The age of unlimited data plans is upon us, and many mobile providers offer comprehensive packages with plenty of features. While some customers prefer the flexibility of different tiers and options, those who need the assurance of an unlimited plan should take a closer look at the Spectrum Mobile Plans.

As a prominent player in the wireless industry, Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans have become some of the most popular offerings in the unlimited 5G market. Both plans provide unlimited data, talk, and text along with other features, like hotspot tethering and access to Spectrum’s out-of-home- WiFi hotspots. 

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Our Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Review is curated to give you a lowdown on these plans and update you regarding their latest prices, promos, and perks.

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plan

  • 30 GB High-Speed 5G Data
  • Unlimited Calls & Texts
  • 10 GB Hotspot Data
  • No Contract


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Powered by Verizon’s nationwide 5G network, the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan is a mid-tier cellular phone plan in the Spectrum Mobile product range. The plan includes 30 GB of high-speed mobile data (transmitted through Verizon’s 5G Ultra-Wideband network) and unlimited calling and texting to any number within the USA. Spectrum Mobile’s prepaid phone plan is contract-free, and customers can freely upgrade the service to the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan or downgrade to the Spectrum By-the-Gig plan, depending on their monthly data usage. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited customers get international features, like free calls to Canada and Mexico, roaming at standard rates, and free texting to over 200 foreign numbers, within the same reasonable price of $29.99 per month (for a multi-line service). 

Look at some of the reasons below to determine why the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan may or may not work for you.  

Best For:

  • Spectrum Internet® users. 
  • An alternative to Verizon Wireless. 
  • An affordable prepaid phone plan. 
  • Connectivity on the go.

Unsuitable For:

  • Video streaming in standard definition.
  • Internet users who use a different ISP than Spectrum Internet®.
  • Heavy mobile data users. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus Plan

  • 50 GB High-Speed 5G Data
  • Unlimited Calls & Texts
  • 10 GB Hotspot Data
  • FREE roaming in Mexico & Canada


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Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus is the premium, or top-level plan in the Spectrum Mobile product portfolio. The plan costs $39.99 per month, per line when two or more lines are added to a primary account. The Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan is available to existing Spectrum Internet subscribers. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan is designed to handle data-intensive online activity in the absence of a fixed broadband connection. Users get 50 GB of 5G data each month, along with unlimited texts and talk time to all networks within the USA. 

Like its predecessor, the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan allows 2,000 minutes of free calls to Canada and Mexico, free texting to friends and family in 200 countries, and data roaming while traveling for as low as $0.01 per megabyte (MB). You can share your mobile data via hotspot tethering for up to 5 GB and watch videos in HD quality, all day long without paying a penny more. 

Best For:

  • Heavy internet usage outside of the home.
  • Streaming videos in high definition.
  • Continuous wireless connectivity on the move.
  • An affordable unlimited phone service. 

Unsuitable For:

  • Living on a budget.
  • Light mobile data users. 
  • Non-Spectrum Internet® users. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited vs Unlimited Plus

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited vs. Unlimited Plus 
Features  Unlimited Plan  Unlimited Plus Plan 
Type of Plan  Prepaid  Prepaid 
Price for Single Line  $45.00/mo. $55.00/mo. 
Price for Multi-Line  $29.99/mo. per line  $39.99/mo. per line 
Activation Fee  $10.00/line  $10.00/line 
Talk & Text  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Contract  No  No 
Free Calls to Canada & Mexico  Included  Included 
International Roaming  Yes  Yes 
5G Mobile Data  30 GB  50 GB 
Slow-Speed Mobile Data Unlimited  Unlimited 
Hotspot Allowance  5 GB  5 GB
Video Resolution  DVD  HD 
WiFi Calling  Yes  Yes 
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When choosing a mobile plan from Spectrum, you may wonder about the differences between the Unlimited and Unlimited Plus options. While the names suggest a significant disparity, the truth is that the two plans are not very different from one another. The primary distinction is the amount of high-speed data you will receive each month. With the Unlimited Plus plan, you will get 50 GB of high-speed data, while the regular Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan comes with 30 GB of high-speed data.

Another difference between the two plans is the resolution of the video while streaming. With the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan, you can stream video in high definition, while the streaming quality on the regular Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plan is limited to DVD or standard definition. However, both plans offer unlimited data at reduced speeds after you have exceeded your high-speed 5G data limit.

Aside from these differences, the two plans are quite similar. Both offer unlimited talk, text, and data, and both operate on the Verizon Wireless network, which guarantees extensive coverage across the United States. Additionally, both plans include other benefits, like access to Spectrum’s WiFi hotspots and the option to bring your own device (BYOD Offer) or purchase a new one (Trade-In Offer) from Spectrum. 

Ultimately, the choice between the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans will come down to your individual needs and budget, as the differences between the two are relatively minor.


The starting price of Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited service is $29.99 per month. First-time customers of Spectrum Internet® can enjoy the service, free of charge, for a whole year by registering in the Spectrum One bundle deal. The Spectrum One package allows new customers to combine their internet plan with one line of Spectrum Mobile® Unlimited and an Advanced Home WiFi system for just $49.99 per month. With the Spectrum One promo deal, customers can save up to $420 in the first 12 months of service. 

But in the second year, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited subscribers must pay a regular rate of $29.99 per month, per line, when two or more lines are added to a single account. However, for a single-line connection, users are required to pay $45.00 per month for the unlimited service. 

On the other hand, the subscription fee of Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan for a single user is $55.00 per month. But when 2 or more users are added to the plan, the monthly fee drops to $39.99 per month, per line.  

Customers can add up to 10 lines on their Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans. 

spectrum mobile unlimited


One of the benefits of choosing Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans is Spectrum’s commitment to flexibility, which includes its no-contract policy. That is right. With Spectrum Mobile, you are not locked into a long-term commitment, and you can switch plans or cancel your service at any time without facing early termination fees. So, you can sign up for the Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans and try them out for a month or two to see if they meet your needs. In case you are unhappy with the service, you can walk away without any losses to your name. 

With no early termination fees and a risk-free trial period, it is easy to try out the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited service and make changes as you go.   

Unlimited Data, Talk & Text 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans are truly unlimited. For a starting price of $29.99 per month, customers can connect, call, and text throughout the month. The Unlimited plan comes with 30 GB of superfast 5G data, and you can send texts to, or call any local number without incurring additional charges. However, after consuming 30 GB of data, your 5G service will be deprioritized, and you will experience speed reductions until the next billing cycle. 

Likewise, the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus plan offers 50 GB of high-speed data with unlimited calls and texts to domestic numbers. Again, instead of adding more data to your plan and burdening you with data overage charges at the end of the month, Spectrum Mobile opts to reduce your download speed to 1 Mbps and upload speed to 512 Kpbs for the remaining month. 

You can use the My Spectrum App to keep a tab on your monthly data consumption and moderate your usage accordingly. 

International Features 

Besides basic features like unlimited talk & text and 5G access, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans also have incredible international features like low roaming rates, free texting to and from 200+ countries, and free 2,000 minutes worth of calls to Mexico and Canada every month. 

While traveling outside the USA, you can use Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited phone service for low as $0.01 per MB. With the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans, there is no need for you to buy a separate international calling plan. Spectrum Mobile ensures that wherever you go, your loved ones follow. 

Device Compatibility 

So, are these Unlimited plans exclusive to mobile phones, or can activate them on other devices as well? For an extra $10, you can enroll in the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans from your smartwatch and get unlimited calls & texts and 5G data. However, when paired with a phone, its data usage will count toward the plan’s data allowance. On the other hand, tablets need separate data plans, which do not include text or phone services.

Most Apple devices with iOS 14.5 and higher are compatible with Spectrum Mobile’s 5G cellular phone service. Similarly, all Android devices with OS 11 and higher can most likely handle the ultra-fast 5G frequencies.  

Nationwide Availability 

If you are interested in signing up for Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited service, then you are in luck because the Unlimited plans are widely available across the United States. As mentioned before, Spectrum Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) for Verizon Wireless and therefore relies on Verizon’s cell towers to distribute wireless phone coverage to its customers. 

Verizon’s Wireless phone service is available in more than 70% of the country. Spectrum Mobile customers, too, can enjoy the same level of coverage. However, it is worth noting that Verizon Wireless’ 5G coverage is more concentrated in metropolitan areas, and the remaining areas receive its 4G LTE cell phone service. So, even though the Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans are available in most parts of the USA, the availability of high-speed 5G mobile data is limited to 900 cities where Verizon’s ultra-wideband 5G technology is accessible. 

Special Features 

In addition to their affordable prices and lack of contracts, Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans offer an array of perks, making them a great choice for new mobile plan shoppers. One of the biggest perks of Spectrum’s unlimited mobile plans is that they include unlimited international texting to and from 200 countries and free nationwide access to its vast network of WiFi hotspots. 

Spectrum has installed over 530,000 out-of-home WiFi hotspots throughout its 41-state footprint. By connecting to these free Spectrum WiFi hotspots, customers can save on data usage when they are out and about. 

These special features and perks make Spectrum Mobile Unlimited plans a compelling option for anyone looking for a value-added mobile service at an affordable price. Several other remarkable features make them stand out. These features include:

Special Offers with Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plans  
Perks  Details 
Monthly Savings on Family Plans  Add more lines to save up to $15/mo. 
Free Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Line for 1 Year Spectrum One Deal 
Switch to the Latest 5G Mobile for as low as $8.00/mo.  Trade-In Offer

BYOD Offer 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited vs. Competitors

Although Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO, its unlimited plans can effectively compete with those offered by the three big MNOs (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) in terms of coverage and affordability. Spectrum provides the most cost-effective unlimited mobile packages in the market. The main areas for improvement are the absence of incentives and the policy of making them available to only existing Spectrum Internet customers. Nonetheless, Spectrum makes up for these shortcomings with its superior customer service and added benefits. 

Here is how Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited plans fare compared to the unlimited plans offered by the ‘Big Three’. 

Spectrum Mobile Unlimited vs Competitors
Features  Spectrum Mobile Unlimited  AT&T Unlimited  Verizon Unlimited  T-Mobile Unlimited 
No. of Plans 2 3 4 3
Multi-line Starting Price  $29.99/mo. $60.00/mo. $60.00/mo. $90.00/mo.
Single-line Starting Price  $45.00/mo. $65.00/mo. $70.00/mo. $60.00/mo.
Types of Plan Prepaid  Postpaid & Prepaid  Postpaid & Prepaid  Postpaid & Prepaid 
Max. Hotspot Data 5 GB  50 GB  50 GB  40 GB 
4G Coverage  Excellent  Strong  Excellent  Decent 
5G Coverage  Thin  Decent  Thin  Excellent 
Promos/ Discounts  Available  Available  Available  Available 
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Spectrum Mobile Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans are budget-friendly options for those who need unlimited talk, text, and data for 24/7 digital connectivity. For only $45 per month, customers can enjoy 5G speeds on an extensive nationwide network with no contracts or hidden fees. The availability of flexible add-ons, like international calling and hotspot tethering, make these plans more appealing to phone users.

We highly recommend Spectrum Mobile Unlimited. We are not afraid to make the bold claim that it is one of the most affordable unlimited cellular mobile services in the ‘New Era of Connectivity’.