Switching internet providers is not that simple, especially if contracts are involved. You’ll need to pay substantial Early Termination Fees, which could be unbearable for many people. This ETF often leads them to remain with unsatisfactory internet service.

If you have been considering switching to Spectrum, you might have already heard about its contract buyout offer. It is one of the few providers offering contract buyouts up to $500 to ease your switching process. But before jumping into the whole process, you should be familiar with the legal technicalities and offer details. This article will inform you of everything you need to know about Spectrum contract buyout.

The Eligibility Criteria for Spectrum Contract Buyout

Spectrum contract buyout offer applies to the customers who bundle their services. In short, customers need to subscribe to a Spectrum bundle deal for Spectrum TV®, Internet and Voice to avail of this offer. On the other hand, this offer is not available with Spectrum Mobile.

Also, only Spectrum customers with no outstanding payments and obligations can avail this offer. Furthermore, Spectrum offers contract buyout only once per account.

Steps to Acquiring Spectrum Contract Buyout Offer

The whole process requires a few simple steps. Make sure to follow them to receive your payment on time, and remember that you must be eligible to qualify for this offer.

1. Subscribe to a Qualifying Package

As mentioned before, Spectrum contract buyout is not available with standalone services. Therefore, you must subscribe to at least two Spectrum services to qualify for this offer. Furthermore, you will not be eligible for contract buyout if you have already received one in the past, you have completed your contract with your previous provider, or you are canceling a cellphone or TV service.

2. Receive Final Bill From Your Previous Provider

The next step is to obtain the final bill from your previous provider, clearly stating the early termination fee. Now you might be worried about having multiple providers, for example, AT&T Internet with DIRECTV service. But the good thing about the Spectrum contract buyout offer is that you can still qualify for it despite having multiple providers. Spectrum will pay up to $500 for both providers combined. All you have to do is to obtain separate bills from these providers with clearly mentioned ETF(s).

Also, make sure that the bills include your name and address. Otherwise, Spectrum will reject your request. The next step is to send these bills to Spectrum as soon as possible to reduce the length of redemption time.

3. Fill out the Contract Buyout Form & Submit It

Next, proceed with filling out the contract buyout form and submitting it. Also, remember that Spectrum will only cover your ETF worth up to $500, and no additional taxes or fees.

4. Receive the Amount & Enjoy Spectrum’s Reliable Service

Spectrum will send you the contract buyout amount within 10 working days after you submit the required documents. The provider will send the amount to the account holder instead of mailing it directly to your previous provider.

Here is how you can pay your previous provider’s ETF and enjoy Spectrum TV, Internet and Voice services under one bill.

Final Words

Internet providers play a huge role in your internet experience. You expect them to fulfill all your connectivity requirements while providing a high-quality service. Since our lifestyle has become increasingly dependent on the internet, an unsatisfactory internet connection can hinder your daily operations. However, switching providers can be headache-inducing if contracts are involved. Fortunately, Spectrum makes the process easier with its contract buyout offer.