The fans of Game of Thrones have every reason to rejoice with the upcoming prequel after the uneasy conclusion of the series three years ago. Viewers from around the world are eagerly waiting for this series, and the good news is that they don’t have to wait long. This Game of Thrones prequel is days away from its release. But, what is the actual release date? Where to watch House of the Dragon? Which streaming platform will cover it? And how to watch House of the Dragon? This article will answer all these questions, but first, let’s explore the background of this show.

House of the Dragon: Background

House of the Dragon is a prequel to the globally famous fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Based on George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood, this series is set 200 years before the GOT. It explores the history of the Targaryen household and their war over the Westeros’ Iron Throne, also known as “The Dance of the Dragons.” The prequel has different players, but the power politics remain the same as in the predecessor series.

Unlike its predecessors, which explored various noble families, this series will focus on the Targaryen civil war, which includes their fire-breathing beasts. These dragons are very similar to the ones in GOT. The series shares various similarities like the King’s Landing setting, royal seat noble houses’ symbols, and costumes and hairstyles to its predecessor.

How to Watch House of the Dragon on Cable TV?

House of the Dragon revolves around the Targaryen dynasty at its peak. It gives a chance to the audience to witness Daenerys Targaryen’s ancestors during a chaotic time as they fight amongst themselves to conquer the Iron Throne. GOT fans are thrilled to catch up with the backstory of their favorite character’s family and don’t want to miss the rise and fall of the dragons.

So if you are also wondering where to watch House of the Dragon, you can catch up with this most awaited fantasy show on HBO and HBO Max. Since it is an original series by HBO, therefore it is also accessible on its On-Demand service. You can get this service as a standalone or bundle it with your cable TV package.

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Since cable TV is still a primary source of entertainment, many prominent internet providers offer HBO Max with their packages. This platform by Warner Bros bundles all HBO content with more movies and HBO Max originals. It is available throughout the US and select countries and requires you to create an account to access its content.

If you get HBO Max with your TV package, your Cable TV Provider provides its account to you at some cost, saving you from the hassle of personally dealing with the streaming platform.

How to Get HBO Max on Spectrum?

Spectrum is a popular cable TV provider in the US. Besides cable TV, it also offers home internet and mobile phone services. In fact, Charter Spectrum is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country.

If you are already a Spectrum customer and want to catch up with this Game of Thrones prequel, you can get HBO as an add-on with your Spectrum TV plan. The provider now offers a single cable TV plan, Spectrum TV Select, at a starting price of $49.99 a month.

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The plan includes only 125+ standard HD cable channels. It breaks the channels into different groups and allows you to customize your TV plan. And although it no longer offers premium channels in its plan, it lets you purchase them at some additional monthly price.

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So, how to watch House of the Dragon through Spectrum?

Spectrum offers HBO Max as an add-on for $15 a month. Then you can install its app on your devices and click on “Sign in through TV or Mobile provider.” HBO Max will give you a list of the top associated cable TV providers. Click on Spectrum, and the app will take you to its log-in page, where you can enter your credentials to access the content.

This is how you can watch House of The Dragon on HBO Max through your Spectrum account.

Premium Channels & Add-onPriceFeatureContact Provider
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House of the Dragon Release Date & Time

House of the Dragon has garnered substantial attention, with fans expressing excitement even before its release. The show has created immense hype on social media. While some viewers are excited to see the backstory of the Targaryen household, others are thrilled to watch the dragons in action. So, when does House of the Dragon premier?

The Game of Thrones sequel was originally set to premiere earlier this year. However, the date was pushed to later this year due to the pandemic. House of the Dragon’s first season will finally air in the US on August 21, on HBO and HBO Max. For the UK audience, the show will air a day later on NOW, Sky TV, and Sky Atlantic on August 22. The season will feature ten episodes, and each new episode will release every week.

House of the Dragon Trailer

HBO released the official trailer of the House of the Dragon on July 20th, a month before the premiere date. The trailer gives a glimpse of the political maneuvers of the Targaryen family while revealing the central conflict, who will succeed King Viserys Targaryen? Rhaenyra or Daemon?

The teaser hints at a patriarchal setting as many people rebel against the King’s decision to name Princess Rhaenyra as his potential successor. The trailer introduces many characters and glimpses of the dragon’s pit. We can sense a building tension as the struggle for the Iron Throne gets real.

The extended trailer has created more hype among the fans, and the series has already received many positive reviews.

House of the Dragon Cast

Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik are the co-creators of this series. And while the former is entirely new to the scene, the latter has directed several fan-favorite Game of Thrones episodes like “The Battle of the Bastards” and “Hardhome.”

House of the Dragon features many famous names. But unlike GOT, there aren’t going to be any fan favorites, according to the creators. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Martin hinted that the series is more like a Shakespearean tragedy, and every character has flaws. And although they have some good in them, they also do bad things, driven by negative emotions like jealousy, hunger for power, and more which makes them more humane. House of the Dragon features

Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen

He is a decent man who doesn’t want to choose between his daughter and his brother and only wants to continue the legacy of the throne.

Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen

As the King’s first-born child, she has every quality of an heir, except she is a woman. Princess Rhaenyra has pure Valyrian blood and is shown to be an incredibly talented dragon rider.

Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen

He is the King’s younger brother and the official heir to the throne. Prince Daemon possesses the Dragon’s true blood and is a talented warrior and a dragon rider. However, as King Jaehaerys said about gods tossing a coin in the air whenever a Targaryen is born, Daemon is dangerous, ambitious, and quick to anger.

Steve Toussaint plays Lord Corlys Velaryon

He is also known as “The Sea Snake” because of his aquatic adventures. He has built his house into an influential seat that is even wealthier than the Lannisters, claiming the largest navy in the world.

Olivia Cooke acts as Alicent Hightower

She is Otto Hightower’s daughter, who is the Hand of the King. Raised close to the King and his innermost circle, she has courtly grace and political awareness and is considered the most attractive woman in the Seven Kingdoms.

Eve Best acts as Princess Rhaenys Velaryon

She is the daughter of Prince Aemon Targaryen and later married Lord Corlys Velaryon. She is also a dragon rider and a capable woman. She got famous as “The Queen Who Never Was” after the Great Council preferred Viserys over her as an heir.

The other cast of the series includes Rhys Ifans as Otto HightowerSonoya Mizuno as Mysaria, and Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole.

Final Words

GOT fans to have an exciting time ahead of them as the premiere of House of the Dragon is just around the corner. The show has been creating a buzz since the release of its trailer. And even the original cast of Game of Thrones has expressed their excitement about the prequel. So, if you are still curious about where to watch House of the Dragon, we have created this article to help you. Read this article, install HBO Max, and set a reminder for this show’s premiere.