Choosing the right internet service provider is a crucial decision as it impacts everything you do online. From completing your assignments to maintaining your business website, everything is dependent on a reliable internet connection. As broadband availability is increasing, it can be overwhelming to choose a single internet service provider from numerous options.

If available in your area, Frontier internet can be an excellent choice for a reliable high-speed connection. Frontier is one of the largest internet providers in the U.S, providing its services in 25 states. It provides DSL and fiberOptic internet depending on your location. Comparatively, fiberOptic internet is a much better option, but it has limited availability, and most locations are only eligible for its DSL connection. Frontier’s DSL service isn’t a bad deal either, considering it offers up to 115 Mbps speed in some areas. So, should you choose Frontier as your preferred service provider? Let’s have an overview of its features to find out.

Affordable Plans

Frontier offers affordable internet plans across 25 states. Its fiberOptic internet services are available mostly in metro areas, while the rest have access to its DSL internet service. To check the availability of Frontier Fiber internet at your address, simply enter your zip code in our search tool

Although its fiberOptic plans are affordable, you can save more money with its DSL plans. But if its fiberOptic service is available in your area, you should get it considering its high speed and reliability. You can avail the fastest fiber internet plan for only $75 a month, which is a pretty affordable price compared to other providers. It offers DSL and fiberOptic plans with prices ranging from $38 to $75 a month.

PlanPriceSpeedData Caps
Frontier Basic Internet$37.99/month6 MbpsUnlimited
Frontier Internet$44.99/month25 MbpsUnlimited
Frontier Premium Internet$54.99/month115 MbpsUnlimited
FiberOptic 500/500$49.99/month500 MbpsUnlimited
FiberOptic Gig$74.99/month940 MbpsUnlimited

Fast Fiber Internet Speeds

Frontier is known for its fast fiber internet speeds. Depending on the availability, its fiberOptic plans come in two-speed tiers; 500 Mbps and 940 Mbps. Its 500 Mbps plan is ideal for large families, whereas its 940 Mbps plan is suitable for business owners. These speeds are sufficient for your preferred daily activities, allowing multiple people to stream, game, and work simultaneously.

When it comes to uploading speeds, Frontier also offers plans with symmetrical upload and download speeds. With 500 Mbps and 880 Mbps upload speeds, you can seamlessly upload large files to the internet.

Extensive Availability

Frontier offers its services in 25 states of the U.S., mainly focusing on southeast, southwest, and northeast regions of the states. It has also expanded its fiberOptic services to 19 out of its 25 states and is looking to expand them further. It aims to provide gigabit connection to more homes within the 25 states.

No Data Caps

One of the biggest plus points of Frontier is that it doesn’t enforce data caps in any of its plans. Compared to other providers who claim unlimited data in their plans while enforcing soft data limits, Frontier is very transparent with its claim. You don’t have to pay any overage fee or worry about reduced internet speeds.

Unlimited data is beneficial in today’s fast-paced world, where our daily operation heavily relies on the internet.

No Contracts

Unlike many ISPs that bind you in long-term contracts, Frontier is one of the no-contract internet service providers, therefore it does not enforce any contract in any of its internet plans. Although some of its internet plans come with rewards that require an agreement with ETF, you have the freedom to choose them without that incentive at the standard monthly price. Frontier’s plans vary with location, but you can choose any plan without fearing a contract.

No Hidden Fee

Frontier is known for its transparent internet plans and doesn’t associate any hidden fee with its packages. It is very upfront with its prices, and you get exactly what you are offered. You can enjoy your internet activities without worrying about any hidden fee on its router or modem.


Frontier offers you more ways to connect with your loved ones. You can opt for Frontier Bundles for internet and Home Phone at an affordable price ranging from $49.99 to $59.99 a month. You can enjoy clear call quality nationwide with additional features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, and more. Some of the best features that enhance your phone experience are listed below:

  • Flexible call management that manages your voicemails and calls from web, TV, and mobile device.
  • A simultaneous ring that allows multiple callers to contact you simultaneously.

Security Software

With the advancement in technology and the increasing influence of the internet, cyber-attacks have also become very common. Frontier also offers free security software with its internet plans to its new subscribers. With this software, you can simultaneously secure up to 10 devices from malware, viruses, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Lower Service Fee

Service fees are very common with ISPs, and just like any other provider, Frontier plans also come with a few fees. Although, one plus point is that it has trimmed down these fees. Excluding the taxes depending on your location, you have to pay a one-time $85 activation fee and a one-time $10 disconnect fee if you want to unsubscribe. There is no installation fee with Frontier internet plans, and equipment is included with your fiber internet plan.

Compared To Other ISPs

Frontier offers fast DSL speeds up to 115 Mbps at lower prices compared to most DSL internet providers. Compared to CenturyLink, which offers similar DSL speeds, Frontier offers its plans with a starting price of $40 compared to its $49. It is important to note that Frontier internet plans vary with location, and while it does offer speed up to 115 Mbps, it is not available everywhere. To compare Frontier with other providers available in your area, you can head over to our Internet Providers Comparison Tool. To compare Frontier with other providers use the available filters, to select your budget, preferred providers, required services to view & compare all plans available at your address.

Final Words

Frontier offers greater value with unlimited data, free security software, affordable plans, and monthly Autopay savings. While you get a high-speed connection with its fiberOptic internet plans, its DSL plans are also an excellent choice if they are your only option.

Currently, its DSL plans are widely available in 25 states, but it’s looking to expand its fiber services across these states. You can get affordable internet and home phone plans with Frontier. If you want to subscribe to Frontier, you can check its availability and plans by entering your zip code below, or you can contact Frontier customer service if you have further queries.