A decade ago, 50 Mbps was considered a respectable internet speed, but nowadays, even 500 Mbps speed seems like a low-end speed tier that many ISPs offer. We can’t help but wonder about the future of the internet since both internet speeds and the need for fast connections have increased rapidly. ISPs employ Nielsen’s Law of Bandwidth, which states that a high-end user’s connection speed increases by 50% per year, to predict the speed tiers they should introduce next.

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5 Gigabit is one of the fastest speed tiers in the market, and we see many providers have recently started offering this plan, including Optimum. Let’s review Optimum 5 Gig to see what this high-end plan is all about.

Optimum 5 Gig Fiber Internet 

5 Gig is one of the high-end plans offered by Optimum. The provider introduced this fiber internet plan in the New York Tri-State area in May 2022. By September 2022, it was available across Optimum’s entire fiber footprint in Connecticut. While Optimum is primarily a cable internet service provider, its 100% fiber network is growing every day and presently serves approximately 1.6 million addresses.

Optimum 5 Gig offers symmetrical upload and download speeds of 5000 Mbps, Smart WiFi 6 for whole-home coverage, unlimited data, and excellent reliability, with a starting price of $165. Moreover, it is free of any contract and supports multi-device connectivity. However, not every internet user needs such next-level internet speed. This plan is mainly suitable for people who work from home or home-based business owners.

Optimum 5 Gig At a Glance
Price $165.00/mo. with AutoPay & Paperless Bill Discount
Download Speed 5,000 Mbps
Upload Speed 5,000 Mbps
Type Fiber
Data Caps None
Contract None
Equipment Included
Self Installation Free
Professional Installation $99.00 – $149.99
Coverage New York Tri-State area + Long Island


  • Equal download and upload speed
  • Unlimited data
  • No contract
  • Supports multi-device connectivity
  • Includes a smart WiFi 6 router at no extra cost


  • Significant price increase after the promotional period
  • Limited availability

Internet Speed

Optimum 5 Gig, as the name suggests, offers a speed of 5000 Mbps. Since it is a fiber internet plan, the upload and download speeds are equal, allowing you to enjoy the same high upload speed as download rates. While this speed may seem impressive, here is the most important question: who really needs 5 Gig internet at home?

The provider markets it for remote workers, gamers, and large households. But in reality, gamers don’t necessarily require such a high speed. What they do need is low latency. If you already have a fiber internet connection at home, you already have a low latency connection, and you don’t necessarily need such a high-speed internet plan to play or even download games.

Here’s a helpful way to understand: if we take 5000 Mbps and divide it by 100 (which is the required speed for streaming in 8K), that means you can have up to 50 simultaneous streams, each at 8K quality. That’s a significant amount of bandwidth, and most households do not require a connection to simultaneously stream 50 movies in 8K as they do not have that many family members.

With that being said, the Optimum 5 Gig internet plan is more suitable for small home-based businesses and remote workers, who can utilize its extra bandwidth to conduct multiple virtual meetings and more.

Data Caps

Just like its other fiber offerings, Optimum 5 Gig internet is also free of any data restrictions. Instead, you have unlimited data on top of lightning-fast speed, giving you the flexibility to engage in any online activity you want. You won’t run out of data, have to deal with throttled speeds, or any other consequences in the form of overage fees whether you play games nonstop or have your favorite Netflix program running in the background along with other applications.


You have two options to install Optimum 5 Gig. If you are confident, you can set up the equipment by yourself and save a considerable amount. Otherwise, it is better to opt for professional installation and leave everything in the experienced hands of a technician for a one-time fee.

This fee can range from $100 to $150, depending on the type of professional installation you prefer. While the standard professional installation involves a technician configuring your equipment, a premium installation option includes additional services like outlet installation, WiFi setup, and hardwiring of devices. But note that this premium option costs $200 in Sapphire, North Carolina.

Installation Fee
Professional Installation Self-Installation
$99.99 – $149.99 Free

Additional Costs

Here are a few additional costs that you can incur with this provider.

Additional Charges
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Returned check fee $20.00
Service Restoration 1 – 2 products: $10.00
3 products: $15.00


The Optimum 5 Gig plan has several benefits and unique features that raise both its general value and performance.

Whole Home Coverage

Optimum includes a smart WiFi 6 router to provide whole-home coverage with this plan. This advanced technology not only supports Optimum’s blazing-fast 5 Gig speed but also eliminates any dead zones within your home.

Free Access to Optimum WiFi Hotspots

Like all other Optimum plans, 5 Gig includes free access to over 1 million WiFi hotspots. This allows customers to maintain a high-speed internet connection when on the move with the same consistency as when connected at home. This feature is perfect for individuals who require internet connectivity outside their homes, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and enjoyment.

99.9% Reliable Network

Optimum 5 Gig is offered through a 99.9% reliable network, providing customers with a stable and trustworthy internet connection free from all the problems that are common with other wired internet connections, such as outages, slow speeds, and more. This reliability is essential for businesses, remote workers, and households that rely heavily on seamless Internet connections for employment, amusement, and communication.

In conclusion, Optimum’s 5 Gbps internet plan presents an extensive lineup of benefits, including flexible terms, cutting-edge equipment, symmetrical speeds, on-the-go connectivity, and a highly dependable network, making it an attractive choice for those seeking high-quality and high-speed internet service.


The 5 Gig Optimum internet plan does not require you to sign a contract. In fact, its promotional period is contract-free, and you don’t have to force yourself to complete a year with the provider before moving on to another service for any reason. If you want to test this plan for your home, the good news is that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it easy to assess its practicality.

Optimum 5 Gig Price After Promotional Period

Optimum’s 5 Gbps plan has many plus points, but one thing that could taint its otherwise perfect record is the significant price increase after the promotional period. While the starting price of $165 is quite competitive and lower than other options on the market, the standard rate jumps by 45% to $240 per month once the promotional period ends. This price increase understandably makes many people hesitant about choosing this plan, especially when you can find more affordable alternatives in the market.

Optimum 5 Gig – Price After Promo Period
Promotional Price $165.00/mo.
Regular Price  $240.00/mo.
% change 45.4%

Optimum 5 Gig Availability

Optimum’s primary service is cable internet. As a result, most addresses within its service area in 21 states can only access cable internet plans. Although the provider also has a small yet growing fiber footprint, Optimum’s 5 Gbps plan is not available in all locations. This plan is currently only accessible in selected areas of Long Island and across the company’s entire Tri-State fiber footprint. The most effective approach is to call Optimum at 877-395-5851 to check if this plan is available at your address.

Optimum 5 Gig vs Competitors

The 5 Gig market might not be as saturated as other speed options, but many providers are gradually introducing this speed tier within their coverage areas. So, how does Optimum’s 5 Gbps plan fare against other alternatives in the market, especially against major providers like AT&T, Frontier, and EarthLink? While these companies offer 5-gigabit connections, they have distinct coverage areas, pricing structures, and policies.

Optimum 5 Gig seems like an attractive home internet option due to its flexible terms and low starting price, but its high regular rate is a problem for many potential customers. As such, it is crucial to compare this plan with other options to determine which provider can offer the best solution for your home.

FeaturesOptimum 5 GigAT&T 5 GigFrontier 5 GigEarthLink 5 Gig
Starting Price$165.00/mo.$180.00/mo.$154.99/mo.$189.95/mo.
Regular Price$240.00/mo.$180.00/mo.$174.99/mo.$189.95/mo.
Internet SpeedSymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetrical
Internet TypeFiberFiberFiberFiber
CoverageNew York Tri-State area + Long Island21 states16 states48 states


Although a 5-gigabit connection may seem excessive for an average household, we cannot deny the growing demand for such a fast internet connection. Due to the increasing trend of remote work, e-learning, 4K HDR streaming, video chats, and large downloads, numerous ISPs have slowly started providing this plan in their service areas.

The Optimum 5 Gig plan is an example of such a high-speed internet offering. Provided by Optimum throughout its fiber footprint in the Tri-State region and Long Island, this plan is an ideal choice for powering your small home business and pursuing a career in content creation. From pricing to availability, we have covered every aspect of this plan. Therefore, be sure to double-check everything before making your decision.