Spectrum Internet Ultra, a middle-tier broadband plan, is for all those who are on paths to fulfill their dreams. Offering up to 500 Mbps of download speed, Spectrum Internet Ultra delivers optimum value for a low starting price of $69.99 per month. The ultrafast internet connection is best suited for households with moderate-to-high internet usage, making high-definition streaming, gaming, and large file-sharing effortless.   

What is Spectrum Internet Ultra?

Spectrum Internet Ultra is a medium-speed tier, offering up to 500 Mbps of download speeds for an affordable starting price of $69.99 per month. It is one of the most popular Spectrum internet plans in the Spectrum service portfolio. Placed perfectly between the Spectrum Internet- 300 Mbps and Spectrum Internet Gig plans, Spectrum Internet Ultra offers the speeds and perks that best meet the needs of a medium-sized household. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra customers in a select few areas can receive equally fast upload speeds of up to 500 Mbps on a fiber-powered connection. However, most subscribers will get an upload speed of up to 20 Mbps on a hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network. Another jolt in the journey of high-speed internet connectivity will be the second-year price hike once the payment plan shifts from promotional rates to a regular rate of $104.99 per month. 

However, the overall service quality and additional benefits of the Spectrum Internet Ultra – 500 Mbps plan outweigh these bumps, paving the way to seamless high-speed connectivity for heavy-duty online activities. 


  • Fast download speeds of up to 500 Mbps 
  • No annual contracts
  • No data caps 
  • Easy self-installation
  • A free internet modem 
  • Free antivirus software 
  • Available as a Spectrum One bundle for new customers. 


  • Slow upload speeds 
  • Second-year price hikes
  • Additional fees may apply

Spectrum Internet Ultra Plans & Pricing

True to its name, Spectrum Internet Ultra offers ultrafast data transfers and ultra-network reliability at ultra-affordable monthly rates. The plan provides value beyond the norm when new customers purchase it as a supersaver Spectrum One bundle and get a free Advanced Home WiFi system and an unlimited Spectrum Mobile line for 12 months.  

Here is a summary of the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan and all that you can expect with it. 

An Overview of Spectrum Internet Ultra 
Type of Connection  Hybrid fiber-coaxial cable 
Promo Price  $69.99/mo. (for 12 months with Auto Pay)
Regular Price  $104.99/mo. (with Auto Pay)
Download Speed  500 Mbps 
Upload Speed  20 Mbps 
Availability  41 states of the USA 
Data Cap  Unlimited data 
Contract  Not required 
Bundles  Available 
Perks  Free modem and antivirus software 
Installation Fee  $65.00 (one-time charge for professional installation)
Equipment Fee  $5.00/mo. (for a WiFi router) and $3.00/mo. (for a WiFi pod)
Overall Rating  7.28 out of 10 
Best For  Smart home automation, downloading of large files, and HD streaming. 
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Prices are subject to change. Wireless speeds may vary. Please call Spectrum customer service for more details. Use our ‘zip code search’ tool to check service availability in your area. The overall rating is based on the 2023 U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power. The results shown are for the south region and adjusted for readability.


The promotional price of Spectrum Internet Ultra is $69.99 each month for the first 12 months. After the promotional period, the price jacks up by $35, stopping at a regular rate of $104.99 every month. This can be a discouraging factor for budget-conscious consumers, especially when inflation is spiraling out of control.  

However, eligible low-income customers can reverse this price hike by enrolling in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an initiative by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and get a monthly subsidy of $30 on their internet bill. Moreover, the promotional and standard prices of the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan include exciting perks and fee waivers to offer the best value for the money paid. 


A 500 Mbps speed tier is one of the most commonly available broadband offerings. Top-rated fiber internet providers like AT&T Fiber, Frontier Fiber, and Verizon Fios offer it in the lower range. Whereas, renowned cable internet providers like Spectrum and Cox advertise it as a medium-speed broadband plan. However, the real difference lies in the upload speeds. Regardless of the type of connection, both fiber and cable internet providers can deliver 500 Mbps of download speeds, but only fiber internet providers can claim to offer equal upload speeds.

Spectrum, being the second-largest cable internet provider in the USA, keeps customers in limbo. Subscribers of Spectrum Internet Ultra can get 500 Mbps of upload speed if they are within Spectrum’s fiber footprint. Otherwise, the upload speed is limited to 20 Mbps on a coaxial cable connection. 

Here is a list of some online activities you can perform with Spectrum Internet Ultra’s 500 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speeds. 

Online Activity Specifications 
Video Streaming in Full HD (1080 p)Simultaneous streaming on 100 devices 
Video Streaming in UHD 4K (2160 p)Simultaneous streaming on 20 devices
Online Game Download (a 10 GB file)2 minutes and 40 seconds 
Zoom Video Call (in HD quality)Simultaneous calls on 300 devices

Data Cap 

Spectrum Internet Ultra comes with unlimited data. It means you can consume an unrestricted amount of internet data every month, without worrying about data overage fees. The freedom from constantly monitoring your data consumption makes online connectivity a breeze. You can enjoy multi-device connectivity, download hundreds of movies, play online games for hours, and stream without interruptions on an uncapped internet plan. 


With the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan, the world is your oyster. Instead of being tied down by annual contracts, Spectrum offers you the flexibility to pay as you go and switch the plan or service when it no longer meets your expectations. The non-contractual nature of the service saves you from heavy penalties like the early termination fee, which can be as high as $300 for some providers. And if you were thinking, “That’s all the assurance I need”, wait till you hear this. 

First-time customers of Spectrum Internet Ultra can receive up to $500 in early termination fee coverage through the Contract Buyout Program. They can switch providers mid-contract without getting fined for wise decision-making. 


For years, we were made to believe that the more you pay, the more you get. But now, thanks to the Spectrum One bundles, we can see for ourselves that the opposite can also be true. New customers of Spectrum Internet Ultra can get three services for the price of one. When bought as a Spectrum One bundle, the Spectrum Internet Ultra package includes a free whole-home WiFi system and a Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line, all for just $69.99 per month (for 12 months). 

And if you want to add more to the mix, you can upgrade to the Spectrum One Stream bundle by subscribing to the Spectrum TV service. For as low as $129.98 per month, you can get a free Xumo Stream Box, along with all the freebies offered in the Spectrum One bundle. Whichever Spectrum bundle you end up choosing, one thing is certain, Spectrum Internet Ultra bundles promise savings on every turn. 


You get showered with welcome gifts upon joining the Spectrum family. Let’s look at each of these gifts in detail to show you what your current provider is up against. 

Internet Modem 

Spectrum Internet Ultra customers receive a free internet modem upon enrollment. Whether they opt for a professional installation (a $65 one-time charge) or a self-installation kit, the monthly modem rental is waived. This should be a relief because Xfinity charges its customers $15 per month for leasing a Gateway. 

The very least that Spectrum expects from you is to return the modem after service cancellation. You will have 15 business days to ship or drop off the equipment at your nearest Spectrum store. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions results in unreturned equipment fees of up to $60. 

Antivirus Software 

Another perk that accompanies the service is complete access to a cybersecurity suite. The Spectrum Internet Ultra customers can download and install Security Suite on at least 10 devices (Windows and Mac) for protection against malware and data breaches. It must be noted that the free antivirus software activation is limited to personal computers (desktops and laptops). 

Out-of-Home WiFi

Access to over 530,000 out-of-home WiFi hotspots is complimentary for all customers of Spectrum Internet. While on the go, you can look for networks named “Spectrum” or “Spectrum Free Trial” and connect to the Access Point WiFi for unlimited wireless internet connectivity. After connecting to the network, a browser pop-up will prompt you to sign in as a Spectrum customer. You can enter your username and password, and accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’ to log into the network. Up to 5 devices can be connected to the network at a time using the same Spectrum account credentials. 

You can use the official coverage map to find a free Spectrum out-of-home WiFi hotspot near you. Generally, Spectrum’s free WiFi access points are located in public places like airports, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and subways.

It must be noted that from January 15, 2024, the Spectrum out-of-home WiFi access points will be reserved for Spectrum Mobile users, who will enjoy guaranteed unlimited internet.   

Spectrum Internet Ultra Price After 12 Months

The promotional price of the Spectrum Internet Ultra is set at market-competitive rates. The initial internet fee of $69.99 per month is valid for the first year of service. After 12 months, the price reverts to a regular rate of $104.99 per month, which is $35 more than what you paid in the first year. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra’s second-year price hike can have a significant effect on the purchase decision. But wait… You shouldn’t be losing heart just yet. You can use our tip to enjoy first-year savings and avoid second-year price increases, without paying a penalty. 


Spectrum Internet Ultra is a non-contractual broadband service. It means that after using the service for a year at promotional rates, you can cancel the service and walk away with $420 in savings. No contracts, hence no cancellation fee… Setting you completely free.  

Spectrum Internet Ultra Availability

From the East to the West Coast, Spectrum Internet’s coverage spreads far and wide. Currently, the Spectrum Internet Ultra plan is available in most urban centers within the provider’s 41-state footprint. Around 32 million Americans are subscribed to Spectrum Internet, and if you are thinking about making the switch, you can use the table below or our advanced zip code search tool to check for the availability of Spectrum Internet Ultra in your zip code. 

All the States where Spectrum Internet Ultra Plan is Available 
Alabama  Indiana  Missouri  Oregon 
Arizona  Kansas  Montana  Pennsylvania 
California  Kentucky  Nebraska  South Carolina 
Colorado  Louisiana  Nevada  Tennesssee 
Connecticut  Maine  New Hampshire  Texas 
Florida  Maryland  New Jersey  Vermont 
Georgia  Massachusetts  New Mexico  Virginia 
Hawaii  Michigan  New York  Washington 
Idaho  Minnesota  North Carolina  West Virginia 
Illinois  Mississippi  Ohio  Wisconsin 
Please note that the availability of Spectrum Internet Ultra plan may vary within the states. 

Spectrum Internet Ultra- Competitors 

Spectrum is not the only top-rated internet provider offering a 500 Mbps internet plan. The mix includes prominent fiber internet providers and cable internet providers, all offering up to 500 Mbps of download speed. The only difference is that the upload speed will be asymmetric for cable internet connections. 

Another factor that you must keep in mind is the price. Frontier and Kinetic offer their 500 Mbps tiers at cheaper rates compared to Spectrum Internet Ultra, but after the promotional period, the price may increase by 15 to 18 percent. 

Top 5 Competitors of the Spectrum Internet Ultra Plan 
Provider Plan Starting Price Speeds 
AT&T Fiber AT&T Fiber 500$65.00/mo. 500/500 Mbps 
Frontier Fiber 500 $39.99/mo. 500/500 Mbps 
Spectrum Internet Ultra $69.99/mo. 500/20 Mbps 
Verizon Fios Fios 500 $69.99/mo.500/500 Mbps 
Kinetic (Windstream)Fiber 500 $39.99/mo. 500/500 Mbps 
Prices shown in the table above are with Auto Pay and without select 5G phone plans. 

Is Spectrum Internet Ultra Fast Enough?

Before we answer this question, you must ask yourself what type of internet user are you. Do you identify as a light-to-moderate internet user and usually spend time online to check emails, browse social media, and watch a few YouTube videos, or are you a power user performing heavy-duty online activities, such as multiplayer gaming, ultra-high-definition-streaming, and cloud-based content creation? Once, you are clear about your internet usage, you can use our guide to tally online activities with the number of connected devices and decipher an internet speed limit for your household. 

If the process has led you to the conclusion that Spectrum Internet Ultra is not fast enough for your needs, you can consider the Spectrum Internet Gig plan, which offers up to 1000 Mbps of download speed and 35 Mbps of upload speed for just $89.99 per month (for 12 months).