Picking a suitable home internet has become increasingly complicated with the emergence of more options in the market. This is why a comparative analysis of the available internet providers at your address is usually helpful in finding the best internet deal. Beyond internet speed, shopping for an internet plan requires other considerations like data caps, contracts, additional costs, and customer-friendly terms.

Spectrum and WOW are top cable internet providers in the US with different perks and internet plans. So, if cable internet is your best option, you can get a deeper insight into each provider through this Spectrum vs WOW comparison.


Spectrum is a top choice for approximately 32 million Americans. Spectrum is a significant US cable internet provider and a trademark of Charter Communications for marketing telecommunication services. The company is a common name among many households as its award-winning hybrid fiber-coaxial network makes it the best alternative to fiber service.

Besides its famous home internet service, it is renowned for Spectrum TV, Voice, and Spectrum Mobile offerings. As one of the largest internet providers in the USA, it is accessible at most locations.

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On the national level, Wow might not be as famous as other prominent cable internet providers, but it is an important player in some states. WideOpenWest, or WOW, provides service to only 7 million customers and mainly operates in the central and southern regions of the US. 

WOW also provides broadband services via hybrid fiber-coaxial connections. This fifth-largest cable internet provider also offers cable TV and home phone service. Its major shortcoming is its limited coverage area.

Pros & Cons – Spectrum Internet vs WOW

At a first glance WOW and Spectrum share a lot of similarities. Therefore, looking at their pros and cons can help us distinguish their main features.


Pros – Spectrum vs WOW
Spectrum  WOW 
Vast Coverage Cheap internet plans
No Contracts No contracts
Free Advanced WIFI Reward cards
Free Unlimited Mobile line 


Cons – Spectrum vs WOW
Spectrum  WOW 
Limited Availability in Rural Areas Limited Coverage
Imposes Data Caps
Frequent Service Interruptions

Internet Service Comparison – Spectrum Internet vs WOW

WOW and Spectrum share many similarities at first glance – from using the same internet type to offering contract-free plans with a free modem and a 30-day back money guarantee. As a result, people often get confused between them. But the similarities end there.

The most notable difference is their coverage area. In addition to that, both providers offer internet plans at different rates and with distinct terms. This detailed Spectrum vs WOW analysis will highlight all the similarities and differences to help you uncover what sets these providers apart. 

Internet Plans35
Price Range$49.99/month – $89.99/month$9.99/month – $94.99/month
Speed Range300 Mbps – 1000 Mbps50 Mbps – 1200 Mbps
Internet TypeHybrid fiber-coaxial cableHybrid fiber-coaxial cable
Data CapsNoneYes
Bundle DealsYesYes
Wide Coverage AreaYesNo
Additional FeeYesYes
Learn MoreCall NowCall Now

Internet Plans 

Spectrum and WOW use hybrid fiber-coaxial cable connections but their plans significantly differ from each other in terms of pricing and other factors. Let’s take a look at what each provider has to offer.


The popularity of Spectrum among individuals is due to its simplicity. The company has a clear strategy and provides three internet plans, the cheapest of which starts at $49.99 per month. For a promotional term of 12 months, Spectrum provides its internet plans at a discount to new clients. After that, Spectrum increases the costs to their regular rates.

The plans provide unlimited data, a free modem, and security software to safeguard your devices. In addition, the company offers enough speeds to serve a variety of homes. Overall, Spectrum’s rates are fairly competitive in the industry, and their internet plans are reasonable, given the value they provide. 

Spectrum Internet Plans
Plans Monthly Price Speed Contact Spectrum
Spectrum Internet $49.99/month 300 Mbps Call Now
Spectrum Internet Ultra $69.99/month 500 Mbps Call Now
Spectrum Internet Gig $89.99/month 1000 Mbps Call Now


Similarly, WOW also uses a hybrid fiber-coaxial network to deliver asymmetrical internet plans. However, compared to Spectrum, it provides more options, including both slower and faster internet options. WOW is one of the most affordable cable internet providers, offering cheap internet plans starting at $9.99 a month. Even after the promotional period, the regular rates are highly competitive.

WOW also offers plans without contracts and includes various perks, like some packages offering free modem rental for 1 to 2 years. The major drawback is that they have data caps.

PlanPromotional PricingSpeedData Caps
Internet 50$9.99/month50 Mbps1 TB
Internet 200$29.99/month200 Mbps1.5 TB
Internet 500$44.99/month500 Mbps2.5 TB
Internet Gig$64.99/month1000 Mbps3 TB
Internet 1.2 Gig$94.99/month1200 MbpsNone
*with Autopay & paperless billing

 Internet Speed

As cable internet providers, Spectrum and WOW have asymmetrical upload and download speeds in their internet plans. As a result, you won’t have fiber like an internet connection where you can upload anything on the web. However, download speeds—which both carriers have in abundance—are what make up the majority of online activities.

Spectrum offers three high-speed tiers where its introductory plan is faster than WOW’s entry-level package. This plan with 300 Mbps speed is sufficient enough to support most online activities. However, WOW presents a wider range of speed options. Here is a comparison of the internet speeds of both providers.

Internet SpeedSpectrumWOW
Download Speed Range300 Mbps – 1000 Mbps50 Mbps – 1200 Mbps
Upload Speed Range10 Mbps – 35 Mbps10 Mbps – 50 Mbps

Bundle Deals

Bundling is popular because of the inherent merits and the various advantages. Combining your home internet with cable TV and other services can help you save prices and increase convenience by consolidating your monthly bills. Spectrum and WOW both offer this convenience. Let’s compare their bundles.


America’s second-largest cable internet provider also offers entertainment and connectivity services like cable TV and home phone. It allows you to combine these services under a single bill. High-speed internet, endless entertainment, and affordable family connectivity are all available as part of Spectrum bundles. Here is an overview of some of the most popular Spectrum bundles.

PackageInternet SpeedTV ChannelsHome PhoneStarting Price
Spectrum Internet + TV Select + VoiceUp to 1 Gbps125+Unlimited calling with 28 features$114.97/month
Spectrum Internet + TV SelectUp to 1 Gbps125+$99.98/month

In addition to these entertainment packages, Spectrum recently launched Spectrum One, a money-saving option. This deal provides new customers with high-speed internet, Advanced WiFi, and an Unlimited Mobile line for an incredible cost of $49.99 a month.  


Similarly, WOW customers can bundle WOW internet with TV and phone services. WOW! tv+ is not available everywhere, but it offers a higher caliber of entertainment. It gives you access to 270 channels and hours of free cloud DVR storage. In addition, WOW provides a home phone service with excellent features and unlimited calling. Here are some of the top WOW packages.

PackageInternet SpeedTV ChannelsHome PhoneStarting Price
WOW Internet 1.2 Gig + WOW! tv+1200 Mbps270$94.98/month
WOW Internet 1.2 Gig + WOW! tv + Home Phone1200 Mbps270Unlimited local calling$104.97/month

Coverage Area 

While WOW and Spectrum have many things in common, their coverage areas stand out as the main contrast. You can find Spectrum in 41 states, but WOW home internet service is only available across 9 states. These states include Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

This limited availability of the WOW internet confines it in the central and southern regions of the US. On the other hand, Spectrum’s vast coverage makes it an easily accessible internet provider in most parts of the country. 

Customer Service

Customer service ratings determine the performance of a provider. Unfortunately, internet customers are rarely satisfied with their ISPs as shown by their lowest scores in ACSI’s reports.

Both Spectrum and WOW have decent customer service. Spectrum’s score of 63 in ACSI’s report shows the consistent performance of the provider. The company also fared well in J.D. Power’s latest report as it created a personal record in the southern region.

In comparison, ACSI did not include WOW in its report. Therefore, our understanding of this provider comes from Power’s Study. WOW scored very well in the North Central region, which placed him above the major national internet providers like Xfinity, AT&T, and more.

Additional Fee

Hidden fees are the sneaky reality of many internet providers. However, we admire Spectrum’s transparency about its pricing. You should be aware of the following additional fees included in your monthly bill.

Equipment Fee

Internet service providers charge a monthly leasing fee for their equipment. While the modem for Spectrum’s service is free, the WiFi router costs $5 per month. This monthly rental fee is comparatively less than WOW internet, and you can even avoid it by purchasing your own equipment or upgrading to Spectrum Internet Gig.

In comparison, WOW charges a monthly rental fee of $14 for its modem. But there is a twist. With specific plans, you can get a free modem for a limited time. Its Internet 1.2 Gig, however, comes with a completely free modem. Furthermore, WOW charges $10 if you wish to add “Whole-Home WiFi” to your plan using a mesh router rental.

 Installation Fee 

The internet service also comes with a one-time installation cost. Both providers offer self and professional installations and have the same price for the latter. The self-installation option is free, but you have to pay a service activation fee to Spectrum.

ProviderInstallation Fee
SpectrumSelf-installation – Free but requires a $19.99 service activation feeProfessional Installation – $49.99Wi-Fi Pod Installation – $49.99
WOWPro-installation – $50Self-installation – Free


We hope that you now have all the information you need to simplify your decision-making thanks to our Spectrum vs WOW comparison. Overall, Spectrum and WOW are cable internet providers with few similarities. Their differences, however, distinguish them from each other. WOW is a decent internet option, but Spectrum has an advantage over WOW due to its widespread availability and reliable and consistent performance.