We have come a long way from the days when having a cell phone with a mobile plan was considered a status symbol. This small device has brought the world to the palm of our hands. It has become the need of time to own a cellphone and ensure that we are connected, engaged, and actively interacting with the world around us.

Shopping for the perfect mobile service can be a tough call especially when you have so many factors to consider like; your usage, location, monthly budget, and expectations from the service provider. And that’s why it is a good idea to weigh all the pros and cons of Spectrum Mobile before making a final decision.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Spectrum Mobile in detail to determine if this carrier has the potential to meet your needs.

Spectrum Mobile – Pros and Cons

Pros of Spectrum Mobile

In June 2018, Spectrum Charter added another feather in its hat by launching Spectrum Mobile. It decided to become Verizon’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) by using its 4G LTE towers for cellular phone coverage to Spectrum mobile users.

Verizon’s vast LTE network that spanned from the east to the west coast and offered uninterrupted service to more than 327 million people in the USA proved to be a strong point for Spectrum Mobile. Spectrum gained another competitive advantage over its industry rivals when it decided to offer the cheapest unlimited data plans for mobile phone users. Let’s look at the most significant benefits of Spectrum Mobile service.

Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans

Spectrum mobile users can reduce their monthly out-of-pocket costs by subscribing to any one of the unlimited data plans being offered. The cheapest no caps, value deal starts at $29.99 per month. In this plan, users can register two phone numbers that will have access to unlimited talk time, texting, and mobile data usage. Users will also have the added benefit of connecting to any available spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot once they are in its range and their devices can detect it. Users can minimize their mobile data usage by linking their devices to the free Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots outside

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The users who have high mobile data usage will experience slow speeds once they hit the 20 GB limit within a month. The internet speed will drop to 600 Kbps and will not perk up until the balance is reloaded in the next monthly payment cycle.

Another option is to go for the Unlimited Plus package. The subscription fee of this package is $55 per month. This package is inclusive of unlimited talk time, texting and data. Unlike the first package that supported live streaming only in 480p, Unlimited Plus supports HD-quality streaming and the internet speed will only reduce after reaching the 30GB data cap. 

Economical By-the-Gig Plans

Spectrum’s basic By-the-Gig plan starts at only $14 per month. Users will have access to 1GB of mobile data along with the flexibility to connect to any of Spectrum’s Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. This super-saver By-the-Gig plan includes unlimited talk time and texting to any US network. Once you max out on your 1GB data limit, you can purchase an additional 1GB for just $14.

The economical By-the-Gig plan is perfect for those mobile phone users who need internet connectivity on the go for basic online activities like checking their WhatsApp messages or replying to urgent emails. Customers of the By-the-Gig plan can switch to any one of the unlimited data plans anytime.

Affordable Prices

Compared to its competitors that are offering similar mobile plans, the pricing options for Spectrum mobile plans are twice as affordable. The cheapest Verizon 5G mobile plan starts at $35 per month and only supports a connection for one phone line. The same applies to AT&T’s cheapest mobile plan. Spectrum is the only service provider that promises 70 percent nationwide coverage with 99.99 percent reliability and gets you started for under $15 per month.

It becomes more exciting and budget-friendly if you combine your services and purchase the Spectrum Mobile plan as part of a bundle deal. For less than $80 per month, you can get 300 Mbps, high-speed internet connection for your home, and unlimited, 5G internet for your phone.

Convenient BYOD Option

All new Spectrum mobile customers are allowed to bring their own devices and keep their old numbers. Spectrum Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offer paves the way for an easy switch being made from other mobile phone carriers to Spectrum. As long as your current device (cellphone or tablet) is compatible with the Spectrum mobile network, you can insert the Spectrum SIM card or activate an e-SIM into your mobile and enjoy unlimited talk time, texting, and data upon successful setup.

In case your old phone is not compatible with Spectrum’s 5G service, you can shop for a new phone at Spectrum. From October 2022, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Plus will also be available for purchase. When you buy a phone with Spectrum, you get exclusive trade-in rights and eligibility for discounts up to $500 on your new device. And if you can’t make an upfront payment for your latest cellphone due to budget constraints, then Spectrum Mobile’s 24-month installment plan has got your back. You can gradually pay off your phone as you continue to enjoy Spectrum’s trustworthy service.

Vast Network Coverage

Whether you are someone who lives in the suburbs or someone who travels within the country frequently, you can benefit from Spectrum’s vast network coverage to keep you connected. Since 2018, Spectrum has been purchasing data traffic from Verizon and relying on its countrywide wireless broadband communication infrastructure (4G and 5G LTE towers) for speedy and steady phone signals even in the remotest parts of the country.

In March 2022, The New York Times recognized Verizon as the best and biggest cellphone carrier in the nation. The company is providing reliable 4G service to more than 70 percent of the country and its 5G cellular networks encompass more than 36 percent of the USA.

Nationwide 5G Coverage

As Verizon’s MVNO, Spectrum’s 5G coverage is expanding rapidly around the country. The 5G technology was rolled out in 2019 in some parts of Chicago and Minneapolis. Due to some legal challenges and limitations associated with the technological infrastructure, the full integration of 5G remains a work in progress around the USA.

All Spectrum mobile users who have 5G compatible devices automatically switch to a 5G network once they are within the range of receiving signals from 5G LTE towers.

Thanks to President Biden’s infrastructure bill that supported the allocation of $3 trillion for the development of infrastructure for roads, electricity, and broadband amongst others, Verizon, and hence Spectrum’s 5G network coverage is expected to increase two folds from the current standing of 36 percent. 

Access to Nationwide Wi-Fi Hotspots

Spectrum has installed free Wi-Fi hotspot access points throughout the country. Getting free access to these hotspots is a great benefit for Spectrum Mobile customers. The facility allows Spectrum users to connect to the nearest Spectrum Wi-Fi network once they are out of their homes. In this manner, users can conserve their data usage and reduce their monthly phone bills. The presence of these free WiFi hotspots is a great benefit for Spectrum Mobile users.

To connect to a nearby Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot for free, Spectrum users just have to enable their phone’s Wi-Fi. It will show them a list of available networks. They can connect to the network by entering their Spectrum username and password.

Another option is to install the My Spectrum app. You should proceed to create a Spectrum Wi-Fi profile. It will allow you to switch on the Spectrum Wi-Fi auto-connect mode. Once this mode is enabled, your device will notify you whenever you are in the range of a free Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot.

There are approximately 530,000 Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots across all major cities of the USA, so you have ample opportunities to be a freeloader.

No Contracts

As a customer, the biggest advantage of Spectrum Mobile service that you will have is to walk away from this partnership whenever you feel like it, without any hidden costs or early termination fees holding you back. Spectrum does not obligate its new customers to sign a contract for locking the deal. You can cancel your Spectrum mobile subscription anytime by simply calling the 24-hour tech support and requesting the line to be terminated.

Cons of Spectrum Mobile

Available Only to Existing Spectrum Customers 

Unfortunately, Spectrum Mobile plans are only available to those who are already subscribed to Spectrum internet service or one of its bundle deals. To be eligible for a Spectrum mobile plan you must meet a credit limit set by the company and sign up for your monthly payments to be made via auto pay.

If you want to switch to Spectrum Mobile, you can call +1-877-410-3834 to purchase a Spectrum Internet plan and you will get a free Spectrum Mobile unlimited line for one year.

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Is Spectrum Mobile Good?

After evaluating the pros and cons of Spectrum Mobile in detail, we can say without a doubt that Spectrum is a decent provider with numerous benefits for its customers. The only constraint is that Spectrum Mobile service is only available for Spectrum Internet subscribers. However, to mitigate this constraint, Spectrum is now offering a free Spectrum Mobile unlimited line for one year to all new customers signing up for a Spectrum internet plan.

Spectrum mobile is not just good, it is the best for providing reliable coverage, no caps data plans, affordable monthly packages with unlimited calls and texts, and nationwide Wi-Fi hotspot availability.

Now working on the go will have no bounds because Spectrum mobile subscribers can connect to any Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot around the country to stay connected and reduce their monthly data usage.

Spectrum’s unlimited data plan for mobile users starts at $29.99 per month. By the company’s own admission, this value deal is so cost-effective that customers end up saving 40 percent on their monthly phone bills when compared to receiving services from other cellular mobile carriers.

Is Spectrum Mobile Worth It?

Spectrum Mobile is totally worth it! A quick recap of the pros and cons of Spectrum mobile service is enough to say that you will not be on the losing end if you decide to ditch your current internet service provider for Spectrum Internet and also sign up for its super-saver, reliable, unlimited phone plans.

Our verdict is that $14 per month for 1 GB of internet, unlimited calling, and texting to any network nationwide is a steal.