In the United States, around 30 million phones go missing every year. Americans spend an average of $800 to replace their stolen smartphones. While phone theft has become an epidemic and can cost brands over $876,238 during a year-long investigation, it is not the only way Americans part ways from their beloved mobile devices. In a CNBC news article, it was stated that each year in Chicago, 120,000 smartphones get left behind in cabs. Unfortunately, only 7 percent of these lost phones are recovered, the rest end up in second-hand shops.

Mishaps, tragedies, and disasters are a part of life. You cannot evade them, but you can prepare yourself for the worst and reduce the intensity of your loss. Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan is a life insurance policy for your smart device. It buffers you from the heavy financial loss and emotional distress that follows after your phone has been rendered lost, stolen, or damaged.

Continue reading as we tell you how the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan ensures the health, safety, and well-being of your devices.

What is the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan?

The Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan is insurance coverage for your new device that you purchase from the Spectrum Mobile™ store (online or physical). It is an optional service that protects your devices against accidental damages, loss, theft, and mechanical or electrical failures. It must not be confused with the manufacturer’s warranty. The Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan starts at $7 per month and includes additional services like data backup, device tracking, and real-time tech support. 

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What is Covered?

The Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan covers your newly bought device (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or laptop) against accidental damages, like drops, spills, and cracks, as well as against misfortunes, like loss, theft, and mechanical or electrical malfunctions. In the case of device hardware or software malfunctions, the insurance coverage is effective only after the manufacturer’s warranty or product warranty expires. The coverage extends to all the accessories, like batteries, chargers, SIM cards, and stylus, that were included with the device and were a part of the original packaging.   

What is Not Covered?

Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan does not cover products that have been altered or modified for aesthetic reasons, and without the approval of the manufacturer. Similarly, any product that was damaged as a result of misuse, reckless or abusive behavior is not covered. Devices that are damaged due to certain acts of God or because of environmental reasons, like corrosion, rust, and moisture, will also not be considered for replacement or reimbursements. If the device was lost or stolen because of neglect or confiscated by a government authority or law enforcement body, then you are unlikely to get a replacement. 

Devices that are currently under the manufacturer’s warranty or are being recalled because of faulty software or hardware will not be replaced by Spectrum Mobile’s™ third-party insurance provider, Assurant®. Moreover, cosmetic damages, like slight scratches, dents, or chip-offs, do not make your smart devices and gadgets eligible for insurance claims. Please note that if the functionality of your device was affected as a result of malware or an unauthorized repair conducted by an unapproved technician, then Spectrum Mobile™ and Assurant® are not liable for reimbursements. 

You must also bear in mind that the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan does not cover any products outside of the USA or its territories. To file a coverage claim, the damaged product must be brought back to the USA. If the device was lost or stolen overseas, then the police report must be filed in the USA for the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan coverage to be effective. 

Benefits of Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan

With the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan, you do not just protect your device against the worst, you also enhance its purpose and functionality. This plan gives you exclusive access to the Pocket Geek® Mobile application by Assurant®. The application allows you to manage all the benefits offered by the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan. E.g., you can back up 50 GB of data from your phone onto the Pocket Geek® Cloud app and restore it once your damaged device has been successfully repaired or replaced. Pocket Geek® Mobile app also gives you access to Avast antivirus software for protection against cyber attacks (e.g., malware and data breaches). Moreover, you can request immediate and unlimited tech support through the live chat and calling features. You will be connected to the IT help desk and receive instant guides, tips, and tricks to troubleshoot your technical issues. 

Apple device users can receive all the services offered by the Apple Care Center. Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan gives iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch customers access to:

  • 24/7 Apple tech support on call or chat,
  • Software management and updates for iOS apps, iOS and iCloud,
  • Hardware repair for iPhones, iPads, Apple watches and accessories (battery, chargers, and AirPods),
  • Device replacement via the Express Replacement Service,
  • All services offered at Apple stores and Apple-authorized service providers.  

When it comes to the benefits associated with the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan, Android phone users receive an equally VIP treatment as their Apple counterparts. Spectrum Mobile’s no-fee, early upgrade offer is reserved for Android phone and tablet customers. All the Spectrum-bought smartphones and tables that have been paid off by 50 percent are eligible for an early upgrade. The protection plan will roll over to the new and upgraded device to ensure you enjoy the same security and privileges as you did on the older models.  

The Cost of Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan

The monthly fee of your Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan will depend on your device and the tier that it falls under. Spectrum Mobile™ classifies all smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and notebooks into four groups based on their brand, model, and market value. The cost of this plan is $7 per month for all the products listed under Tier 1 . Whereas, the insurance premium for all the high-value products listed under Tier 4 is $18 per month. 

You can visit Assurant’s official website to find your device tier and confirm the monthly cost of the Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan for your device. 

Price $7.00/mo.$12.00/mo. $15.00/mo. $18.00/mo. 
Devices E.g., Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen), LG Stylo 4, 5, 6, Moto G 5G, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A32, Galaxy Tab A7 lite, etc.  E.g., iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, iPhone Pro 11 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 14 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air (5th Gen),E.g., iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Tab S8+, etc. E.g., Galaxy Z Fold3,Galaxy Z Fold4, etc. 

Please note that depending on your device tier, you will be charged $7, $12, $15, or $18 for your Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan subscription. 

Filing A Claim for Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan

You can file a claim for your damaged, lost, or stolen device by calling the Spectrum hotline or visiting this web page. For lost or stolen devices, you must immediately contact Spectrum customer care to suspend your Spectrum Mobile™ service and protect your personal and private information.

Assurant®, Spectrum’s third-party insurance claim manager, will ask you for the following information for verification. 

  • Your Spectrum Mobile™ wireless number.
  • The make, model, serial, and IMEI number of your device.
  • Details of whether your device was lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Your contact information, such as name, address, picture ID, etc. 
  • Payment method for the deductible service charges (e.g., details of your credit card, debit card, or eCheck).
  • Shipping information (e.g., the recipient’s contact details, address, time & date). 

You may have to submit additional documents for filing a claim with Assurant®, such as a police report for theft or proof of loss. 

Please note that the deductible service fee will also vary based on your device tier and the type of claim that you file. Below, we have stated the standard charges that apply once Spectrum Mobile™ and Assurant® approve your claim.    

Device Tier 1234
Mechanical / Electrical Failure $0$0$0$0
*Accidental Damage – Unlimited screen-only repairs$29$29$29$29
**Accidental Damage – Back glass-only repair $29$29$29$29
***Accidental Damage – All other kinds of repair $40$99$99$199
Loss/ Theft $50$180$280$499
*Unlimited repairs for screen damages are only applicable to smartphones. 
**Back glass repairs and replacements are only applicable to smartphones.
***The deductible fee for all the iPads listed in tiers 2 and 3 is $49. The deductible fee for all the Apple watches listed in tier 2 is $69. The deductible fee for all the Android and iPhones listed in tiers 2 and 3 is $99. 

Once your claim is approved, you will receive an email containing instructions. You may be eligible for a walk-in repair at your nearest Spectrum Mobile™ store. Or you may be asked to ship your damaged device to Assurant®. After assessing the functionality of your device, Assurant®  will either repair the device and ship it back to you or it will send a replacement. Lost and stolen devices are replaced with reconditioned devices of the same make and model. The color may vary depending on the availability.    

In a nutshell, filing a claim for availing of all the benefits of your Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan is simple. You just have to play the waiting game to see your loss as a blessing in disguise. 

Is it Worth It?

Flagship phones from best-selling brands, like Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola, and LG, can cost over $1000. A new smart device (smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet) can be a considerable investment, especially if you are on a tight budget and start saving months in advance for the final purchase. Unforeseen events like drops, spills, software/ hardware malfunctions, burglaries, and mugging, can cause all your investment to go down the drain. 

Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan is worth every dollar. It safeguards your device from such tragic occurrences. Starting at just $7 per month, you can protect your newly purchased device from accidental damages, loss, and theft. The plan includes added benefits like device tracking, live tech support, cloud backups, and access to Avast antivirus software and AppleCare Services. You can file a claim with Assurant® and have your lost, stolen, or damaged device replaced in no time. 
So, is the optional insurance service offered by Spectrum Mobile™ worth it? Well, if you, like us, are a ‘nomophobe’ and feel paralyzed without your phone, then Spectrum Mobile Protection Plan is a worthwhile investment.