The US has thousands of internet providers offering internet service, but only a handful are available throughout the country. Internet access is still a prominent concern in many parts of the country, and many families only have access to two or one internet provider. Among the widely available internet options, Spectrum is the second largest cable internet provider, with access to over 100 million people.

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Spectrum serves a third of the nation through its impeccable award-winning hybrid fiber-coaxial network. Since the speeds and bundles can differ depending on where you are, you can check the Spectrum availability map to see what is available in your area.

Spectrum Availability Map

Following the 2016 merger of Spectrum with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network, its coverage area significantly expanded, making it the third largest internet provider in the country. As of 2022, Spectrum serves approximately 32 million households across 41 states. However, its infrastructure mainly caters to the urban and suburban population, which is why you cannot find this provider in rural and remote areas.

Check the Spectrum availability map below to see whether this provider offers its service in your state.

Is Spectrum Available in My Area?

Most addresses within Spectrum’s coverage area will have access to its three internet plans offering 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps download speeds (wireless speeds may vary). However, since Spectrum is mainly a cable internet provider, the actual speeds you receive can vary with your location. Enter your ZIP code below to check availability and explore all Spectrum Internet plans available at your address.

Spectrum Availability by State

Spectrum’s comprehensive availability is the best feature of this provider. With coverage spanning 41 states, Spectrum delivers the fastest internet service at your address unless you live in one of these states – Alaska, Rhode Island, Iowa, Delaware, Oklahoma, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington, DC. You can look at the following list to discover the Spectrum availability by state.

Spectrum Availability by States
Alabama Illinois Minnesota New York Virginia
Arizona Indiana Mississippi North Carolina Washington
California Kansas Missouri Ohio West Virginia
Colorado Kentucky Montana Oregon Wisconsin
Connecticut Louisiana Nebraska Pennsylvania Wyoming
Florida Maine Nevada South Carolina  
Georgia Maryland New Hampshire Tennessee  
Hawaii Massachusetts New Jersey Texas  
Idaho Michigan New Mexico Vermont  

Remember that Spectrum’s availability in these states does not translate to equal coverage. Spectrum’s services in these areas vary in different locations.

Since Spectrum is a cable internet provider, it relies on an underground network of hybrid fiber coaxial cables to deliver internet access. While this network is easily available in densely populated areas, installing it in remote areas is logistically challenging and expensive. As a result, Spectrum is most prevalent in large cities and densely populated communities.  

Spectrum Internet Availability

Spectrum is mainly known for its home internet service, which it delivers via a cable network. The provider offers an easy-to-understand three-tiered internet plan structure to its customers in 41 states. These Spectrum Internet® plans to start at $49.99/mo. (for 12 mos.*) also include Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line.

As a result, anyone in its service region may take advantage of these extra perks by selecting any Spectrum internet® plan. And while Spectrum is available in 41 states, not all areas of these states have access to its internet plans. Spectrum Internet® has the best coverage in the following areas.

  • New York City – New York
  • Los Angeles – California
  • Manhattan – New York
  • San Antonio – Texas
  • Dallas – Texas
  • Austin – Texas
  • St. Louis – Missouri

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Spectrum Fiber Internet Availability

Spectrum mainly delivers cable internet access, but a portion of its network is fiber. We currently do not have official data from Spectrum about the availability of this service. Thus we have to rely solely on data from the Federal Communications Commission, which claims that just 1% of Spectrum’s subscriber base qualifies for its fiber internet.

Spectrum Business Internet Availability

Spectrum provides business internet solutions to various businesses. It offers competitively priced business internet plans and bundles for small to medium-sized business organizations through its cable network. However, Spectrum has a dedicated fiber network, Spectrum Enterprise, to offer fiber technology solutions to big corporations and communications service providers. Businesses can access this provider in 41 states and 32 metropolitan areas, giving these services the same availability as Spectrum Home Internet.

Spectrum TV Availability

Spectrum provides cable TV service using the same cable wires as its internet service. As a result, Spectrum TV® is also available in 41 states, and residents of big cities can easily subscribe to this service in addition to Spectrum Internet®. In fact, you can get more benefits with Spectrum Bundles for TV and Internet, while enjoying high-speed Internet and more than 125 HD channels with DVR and thousands of On-Demand titles.

Spectrum Mobile Availability

Unlike its other services, Spectrum utilizes Verizon’s network to deliver Spectrum Mobile. Verizon is a well-known mobile provider with the best 4G LTE coverage, spanning 70% of the nation, which is, fortunately, good news for Spectrum consumers. Hence, Spectrum Mobile™ has the same coverage and is available in every state.

Internet Ultra + Advanced WiFi + Unlimited Mobile

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The 5G availability, on the other hand, is another story. Since Verizon 5G only reaches 12% of the population, Spectrum Mobile™ also provides a limited amount of 5G coverage to people living in large metropolitan areas.


Spectrum is a renowned internet service provider in the country because it offers various connectivity and entertainment services. Spectrum’s availability makes it easier to access in most locations, making it the most popular choice of internet connectivity. While the provider also has a fiber network, it mainly delivers internet access through its award-winning cable network. So, what are you still waiting for? Check Spectrum availability in your area and enjoy a flawless internet experience.