return
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Repeat dialing
  • Three-way calling
  • Voicemail and more.

The following table highlights the popular Metronet internet and phone bundle along with the incredible benefits that you can receive while subscribing to this package.

Metronet Internet & Phone Bundle
Bundle Metronet 1 Gig + Phone
Price $69.95/mo.
  • $200 Gift Card
  • Free WholeHome WiFi
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Outstanding calling features
Contact Metronet Call 877-395-5851 Now!

Internet & TV Bundles

Don’t want to compromise on your favorite content? Well, Metronet also has a key for your entertainment requirements as it offers a variety of TV packages you can combine with your internet to get access to some of the most popular networks and On-Demand titles under one consolidated bill.

The provider does not sell its Fiber TV as a standalone service, nor does it offer you exclusive discounts when bundled with your internet package. However, it is the best solution for your household if you are opposed to having separate internet and TV providers. 

Metronet Internet & TV Bundles
Bundle Starting Price Perks
Metronet 100 Mb + Basic Fiber TV $144.95/month
  • Access to 90+ channels
  • Access to thousands of On-Demand content
  • Access to order Pay Per View events
  • Symmetrical internet speeds up to 100 Mbps
Metronet 500 Mb + Standard Fiber TV $199.95/month
  • Access to 170+ channels including ESPN, CNN, Fox News and more
  • Access to thousands of On-Demand content
  • Symmetrical internet speeds up to 500 Mbps
Metronet 1 Gig + Preferred Fiber TV $309.95/month
  • Access to 210+ channels including Discovery Family, Game Show Network, the Science Channel & many more
  • Access to thousands of On-Demand content
  • Symmetrical internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps

Metronet does not offer premium networks on its TV plans. Like all the other TV providers, you can add them to your cart at some extra charge. Additionally, cord-cutters can combine their Metronet internet plan with an appropriate streaming service.

Additional Costs

While Metronet’s pricing structure is not perfect, its customer-friendly approaches, like no contracts, unlimited data, and a free eero wireless router, make it one of the best regional internet providers. Let’s analyze how the company performs in terms of some typical additional charges usually included in your internet bill.

No Equipment Fee

Metronet offers an eero wireless router with every internet plan. Hence, you don’t have to pay a monthly equipment rental fee. But you have to pay $10 a month for Metronet’s wireless extender if your house needs extra help to strengthen the WiFi signals.

Wireless RouterNone
Wireless Extender$10.00/month

No Installation Fee

Unlike most internet providers who charge a hefty one-time installation fee, you get free installation with Metronet when you subscribe to its service. Hence, you don’t have to personally install your equipment to avoid this fee, as a professional technician can deal with your router, set-top box, fiber cables, and more.

Early Termination Fee (ETF)

Metronet also does not entrap you with service agreements for years. It is one of the no-contract internet providers. Hence, you don’t have to worry about paying early termination charges if you decide to switch providers for whatever reason amid your first year of service.

No Overage Penalties

Metronet does not enforce data limitations like many fiber internet providers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying overage penalties or suffering from throttled internet speeds for exceeding the set limit. And while it is not something unique for fiber internet providers, it is significant to highlight this fact, as many other providers in its service area impose data limits.

Technology Service Fee

This technology service fee is the most unique thing about Metronet, taking it outside the standard sphere of extra charges imposed by other ISPs. Metronet charges $10 with your monthly internet bill to cover all the service calls, technician visits, and equipment or service repairs that you may require. This fee is unavoidable, and it might seem insignificant, but it adds $120 to your annual bill.

Metronet Internet Availability Review

Although the provider started as a service provider in Indiana, its footprint now extends beyond IT. Its merger with Vexus Fiber has further extended its service area to 16 states. The company is actively expanding its fiber network and presently serves 200 communities, making it the biggest independently-owned fiber internet provider.

States with Metronet Internet Coverage
Colorado Minnesota
Florida Missouri
Illinois New Mexico
Indiana North Carolina
Iowa Ohio
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Virginia
Michigan Wisconsin

You can find Metronet in the above sixteen states, but like most fiber internet services, its availability is also restricted to major metropolitan areas. Metronet has the best coverage in the following areas.

States with Metronet Fiber Internet Coverage
States Major Metropolitan Areas Coverage
Florida Tallahassee 99%
Illinois Aurora 100%
Iowa Des Moines 100%
Kentucky Lexington 99.7%
Michigan Lansing 100%
Minnesota Rochester 96.8%

Metronet Customer Service Review

We all know that customer service is either a hit or miss with most ISPs and many companies suffer from terrible customer satisfaction scores. As a result, it is not uncommon to find internet service providers at the bottom of most categories.

Primary customer service reviewers like ACSI, J.D. Power, and Better Business Bureau help us analyze the performance of most internet companies. So, how does Metronet fare in this area? Since both American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power didn’t include an individual ranking for this regional internet provider, we considered BBB’s scores. Metronet gained an A-plus rating despite a score of 1.31 out of 5 points, ranking way ahead of some of the prominent industry names like Spectrum, Frontier, Viasat, and HughesNet. 


Metronet is a solid choice for people living in the Midwest. Its fast internet plans delivered via a 100% fiber network guarantee consistent connectivity at economical prices. The combination of reliable service with zero data caps or contracts puts it among the best fiber internet providers.

This Metronet review explains all the vital qualities of its internet service, so you don’t have to settle for subpar service. The lack of compelling bundles can make some people skeptical, but overall its fiber internet makes it a decent choice.