The revolution of mobile phones has played a pivotal role in transforming the digital world. Mobile phones are now an essential tool for accessing the Internet, and their affordability has played a vital role in increasing the number of Internet users in the US. Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial. Therefore, many traditional internet providers are now diving into new verticals to keep up with the changing digital ecosystem.

We all know Spectrum as the leading cable internet provider, but it has recently expanded into new territory, and now it also offers affordable mobile service. But are the Spectrum Mobile plans suitable for you? We have created a detailed Spectrum Mobile review to help you in this regard.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of Spectrum Mobile:


  • Affordable Unlimited Plans
  • Flexible By the Gig Plan
  • 5G Access
  • Free WiFi Hotspots
  • No Contracts


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Spectrum Mobile Service Review

Spectrum is a new mobile carrier in the telecommunication market. It is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) since it does not have its own infrastructure. Instead, it delivers its services by using Verizon’s wireless network. As it operates on Verizon’s network, you can find it in most parts of the country. It is known for offering affordable Unlimited and flexible By the Gig plan, depending on your requirements.

Furthermore, this service includes unlimited talk and text, 5G access, free nationwide WiFi hotspots, and no contracts. We will explore every detail in this Spectrum Mobile review.

Spectrum Mobile Plans Review

Spectrum Mobile gives you the option between three plans – Unlimited, Unlimited Plus, and By the Gig. Spectrum offers these plans at affordable rates with endless talk and text. In fact, it is known for its highly economical unlimited plan.

Each Spectrum Mobile package includes a specific amount of data and unique features. The prices depend on your location. Additionally, Spectrum caters to your needs and allows you to add multiple lines to your chosen plan.

Plan Price (multi-line)
$14/GB per month$29.99/Line per month. For additional lines or 2+ lines added within 30 days of initial service.$39.99/Line per month. For additional lines or 2+ lines added within 30 days of initial service.
Plan Price (single-line)$14/GB per month$45/Line per month$55/Line per month
All Taxes & Fees Included
Unlimited Talk & Text
5G Access   (req. 5G device)
Unlimited Mobile Data1 GB included – $14 each additional GB
Full Speed Mobile Data AllowanceAfter 5 GB/line of data usage speeds reduce to 256 Kbps up/down & data is de-prioritized.After 20 GB/line of data usage speeds reduce to 1 Mbps down/512 Kbps up & data is de-prioritized.After 30 GB/line of data usage speeds reduce to 1 Mbps down/512 Kbps up & data is de-prioritized.
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Spectrum “By the Gig” Plan Review

Spectrum’s By the Gig plan is suitable for people with low data usage as it only charges for the data you use in a month. This plan costs $14 per GB of data each month and includes unlimited talk and text. However, it requires you to pay $14 for each next additional gigabyte of data.

It allows you to add up to 10 lines but slows down your speed to 256 Kbps after 5 GB/line. Therefore, this plan is excellent for people who require 1 to 3 GB of data each month. Otherwise, unlimited plans are the best option.

Spectrum Unlimited Mobile Plan Review

Unlimited mobile data plans are usually expensive, but Spectrum Mobile is one of the few carriers that offer an extremely affordable unlimited plan, starting at $45 a month for a single line. For multiple lines, Spectrum offers this plan for $29.99 per line.

The plan includes 20 GB of premium data, unlimited talk, and text and gives you access to free nationwide Spectrum WiFi hotspots. Additionally, you get 2000 minutes of free calling to Canada and Mexico and free international texting to over 200 countries. It has a wide 4G LTE coverage area, but 5G is available in major metropolitan areas.

The notable thing about this plan is that although Spectrum does not charge additional money once you exceed the provided premium data, it reduces your speed to 1 Mbps. You can always upgrade to Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus if you are a heavy internet user.

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Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus has all the features of the unlimited plan, except it offers 30 GB of premium data. This plan costs $10 more than Spectrum Mobile Unlimited, i-e, $55 per month for a single line and $39.99 per line for multiple lines. This plan caters to streamers and gamers who usually require more data.

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Spectrum Mobile Family Plans

Spectrum allows you to save some money by letting you add your family members to its plans. Like all the other major mobile carriers, Spectrum Mobile also lowers the price of each line of its unlimited plan to $29.99 for multiple lines. However, it does not change the price of its by-the-gig plan even.

Furthermore, Spectrum Mobile allows you to mix your plans, which enables you to get some lines on the by-the-gig package and some on the unlimited plan.

Is Spectrum Mobile Good?

The answer depends on your requirements. However, we can say that Spectrum Mobile is an excellent choice if you already have Spectrum internet. It not only offers excellent service but also saves you from the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. You can look at the following facts to decide for yourself.

Simple Plans

Spectrum Mobile provides convenience by only offering three simple plans at straightforward pricing. The carriers offers one of the most affordable unlimited plans in the industry and a flexible by-the-gig plan. Both plan types come with unlimited talk and text and amazing perks.

Save Money with Family Plans

Spectrum reduces the cost per line of its unlimited plan if you add family members to your package. You can also mix and match your Spectrum Mobile plans.

Stay Connected with Nationwide free WiFi Hotspots

The best perk of Spectrum Mobile is that it provides you access to its nationwide Spectrum WiFi Hotspots for free. These free hotspots allow you to save your mobile data and let you stay connected even when you are outside of your home. These hotspots are secure, and you don’t have to worry about data theft while conducting most online activities.

Spectrum Mobile BYOD Offer

Want to save some money? Well, you can do that with the Spectrum BYOD deal. BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. This offer allows you to bring your own device, which saves you from paying for a new phone, and it also allows you to keep your current number. In short, Spectrum Mobile’s BYOD offer simplifies your switching process, and all you have to do is:

  • Check whether your current device is compatible with Spectrum’s network. You can check the compatibility by entering your phone’s IMEI number on Spectrum’s website.
  • The next is to unlock your device by contacting your current provider and backing up your data.
  • Then, order a SIM card and choose an appropriate Spectrum Mobile plan.
  • The last step is to activate your device by following the instructions on your SIM card kit.

Compatible Phones with Spectrum’s BYOD Offer

All the latest Google, Samsung, and Apple phones are compatible with Spectrum Mobile’s network. Spectrum also supports previously purchased LG phones from them. Here are some of the best compatible phones with Spectrum Mobile:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro

Spectrum Mobile Trade-in Option

Spectrum Mobile is not available to everyone and has some eligibility requirements. To qualify for this service, you must have Spectrum internet, signup for Spectrum Autopay, and meet credit requirements. Otherwise, you cannot use this service.

  • First, you’ll estimate your device’s value by answering some questions
  • Then, you’ll have to send your device within 21 days of your order
  • In the end, you’ll receive a trade-in credit so you can finance your device

Spectrum Mobile Eligibility Requirements

Spectrum Mobile is not available to everyone and has some eligibility requirements. To qualify for this service, you must have Spectrum Internet, signup for Spectrum Autopay, and meet credit requirements. Otherwise, you cannot use this service.

Spectrum Mobile Customer Service Review

Leading customer service reviewers like the American Customer Satisfaction Index do not cover Spectrum Mobile since it is a small mobile carrier. Therefore, we look at other ways like checking its app’s ratings to evaluate its customer service. Spectrum Mobile app’s 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store and 4-star rating on Google Play give us an idea that customers are mostly satisfied with this service.

Spectrum Mobilevs. Competitors

Spectrum Mobile is an excellent mobile carrier but let’s see where it stands among competitors.

Spectrum Mobile vs. Verizon

Spectrum is an MVNO that operates on Verizon’s network. However, Verizon trumps Spectrum Mobile in being more widely available and having higher speeds. However, Spectrum Mobile offers more affordable plans.

FeaturesSpectrum MobileVerizon
5G Access
Unlimited Data Plan
Additional Perksx

Spectrum Mobile vs. T-Mobile

The comparison again comes down to what is more suitable for you, an MNO or an MVNO. Although Spectrum Mobile plans are more reasonable, T-Mobile offers a wider variety of packages with more perks and faster 4G speeds.

FeaturesSpectrum MobileT-Mobile
5G Access
Unlimited Data Plan
Additional Perks

Spectrum Mobile vs. Xfinity

Comparing Spectrum with other MVNOs will give us a more fair idea about this carrier. Although Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile have comparable services, the former has a minor edge over the latter since its multi-line prices are more affordable. Additionally, Spectrum Mobile’s by-the-gig plan is also more affordable. 

FeaturesSpectrum MobileXfinity
Parent NetworkVerizonVerizon
Unlimited Data Plan
Additional Perks
Starting Price$14/month$14/month


Although Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO, it provides high-quality mobile plans comparable to major mobile carriers. If you are contemplating your choices between an MNO and an MVNO, you can read this Spectrum Mobile review to make your decision. Spectrum Mobile offers some of the best plans with no contracts, unlimited talk and text, numerous WiFi hotspots, and remarkable customer service.