The modern world is digital, and mobile phones have become ubiquitous. Nowadays, people frequently use their mobile phones to carry out simple tasks like checking their emails, browsing the internet, or even playing online games. In fact, many people now spend more time on their mobile phones than they do on their computers.

Mobile phone carriers provide the foundation for these devices. But with time, mobile plans are becoming more expensive, making it difficult to find a suitable mobile provider. Spectrum Mobile is Charter Communications’ new wireless service, providing all the same features as principal carriers but at affordable rates. Today, we’ll review the flexible Spectrum by the gig plan.

What is Spectrum By the Gig Plan?

Spectrum Mobile is a leading MVNO that piggybacks on Verizon’s network. This mobile carrier offers three data plans – Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and By the Gig. Each cell plan accommodates different individuals by including a specific data capacity and unique features.

The Spectrum by the Gig plan is appropriate for people with minimal data usage. So, if you only use the internet for mundane activities and only consume 1 to 3 GB of data each month, you may sign up for this plan. Otherwise, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited is a better choice.

Spectrum by the Gig is a plan that allows customers to buy a gigabyte of data per month, with the option to add more than one gigabyte if needed for an additional cost. This package includes unlimited talk and text at $14 per GB per month. This package is an excellent substitute for standard monthly or yearly mobile plans, provided by Spectrum’s rivals.

Additionally, it brings convenience to people who want to limit their data usage during certain times of day or week. For example, it works great for individuals who desire to restrict their streaming during peak hours after work or school to conserve bandwidth for less busy times.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum By The Gig Plan

Let’s examine the few benefits and drawbacks of the Spectrum by the Gig plan now that we have seen what it comprises.

Contract-free planOnly available to Spectrum internet customers
Includes Wi-Fi callingUnsuitable for heavy data users
Access to free Wi-Fi hotspotsRequires a one-time $10 activation fee
Allows data sharing

Plans & Pricing

Spectrum by the Gig plan provides convenience with its flexibility. Depending on your lifestyle, this usage-based plan might help you save money at $14/GB each month. The price of this plan depends on the amount of data, and Spectrum charges an extra $14 for each additional gigabyte utilized after the consumption of allotted data.

Spectrum by the Gig, created especially for casual internet users, offers endless calls and texts with free access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots all around the country. Thanks to Verizon, Spectrum Mobile boasts a comprehensive 4G LTE network. On this package, 5G access is also available. Here is a breakdown of Spectrum by the Gig plan.

FeaturesBy the Gig
Price for multi-line$14/GB per month
Price for single-line$14/GB per month
Price for 1 GB Data$14/month
Price for 2 GB Data$28/month
Price for 3 GB Data$42/month
All Taxes & Fee Included
Unlimited Talk & Text
5G Access(req. 5G device)
Full Speed Mobile Data AllowanceAfter 5 GB/line of data usage, speeds are reduced to 256 Kbps up/down & data is de-prioritized.
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Data Cap

Every Spectrum Mobile plan has different data caps. The Spectrum by the Gig plan includes 1 GB of premium data each month, beyond which Spectrum charges extra money. With this plan, you may add up to 10 lines. However, Spectrum deprioritizes your data and reduces your speed to 256 Kbps once you cross 5 GB/line. Therefore, this plan is only appropriate for basic activities and is unsuitable for heavy data consumption.


Spectrum Mobile’s extensive coverage is its strongest suit. Being an MVNO, it uses Verizon’s network, a major mobile carrier that covers 70% of the country. As a result, Spectrum Mobile customers have access to the same network, allowing them to carry out their daily tasks at almost every location.

The majority of Spectrum Mobile customers primarily receive 4G services. However, customers with 5G compatible devices can also connect to Verizon 5G towers, which are spread throughout various American cities.

What Can You Do with Spectrum Mobile’s 1 GB Cellular Data?

1 GB of monthly data might not be sufficient for many people, but it is more than enough for customers who only use mobile data when they are not on Wi-Fi. With Spectrum by the Gig plan, you can smoothly perform one of the following tasks.

  • Listen to audio for 16.5 hours
  • Play online games for 10 hours
  • Browse the social media sites for 10 hours
  • Stream HD videos for 1.5 hours

Is By the Gig Plan Right for You?

The answer depends on your data requirements and how frequently you use your smartphone while not connected to Wi-Fi. Spectrum by the Gig is perfect for using 1 to 3 GB of monthly data, but beyond that, it can become more expensive than Spectrum Mobile Unlimited.

Due to the following reasons, Spectrum by the Gig plan is an excellent option if you already have Spectrum internet and limited mobile data usage.

  • Wide availability
  • Saving money
  • Free nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Fast data speeds


Over the years, the number of mobile carriers has increased along with mobile phone usage. However, obtaining a cheap cellphone plan in the US can still be quite challenging. Spectrum Mobile offers help in that regard. Initiated a few years back, Spectrum Mobile is a new wireless service by Charter Communications that operates on Verizon’s network.

It brings affordability and flexibility to the existing Spectrum internet customers with three mobile plans. You can either purchase the Unlimited plans for a flat monthly rate or pay according to the data usage with Spectrum by the Gig plan. The choice depends on how frequently you use your mobile phone and online activities.