Choosing an internet service can be downright overwhelming and usually, a single stand-alone internet service cannot fit every individual’s needs. As every household and individual has different requirements, it is crucial to assess your needs before making your decision. Every ISP has its specialties, and you might also want to consider factors like availability, speeds, type of connection, reliability, and customer service reputation.

AT&T is the biggest internet service provider in the United States, providing a number of services across all states and territories. The ISP, with its growing fiber network and affordable broadband speeds, is an ideal choice for many internet users. Its fiber service delivers ultra-fast reliable speeds, and while it no longer offers DSL services, the ISP is working to improve its network by introducing a hybrid fiber and DSL connection.Let’s explore AT&T in detail to see why you should opt for this provider.

  • Affordable fiber plans
  • Remarkable bundles


  • Limited fiber availability
  • Data caps on fixed wireless plans

AT&T Plans & Pricing

SAT&T offers a combination of full fiber connection and hybrid fiber plus DSL plans and if it is available in your area, you can trust this reliable connection with its affordable prices. The plans are available according to your location, as you can find its fiber internet mainly in large cities, and you can find its fixed wireless and old DSL plans in rural and suburban areas. AT&T offers all of its plans for a promotional price of 12 months, after which the prices go up by $10 to $20 a month. Here is a look at their standard internet plans:

PlanDownload speedPriceContact Provider
INTERNET 100100Mbps$55/mo. plus taxesMore Information
INTERNET 5050Mbps$55/mo. plus taxesMore Information
INTERNET 2525Mbps$55/mo. plus taxesMore Information
INTERNET 1818Mbps$55/mo. plus taxesMore Information
INTERNET 1010Mbps$55/mo. plus taxesMore Information


AT&T’s Fiber Internet speeds come in three tiers depending on your plan; 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 940 Mbps. If fiber service is available in your area, then you can enjoy blazing fast speeds with unlimited data for your internet hobbies. Another notable thing about AT&T fiber internet is that it comes with matching upload and download speeds. The downside of fiber internet is its limited availability, so people have to rely on other alternatives. Although AT&T fiber internet delivers fast internet speeds, its DSL plans can be sluggish, and they also don’t have symmetrical upload speeds.

Data Caps

AT&T doesn’t enforce any data caps on its “Internet 100” and all of its fiber internet plans, so you don’t have to worry about data usage while enjoying your internet activities. But, if you are stuck with AT&T internet with less than 100 Mbps, or you have its fixed wireless internet, you’ll have to keep an eye on your data usage as it enforces 1 TB and 350 GB data caps on these plans, respectively. AT&T charges an extra $10 for every 50 GB of additional use of data after you exceed your data limit. If you want to enjoy unlimited data on AT&T 75 Mbps internet plan, you can pay an extra $30 for it.


AT&T is one of the No-Contract Internet Providers, so you can unsubscribe at any moment without having to worry about ETF (Early Termination Fee). However, some plans require you to sign a 1-year agreement for availing of promotional prices, but it comes with an ETF of $180.

Equipment Fee

AT&T internet comes with a WiFi gateway combo of modem/router. This equipment comes with a rental fee of $10 a month. As you cannot use your own equipment with AT&T, you can either continue to pay the rental fee or purchase the gateway for $100 if you plan to stay with this provider for a long time.

Installation Fee

AT&T’s installation fee is expensive. The company charges $99 for professional installation. You also have the option of self-installation but you have to pay a $35 activation fee.

Customer Service

AT&T is known for its good customer service ranking. It continues to rank well and outperform its competitors and scored 71 out of 100 on the ASCI’s latest report, which is way ahead of the average score of 65 and makes it one of the top-scoring internet service providers.


If you are a fan of entertainment and you also want to save some money, then AT&T also gives you the option to bundle its internet with either AT&T TV or DIRECTV, with the price initially starting from $125 a month. The availability of AT&T Bundle Deals depends on your location.


While AT&T provides a number of services across all states, AT&T Fiber is available in 21 states of America, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia Illinois, Indiana, Kansas , Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, SouthCarolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming . Its fiber internet services are limited to specific areas in these states, and its fixed wireless internet is available in some rural areas.

Comparison With Other ISPs

ProvidersAvailabilityStarting PriceSpeedConnection
AT&T50 states$55/month25-5000 MbpsFiber, Fixed Wireless, hybrid
Spectrum44 states$49.99/month200-940 MbpsCable, Fiber
Xfinity40 states$19.99/month50-3000 MbpsCable, Fiber
Kinetic by Windstream18 states$39.99/month50-1000 MbpsDSL, Fiber

Final Words

AT&T provides a wide variety of plans, and overall its prices justify its services, that are in line with other ISPs. You can use the BestCableTV Comparison Tool to compare AT&T plans available in your area. Whether it’s streaming, gaming, or browsing, you are bound to find a plan according to your needs with AT&T. Its 2nd rank in the customer satisfaction chart by ASCI further proves its reliability. The expansion of its fiber network and introduction of fixed wireless internet in rural areas has made it a crowd favorite name. We hope that this article helped clear why you should choose AT&T, but if you have further doubts and questions, you can always contact our customer service or read this discussion about AT&T vs Spectrum to compare the two leading internet service providers.