For more than 32 million people nationwide, Spectrum by Charter Communications has become a one-stop shop. After branding itself as a reliable, high-speed Internet carrier and TV cable operator, Spectrum became the jack of all trades in June 2018 by adding the Spectrum Mobile™ service to its portfolio.

Today, Spectrum Mobile™ service is available to all Spectrum Internet® subscribers for as low as $14/ GB per month. Spectrum customers can even purchase a Spectrum-compatible mobile phone in easy-to-pay monthly installments.

If you have recently subscribed to Spectrum Mobile™ service, this step-by-step Spectrum Mobile™ activation guide will help you set up your Spectrum Mobile™ phone and SIM card.

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Spectrum Mobile Activation Guide

Just bought your new phone from Spectrum? Here is how you can perform a successful Spectrum Mobile activation at home.

Download & Install

Download and install the My Spectrum App on your old mobile phone.

Create My Spectrum Account

Create your Spectrum Mobile™ account on the My Spectrum App. To create your online account, you will need your Spectrum account number and 4-digit security code, both of which can be found on your Spectrum Internet bill. You can register for your Spectrum Mobile™ account either by entering your Spectrum Mobile phone number or your email address.

Backup Data

Back up all the data on your old phone. Later you can transfer it to your new Spectrum Mobile™ phone.

Switch Off the New Phone

Make sure your new phone is switched off.

Insert Sim

Insert the Spectrum SIM card into your new mobile.

Sign In

Use a different device or personal computer with an internet connection to go to and sign in using the username and password that you had created earlier on your My Spectrum App.

Agree to Terms & Conditions

After signing in, you may receive notifications on your Activation Dashboard to agree to certain terms and conditions. Click on ‘I Agree’ and keep following the instructions to submit your Spectrum Mobile™ activation request.

Fill in the Activation Request Form

If you are transferring your old number from another phone carrier to Spectrum, you will need to enter your old account details. You will need to mention the prior carrier’s name, account number, and the security PIN associated with that account. You will also need the transfer PIN issued to you by your previous phone carrier. Fill in this Spectrum Mobile™ activation request form and click on ‘submit.’

Activation Complete

After successful activation, you will see a notification on your screen that says ‘Activation Complete’. Switch on your new Spectrum Mobile™ phone. Connect it to a secure WiFi connection and allow the device to set up by syncing/transferring data from your old phone. You should also receive an email on your registered email account to notify you that your Spectrum Mobile™ activation is complete.

You can test your device by making calls, sending text messages, or switching on cellular data to check whether your Spectrum SIM card has been properly activated on your new phone.

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Spectrum Mobile Activation Fee

All new customers of Spectrum Mobile™ service are required to pay a one-time Spectrum Mobile™ activation fee of $10 per line. Every subsequent number that is added to your Spectrum account will be charged an additional $10 for activation.

It is to be noted that this Spectrum Mobile™ activation fee is non-refundable even if you decide to return the Spectrum Mobile™ phone within 10 days of purchase.

How Long Does Spectrum Mobile Activation Take?

Under normal circumstances, the Spectrum Mobile™ activation doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. However, depending on the non-availability of the required information (Spectrum account number and PIN, or the account details from your previous phone carrier), the speed of your internet connection, and the response time of your devices, the activation process could take several minutes or even a day if you need technical staff’s assistance for troubleshooting.


Spectrum uses Verizon’s vast 4G and 5G LTE phone network to deliver reliable phone coverage to its millions of subscribers. For just $29.99/line per month, you get unlimited calls, texts, and data on your Spectrum Mobile™. The company’s commitment to customer service excellence is evident in its simple mobile activation process that can be completed within 5 minutes. 

We hope that with the instructions given in this step-by-step Spectrum Mobile™ activation guide, you will now be on your way to experiencing the joy of unlimited connectivity.