The emergence of the global pandemic in 2019 has led to an exponential increase in the demand for high-speed internet. Remote working hours, online classes, and online gaming are some of the day-to-day tasks that require a high-speed internet connection. Spectrum caters to all these demands with Spectrum Ultra Speed Internet plans. Spectrum is a reliable Internet provider that cares for its customers and makes their lives easier by offering convenient choices like the Spectrum self-installation option. Our Spectrum self-installation guide will help you understand the overall process to help you avail of this offer.

Spectrum believes in facilitating its customers by offering time-saving internet installation options. Spectrum offers its customers the option to order their services online and configure the internet modems on their own. The Spectrum self-installation option allows customers to save time and limit social contact which is a concern for many customers during a pandemic. To avail of this option you need to place the order for Spectrum Internet® online, by choosing the Spectrum self-installation option. This will allow you to self-install Spectrum Internet without waiting for days for a technician.

After placing an order online, a spectrum self-installation kit will be delivered to your house. The Spectrum self-installation kit also contains an instruction manual with details about setting up your internet device. The Spectrum Self-installation kit includes all the required equipment to configure your internet connection. So now you don’t have to wait for technicians for days as Spectrum has simplified this process to save you time.

Spectrum Self-installation Kit

The Spectrum self-installation kit contains all the necessary equipment needed for a secure internet connection. Once you receive the Spectrum self-install kit, you should make sure that you have received all the equipment. If any of the equipment is missing, you won’t be able to start the installation process. Here is a list of items included in the Spectrum self-installation kit:

  • Two power cables
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • WiFi Router
  • An Internet Modem
  • Instruction Manual

Self Install Spectrum Internet

Here is a step-by-step guide to take you through the Spectrum self-installation process. Make sure to follow these 5 simple steps to configure Spectrum’s internet connection.

Step 1

Take out the internet modem from the Spectrum self-install kit and connect one end of the coaxial cable to it.

Step 2

Connect the other end to a cable outlet. Make sure that both ends of the cable are connected properly. In case you are using a splitter that’s given alongside the free modem, connect it at 3.5 dBmV.

connecting coaxial cable to cable outlet

Step 3

The second cable you need to connect to a modem is the power cable. Connect one end of it to the modem and the other to an electrical outlet. Once electricity runs through each cable, wait for a few minutes to see the modem show “ON” status by turning on its light. The light will stop blinking once it completely starts to work.

connecting power cable to internet modem

Step 4

The third cable that you need to connect to your internet modem is the Ethernet cable. Connect its other end to the internet device you will be using such as a laptop or a computer. You can also connect it to a router that will be dissipating the internet signals in case you opt for a wireless internet connection. The name of the wireless internet connection and its password would be given at the back of the router provided in the installation kit

Connecting Ethernet cable to internet modem

Step 5

After all three cables are connected to the modem, the next step is to activate your modem. For activation, you have to visit the modem activation web page. The link for the activation page will be mentioned in your self-installation kit. In case the website isn’t accessible or if another issue arises, you can contact Spectrum at 877-410-3834 and they will address your concerns.

We have summarized the Spectrum self-installation process. Every customer has a different mindset and may not want to configure the internet equipment on their own. Once you have gone through this guide and understand the process, you can decide whether you want a professional to set up the internet connection for you or you can handle this process yourself. However, even if you order the Spectrum self-installation kit and you feel that you are unable to follow the Spectrum self-installation instructions, then you can call Spectrum customer support to request technical assistance.