The cost of internet subscriptions is at an all-time high, and given the state of the economy, learning that your provider will suddenly charge more for the same plan can be rather upsetting. As a marketing tactic, nearly every internet provider in the US lures new customers with promotional rates, following which they hike the price to regular costs.

Spectrum Internet Plans

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  • FREE Unlimited Spectrum Mobile Line
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  • Plans Start at $49.99/mo

In contrast to many other providers who conceal their regular prices, Spectrum takes a straightforward approach. So if you are a new customer and are curious about Spectrum’s internet prices after 12 months, this detailed overview will help you understand what to anticipate after the end of your promotional term. But before that, let’s discuss promotional rates.

Promotional Rates

Almost all internet service providers publish promotional pricing alongside their plans while concealing the standard costs to promote their services. Because of this, it is possible to slip into their trap, and you can even get stuck with an internet plan that has a high standard price. Therefore, you should be aware of the price increase before the end of your promotional period, so a high monthly charge does not surprise you.

While Spectrum is one of the no-contract internet providers, it hikes the costs of its services after the end of the first year. So, whether you have recently subscribed to its internet, TV, Spectrum Mobile, or one of the bundle deals, expect the prices you initially subscribed to increase. But how big is the difference? And what are the other hidden costs that can affect your bill? Read on to find out.

How much is Spectrum Internet after 12 Months?

The promotional costs of Spectrum Internet-only plans start at $49.99 and go up by 60% after the first 12 months to a regular rate of $79.99. Spectrum has recently increased the standard rates by $5, raising the price of all internet plans by $30 compared to the previous $25. This is a pretty steep price hike. However, Spectrum is very upfront about this information, unlike the other providers, providing you the regular rates of your preferred internet plan at their website, But if you are too lazy to check the prices, the table below gives all the information about Spectrum’s internet prices after 12 months.

Spectrum Gaming Internet Plans
Plans Speed Price Regular Price Contact Spectrum
Internet 300 Mbps $49.99mo. $79.99mo. Call 877-410-3834 Now!
Internet Ultra 500 Mbps $69.99mo. $99.99mo. Call 877-410-3834 Now!
Internet Gig 1000 Mbps $89.99/mo. $119.99mo. Call 877-410-3834 Now!
Remember that these prices do not include taxes and other hidden fees.

Spectrum TV – Prices After 12 Months

Spectrum offers its cable TV service, Spectrum TV, at an introductory price of $59.99 to its new customers in the 41 states for the first year. Once your second year of service begins, the provider raises the subscription fee by 33% to a standard rate of $79.99.

Similarly, its Spanish plan with more than 145 channels starts at $39.99 for the first 12 months, following which you have to pay $54.99 to watch your favorite shows. You can also find this information by entering your address on Spectrum’s disclosure page. The following table provides all the information about the prices of Spectrum TV Plans:

PlansChannel CountPriceRegular PriceContact Spectrum
TV Select125+$59.99/mo.$79.99mo.Call 877-410-3834 Now!
Mi Plan Latino145+$39.99/mo.$54.99/mo.Call 877-410-3834 Now!
Again, keep in mind that the above table only provides the price of the plans and does not include broadcast fees, taxes, and equipment charges.

Spectrum Bundle Deals – Prices after 12 Months

If you want to bundle Spectrum’s services, then you should also be aware of their regular rates. Savings are often associated with bundling, although that is not always the case. While Spectrum provides the convenience of combining its services under one bill, it does not offer exclusive discounts. It means there are no unusual price hikes and the regular rates are just the combined standard prices of the services you are bundling.

The table below can give you an idea about the prices of Spectrum’s bundle deals after the first 12 months, excluding all the sales taxes and other additional costs.

BundlePromotional PriceRegular PriceContact Spectrum
Internet + TV Select$109.98/mo.$154.98/mo.Call Now
Internet + TV Select + Voice$129.97/mo.$174.97/mo.Call Now
Internet Ultra + TV Select$129.98/mo.$174.98/mo.Call Now
Internet Ultra + Mi Plan Latino$109.98/mo.$149.98/mo.Call Now

Spectrum One – Prices after 12 Months

Spectrum One is the new offer by Spectrum focusing on providing a new meaning to connectivity by combining an Unlimited Mobile line and Advanced WiFi with your preferred Spectrum internet plan. This exclusive offer starts at the same promotional price as Spectrum Internet but has different standard rates.

Once the first year of your service is over, Spectrum combines the regular internet price with $29.99 for the Unlimited Mobile line.

Spectrum One TierPromotional PriceRegular PriceContact Spectrum
Spectrum Internet + an Unlimited Mobile Line + Advanced WiFi$49.99/mo.$109.98/mo.Call Now
Spectrum Internet Ultra + an Unlimited Mobile Line + Advanced WiFi$69.99/mo.$129.98/mo.Call Now
Spectrum Internet Gig + an Unlimited Mobile Line + Advanced WiFi$89.99/mo.$149.98/mo.Call Now

Hidden Costs of Spectrum Plans

Your internet plan also involves various hidden costs often concealed by many providers. However, we appreciate Spectrum’s straightforward approach in listing all the extra costs on its disclosure page. Here are all the hidden prices that can affect your monthly internet bill.

Services Cost
Professional installation $59.99
Self-installation $19.99 for activation
Reconnection Fee $4.99
WiFi Service (Equipment Rental Fees) $5.00/month
Spectrum WiFi Pods $3.00/month per pod
Unreturned Equipment Fees Per Unit (Internet) Modem: $60.00
Wireless Router: $76.00
WiFi Pod: $64.00
EPON ONU: $95.00
Early Termination Fee None
Data Overage Fee None
Broadcast TV Service Charge $21.00
Additional Bill Copies $1.99
Insufficient Funds Fee $25.00
Late Fees 45 days past due: $8.95
43 – 45 days past due: $4.75
Phone Payment Processing $5.00
Spectrum TV Equipment Fees Spectrum Receiver and Remote (per outlet): $8.99
Secure Connection: $1.00
CableCARD: $2.95
DVR Service (1 DVR receiver): $12.99
DVR Service Package (2 – 4 DVR receivers): $19.99
Cloud DVR Plus: $9.99
Unreturned Equipment Fees Per Unit (TV) Spectrum Receiver: $97.00
CableCARD: $20.00
Tuning Adapter: $130.00

While the list may seem long, you don’t have to feel intimidated as you can avoid some charges with precautions. For example, by returning the leased equipment within 15 days of service cancellation or opting for a streaming plan to evade the broadcast fee. Furthermore, you can also avoid the router equipment rental fee by purchasing your device.


There you have it! We have tried to compile every detail about Spectrum’s internet prices after 12 months in addition to all the hidden costs that can affect your monthly bill. Spectrum may not be among the most economical internet service providers, but it is still a top choice since it maintains the quality of its services. It delivers seamless connectivity with excellent perks like the Spectrum app and Security Suite. It also does not enforce service agreements, so you have the freedom to switch providers if you are unsatisfied with its service.