From the very first ARPANET to the latest, ultrafast fiber internet services, the world has seen it all. Our internet connections have evolved from wired to wireless and from terrestrial to extraterrestrial to help us connect digitally, on our terms. We can choose what type of internet service we want, and at what download speeds and rates. 

If you have come to a fork in the road and are confused between sticking to wired broadband services or going cordless, then our T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Comcast comparison will help you find the best internet provider for your home. 

T-Mobile Home Internet 

In early 2021, T-Mobile US. Inc. announced the rollout of its 5G home internet service for residential internet users across its 49-state footprint. T-Mobile is the third-largest wireless network operator in the country with over 110 million active users. Its 4G and 5G cellular service are available in all 50 states of the USA and territories; the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. In the USA, T-Mobile has established its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. 

From here the company manages its various operations and provides services like wireless mobile phone connections, home internet, banking, TV streaming, and handphone purchases/ trade-ins.  

In less than a year, T-Mobile expanded its 5G home internet service all across the country, and today, the wireless broadband service is available to 40 million households nationwide. It has become the trusted choice of internet for cord-cutters and those living in the countryside with limited to zero broadband access. 

Unlike the cable and fiber internet services around the country, T-Mobile home internet does not rely on an extensive underground or aerial network of wires and therefore promises wider outreach as compared to its wired counterparts. But as the accessibility of 5G data in the country is still a work in progress, some areas such as small towns and rural communities might experience spotty coverage of 5G ultra wideband cellular data.

Currently, T-Mobile home internet users are offered a single monthly plan for $50 per month and a fixed download speed of 182 Mbps. T-Mobile Home internet may not be the ideal choice of internet for those who wish to work from home, or are professional gamers due to its high latency and ping rate. However, it is perfect for families with moderate internet usage and those living on a budget. 


Comcast Corporation is the leading media, entertainment, and communications conglomerate in the USA. Founded in 1963 as Comcast Holdings, the company is now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and offers services such as home and business internet, cable TV, streaming, home phone, mobile phone, and home security.  

In April 1981, Comcast established its telecommunications arm under the brand name Xfinity to offer internet, cable TV, telephone, and wireless services to its consumers. Today, Xfinity provides cable and fiber internet connections to over 32 million subscribers across its 40-state footprint.  

Xfinity is one of the fastest and most affordable residential internet providers in the country with plans starting as low as $29.99 per month and download speeds as high as 6 Gbps (6000 Mbps). 

As an Xfinity internet user, you will never be short of bundle options. Xfinity is one of the few internet service providers that allows its customers to personalize their bundle packages by picking the services they want for their families. However, some of the promo deals, such as the Xfinity Black Friday Sale, offering 400 Mbps internet for $30 per month for 24 months and a free subscription of HBO Max for 12 months, are limited-time offers and may require you to sign a 1 or 2-year contract. 

According to the Forbes Home review, Xfinity by Comcast is the fifth-best internet service provider for 2022 in the USA. Its customer rating has been labeled as “Great” and it is one of the top broadband services for online gaming and streaming.  

Pros & Cons – T-Mobile Home Internet vs Comcast

Both T-Mobile and Comcast are American telecommunication giants that have a myriad of services under their portfolio. While T-Mobile is popular for its nationwide wireless coverage for cellular phones, Xfinity has retained the market share for its ultrafast internet and reliable cable TV services. However, both these reputable internet service providers have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Depending on what you are looking for in your internet provider, one will always have precedence over the other. 

Here is a list of pros and cons that highlight the T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Comcast comparison.  

Pros – T-Mobile Home Internet vs Comcast
T-Mobile Home Internet Xfinity by Comcast
Wireless internet service Cable and fiber internet 
Better coverage than fiber internet Widescale cable internet network
Cheaper than fiber internet  Millions of Wi-Fi hotspots 
Zero equipment fee Several promo deals
No contract service Several bundling options
Unlimited data  6 Gbps internet speed
Available in rural areas
Cons – T-Mobile Home Internet vs Comcast
T-Mobile Home Internet Xfinity by Comcast
High latency and ping High latency and ping
Spotty coverage  Spotty Coverage 
Traffic congestion Traffic Congestion
Data prioritization Data prioritization
One price, one speed  One price, one speed 

Internet Service Comparison 

In the T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Comcast internet service comparison, we have considered several factors. Such as the type of service, the total coverage area throughout the country, the maximum download speed, the price range for monthly internet plans, and even the customer service score for the two internet providers. 

T-Mobile Home Internet or Comcast?
Comparison  T-Mobile Home Internet  Xfinity by Comcast 
Type of Internet  Fixed Wireless (5G Home) Cable and Fiber 
Internet Plans  1 8
Internet Speed  182 Mbps  50 Mbps – 6 Gbps
Price Range  $50.00/ month $29.99 – 299.95/month 
Bundle Deals  Available  Available 
Coverage Area 49 states of the U.S. 40 states of the U.S.
Customer Service 4 out of 5 stars  3.5 out of 5 stars 
Additional Fee None  $14/month (equipment fee)
Learn More Call 877-395-5851 Now

Internet Plans

The average internet bill in America is $64 per month. In a country that has over 2877 internet service providers, it is not an anomaly to have at least 5 internet carriers for any given zip code. The competition among internet providers is immense, especially in metro areas. Companies rely on competitive pricing and promo deals to attract and secure customers. Most internet providers offer a wide range of monthly broadband plans with varying download speeds and fees to make their services suitable for all. 

The best internet provider is the one that offers the most benefits at the lowest cost. 

T-Mobile Home Internet Plans 

T-Mobile 5G Home internet service has been around for less than 2 years, but within this limited time, the company has already built a steady consumer base. Even though the company only offers one internet plan to its wireless broadband subscribers, many around the country find the service to be more efficient than the available wired and satellite internet services in the area.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plan
Price $50.00 per month without AutoPay
Download Speed up to 182 Mbps 
Upload Speed up to 23 Mbps 
Contracts No
Data Caps No
Contact T-Mobile Call 877-395-5851 Now

Now you can easily switch to T-Mobile home internet whenever you like, without worrying about a messy breakup from your current internet provider. T-Mobile covers up to $500 in early termination fees. So, even if you are currently under contract but unhappy with your service provider and thinking about moving to T-Mobile 5G home, feel free to take this bold step because T-Mobile has your back. 

Moreover, you can test-drive T-Mobile home internet for free for 15 days to check if it is worth your money. 

Comcast Internet Plans 

Comcast offers eight internet plans to its cable and fiber internet subscribers. The cheapest one starts at $30 per month.

PlanType of Internet PriceSpeed No. of DevicesLearn More
Connect Cable $30.00/mo50 Mbps 4Call Now
Connect MoreCable$40.00/mo100 Mbps 5Call Now
FastCable$55.00/mo300 Mbps 8Call Now
SuperfastCable $70.00/mo600 Mbps 11Call Now
Ultrafast Cable $75.00/mo900 Mbps12+Call Now
Gigabit Extra Fiber $80.00/mo1200 Mbps 15Call Now
Gigabit ProFiber $299.95/mo3000 Mbps 15+Call Now
Gigabit Pro+ Fiber $300.00/mo6000 Mbps 20Call Now

In June 2022, Xfinity upgraded the speed of Gigabit Pro to 6 Gigs for subscribers who live within 1,760 feet of a fiber node. 

Unlike T-Mobile Home Internet, which offers a flat rate on its residential plan throughout the country, the price of Xfinity’s plans varies from region to region. It means that those living in the Central region could be paying $70 per month for their Gigabit Extra plan, while those living in the Northeast region could be paying $80 per month for the same plan. 

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Xfinity internet subscribers have to deal with inconsistent internet speeds and monthly rates depending on their location within the country. 

In our T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Comcast comparison, we found that T-Mobile 5G Home is relatively new. Therefore, it offers only one plan to its residential internet users. In contrast, Xfinity by Comcast has eight plans for its cable and fiber internet service, giving subscribers more leverage in terms of download speeds and monthly fees.   

Internet Speed

The internet speed is directly proportional to the type of internet. The dial-up internet and its successor, digital subscriber line (DSL) internet are the slowest types of internet connection as they can carry a maximum bandwidth of 100 Mbps. Compared to that, fiber internet is the fastest available form of internet and can deliver multi-gigabit speeds of up to 10 Gbps. 

Internet Speed of T-Mobile Home Internet 

The average speed of 5G home internet is between 100 and 300 Mbps, but in some cases, you can receive up to 1000 Mbps data transfer speeds, especially if you are close to the wireless tower. The maximum range of 5G signals from the tower is 1,500 feet or 500 meters. As the distance from the tower increases, the signals become weaker and speed becomes slower. 

The 5G ultra wideband uses C-band spectrum frequencies to transmit data in the form of radio waves. It means that the emitted signals will have a broad coverage but slower speeds to ensure that the service is available to the maximum number of people. Therefore, the download speeds of T-Mobile Home internet range between 33 and 182 Mbps depending on your proximity to the tower. 

Internet Speed of Xfinity

Xfinity offers two different types of internet connections to its residential users. Xfinity’s more readily available cable internet service can reach more than 107 million Americans, making it the largest cable internet provider in the country. Due to the limited fiber internet infrastructure in the country, around 80 percent of Xfinity broadband customers are using its cable internet service with maximum download speeds of up to 900 Mbps. 

Xfinity’s multigigabit speeds are only available in those cities and towns that have an extensive fiber internet network. Homes within a 0.33 miles radius of fiber nodes can get ultrafast, 6 gig download speeds. 

Bundle Deals

The more services you add, the more savings you get! Whether you go with T-Mobile Home Internet or Xfinity broadband, you can stack various services on top of your internet plan and avail of discounts up to $30 per month. 

T-Movile Home Internet Bundles

In the table below, we have mentioned the best bundle deals on T-Mobile Home Internet.

T-Mobile Bundle Deals
Plan  Price  What You Get Contact T-Mobile
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet & Ooma Premier Home Phone $59.99/mo.  Free Ooma Telo Air device.Unlimited dataCall blockingVoicemail monitoringWorks with Amazon Alexa Call Now
T-Mobile Home Internet & YouTube TV  $54.99/mo.  T-Mobile Home internet YouTube TV subscription for 12 months 85+ channels Contract free service Call Now
T-Mobile Home Internet & Paramount+ $59.88/mo. T-Mobile Home internet T-Mobile Essential Mobile planFree 1-year subscription to Paramount+ Call Now
T-Mobile Home Internet and Magenta Max $100.00/mo. T-Mobile Home Internet 2 lines on T-Mobile Magenta Max, unlimited plan $20 of savingsFree Netflix on 2 screens  Call Now

As an Xfinity internet customer, you will have the privilege of building your bundle plan by adding Cable TV, streaming services, telephone line, and mobile phone connections to your broadband service. Through these cost-saving bundle deals, you can save up to $40 per month if you opt for the AutoPay payment method. 

Most Popular Xfinity Internet & Mobile Phone Deals

Value DealPriceInternetMobile Phone Flex 4 Streaming
Deal 1 $65.00/mo400 MbpsUnlimited data Unlimited data for 1 lineFree Peacock, YouTube, Pluto 
Deal 2 $85.00/mo 800 Mbps Unlimited data Unlimited data for 1 lineFree Peacock, YouTube, Pluto 
Deal 3$95.00/mo1200 Mbps Unlimited data Unlimited data for 1 line Free Peacock, YouTube, Pluto 

Most Popular Xfinity Internet & TV Deals 

Value Deal PriceInternetTV 
Xfinity Internet + TV Deal 1 $55.00/mo.400 Mbps Unlimited data 10 channels HBO Max for 1 year
Xfinity Internet + TV Deal 2 $90.00/mo. 400 MbpsUnlimited data 125+ channelsHBO Max for 1 year
Xfinity Internet + TV Deal 3 $120.00/mo. 1000 Mbps Unlimited data 125+ channelsHBO Max for 1 year 

Most Popular Xfinity Internet, TV & Home Phone Deals 

Value Deal PriceInternet TVHome Phone  
Triple Play 1 $100.00/mo.400 MbpsUnlimited data 125+ channels HBO Max for 1 year Unlimited nationwide
Triple Play 2$130.00/mo.800 MbpsUnlimited data 185+ channels HBO Max for 1 yearUnlimited nationwide
Triple Play 3$150.00/mo.1200 Mbps Unlimited data 185+ channelsHBO Max for 1-year Unlimited nationwide

Coverage Area – T-Mobile Home Internet vs Comcast

T-Mobile 5G Home internet service is available in 49 states of the USA and extends to its territories in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The only state in which T-Mobile 5G coverage is absent in Nebraska. 92 percent of the land in Nebraska is farmlands or rural areas. The 5G infrastructure there is yet to be developed and therefore, neither T-Mobile cellular service nor wireless home internet service is available in Nebraska. 

Compared to that, Xfinity cable and fiber internet service is available in 40 states of the USA. The states in which Xfinity doesn’t offer internet service are as follows:

  • Alaska 
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wyoming
  • Nevada
  • Iowa
  • Montana 
  • Hawaii

Xfinity internet by Comcast is also unavailable in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. 

Customer Service

T-Mobile’s award-winning customer service has sealed its place among the world’s best wireless service providers. In July 2022, T-Mobile won the J.D. Power award for best customer service with a score of 816 out of 1000 points. It defeated its two biggest competitors, AT&T Wireless and Verizon 5G by 34 points and scored 26 points more than the industry average of 790 points.

T-Mobile has been consistently given a 4-star rating by its customers who have lauded the staff for their prompt response, professionalism, friendly demeanor, technical knowledge, and excellent time management. 

In contrast, Xfinity has a customer satisfaction rating of 3.5 stars. In 2021, J.D. Powers surveyed the overall satisfaction of broadband customers in different regions of the country. In the east, Xfinity had the second-highest score for customer satisfaction and was given 725 out of 1000 points. Verizon won the top position. 

Similarly, in the North Central region, Xfinity had the third-highest score, falling 16 points behind AT&T (the winner). Customers have expressed displeasure with the service because of unexpected disruptions (outages), poor account management, inconsistent speeds, and lack of technical support. 

Therefore, our results of T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Comcast Customer Service indicate that in every way, T-Mobile’s customer service is better than Comcast’s. 

Additional Fee

T-Mobile Home Internet installation is as simple as plugin and play. Upon subscription, T-Mobile will send an internet gateway to your home via mail. You have to plug in the gateway to your mains, switch it on, download the T-Mobile 5G Home app and activate your home internet. You will not be charged any additional fee for the equipment or internet activation. All the charges and taxes are included in your $50 monthly bill. 

Compared to that, Xfinity by Comcast charges $14 each month for the equipment rental. So you will pay $14 extra on top of your monthly internet bills, making the service relatively more expensive than T-Mobile Home Internet.  

Final Verdict

The T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Comcast internet service results show that if you plan on being a cord cutter and want a basic broadband service for your home then T-Mobile 5G Home internet will be the best option for you. The download speed of 182 Mbps is good enough for multi-device streaming and you pay a flat rate of $50 per month without any additional charges. T-Mobile has the widest 5G coverage in the country and it is renowned for its customer service excellence. 

However, if your internet usage is high and you are looking for gigabit or multi-gigabit speeds for your professional gaming experience or running a tech startup from your garage then Xfinity is the one for you.