Everything in the Universe is in motion. Growing, evolving, and procreating for survival. Complete rest means eventual death. That is why in order to live, survive and thrive, you must keep moving. 

Kinetic Internet by Windstream is the culmination of this idea. It allows its customers to experience life in motion by harnessing the potential of ultrafast internet speeds at the most affordable rates. 

If you are thinking about exploring the capabilities of multigigabit internet and moving ahead in life then continue reading as we break down Windstream’s availability throughout its 19-state footprint. 

You can use our advanced guided tools, like the Windstream coverage map and zip code locator, to confirm Windstream’s coverage at your address. 

Windstream Availability

Windstream Holdings is a private telecommunications company that is offering its high-speed DSL and fiber-optic broadband services in 19 states and 3,814 cities in the USA. In 2019, Windstream formed a separate entity, Kinetic, to differentiate its broadband, phone, and digital TV services from advanced network communications solutions, like cloud computing and web hosting. Under the brand name Kinetic, subscribers can now access DSL and fiber broadband, VoIP phone service, smart home and cybersecurity features, TV streaming services, and whole-home WiFi connectivity. 

At the moment, Windstream’s gigabit internet service is available in nearly 1,092,000 customer locations across its 19-state coverage area. 

Fiber Internet Availability

Windstream’s fiber availability stands at 32.57 percent of its total coverage area. The Kinetic Fiber Internet plans are offered in more than 150 residential communities. Currently, Windstream is in the midst of expanding its 125,000-mile fiber-optic cable network in the eastern peninsula. The average internet speed that you can get on Kinetic Fiber Internet network is 992 Mbps (on both; upstream and downstream channels). 

Windstream fiber internet is mostly accessible in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Windstream offers the following monthly plans for Kinetic Fiber Internet service. 

Windstream Fiber Internet Plans
Plan  Price  Speed  Data Cap 
Kinetic Fiber 500  $39.99/mo.  500 Mbps  Unlimited data 
Kinetic Fiber Gig  $69.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  Unlimited data 
Kinetic Fiber 2 Gig  $169.99/mo  2,000 Mbps  Unlimited data 
**All the prices quoted above are with AutoPay and for the first 12 months of service.

DSL Internet Availability

Windstream’s DSL availability stands at 85.44 percent of its total footprint. Kinetic’s DSL internet service is the best solution for internet connectivity in rural areas of America. Approximately 18 million people within Windstream’s national footprint can access the comparatively slow-speed DSL internet service that is distributed via telephone copper cables. Subscribers of Kinetic DSL Internet can get an average download speed of 117 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 111 Mbps. 

There is only one standard monthly plan for Kinetic DSL Internet service. You can get up to 100 Mbps download speed, unlimited data, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and no-contract service on your Kinetic 100 Internet plan. The plan costs $39.99 per month for 12 months with AutoPay. 

Windstream Coverage Map 

You can explore the Windstream availability map below to check the coverage of Windstream DSL and fiber internet throughout the country. Zoom in to locate the areas with the highest Windstream fiber availability to get blistering-fast, symmetrical, and multigigabit internet speeds up to 2 Gigs. 

Windstream Availability

Is Windstream Available in My Area?

Are you thinking about switching to Windstream’s ultrafast, unlimited, and affordable internet plans? Not sure about Windstream’s availability in your area? Then enter your zip code in the search box below to check if Windstream’s high-speed and reliable internet service is available in your area. 

States with the Best Windstream Coverage

Windstream offers its DSL and fiber-optic internet services in 19 states across the country. Windstream Internet coverage is concentrated in the regions of the Mid-Atlantic, midwest, southeast, and south-central USA. 

The table below lists the 19 states where Windstream Internet service is available. 

Windstream Availability Across the USA 
Alabama  Kansas Nebraska  Oklahoma 
Arkansas Kentucky  New Mexico Pennsylvania 
Florida  Minnesota  New York  South Carolina 
Georgia  Mississippi  North Carolina Texas 
Iowa  Missouri  Ohio

With more than 50 percent internet coverage, the following 5 states have the best Windstream internet availability.

5 Best States for Windstream Coverage 
State Windstream Availability  Average Internet Speed 
Georgia  73.2% 409.11 Mbps
Iowa  86.5% 298.58 Mbps
Kentucky 78% 344.12 Mbps
Pennsylvania  56% 548.35 Mbps
Texas  53% 340.60 Mbps

Cities with the Best Windstream Coverage

The following 5 cities are best for Windstream coverage. So if you happen to live within these 5 cities, you can rest assured that Windstream Internet service will be accessible in more than 95 percent of the total land area. 

5 Cities with More than 95% Windstream Coverage 
City  State  Windstream Availability  Population Served 
Broken Arrow Oklahoma  98.0% 134,285
Canton  Georgia  97.8% 106,500
Lincoln  Nebraska  97.0% 290,233
Lexington  Kentucky  96.6% 312,268
Concord  North Carolina  95.6% 128,799

Zip Codes with Best Windstream Coverage 

Below, we have listed the 10 best zip codes for Windstream Internet coverage. With Windstream availability reaching up to 97 percent and average internet speed up to 770 Mbps, these 10 zip codes are ideal access locations for Windstream customers. 

10 Best Zip Codes for Windstream Coverage 
Zip Code  State  Windstream Availability  Average Internet Speed 
28027 North Carolina  92.01% 663.11 Mbps
77479 Texas  70.49% 379.91 Mbps
29072 South Carolina  96.10% 494.15 Mbps
44035 Ohio  96.43% 776.29 Mbps
43055 Ohio 93.89% 744.32 Mbps
74012 Oklahoma  91.80% 304.91 Mbps
30114 Georgia  94.76% 560.44 Mbps
28173 North Carolina  87.35% 434.33 Mbps
28025 North Carolina  97.12% 578.47 Mbps
42701 Kentucky 95.59% 428.12 Mbps

Cities and Towns with Windstream Availability 

Windstream Internet is available in more than 3,814 cities and towns across the USA. It must be noted that in most cities and towns only Windstream DSL internet plans are available. However, some cities within Windstream’s 19-state footprint may have both, DSL and fiber-optic internet coverage. 

In the table below we have stated the total number of cities/ towns with Windstream coverage in each state. Based on the percentage of Windstream availability in your state, you can call to check which Windstream Internet plans are available in your area. 

Windstream State No. of Cities/ Towns with Windstream Coverage Windstream Availability in the State 
Alabama 32 6.94%
Arkansas 12324.55%
Florida 8120.25%
Georgia 37870.65%
Iowa 58862.35%
Kentucky 40798.07%
Minnesota 333.86%
Mississippi 165.34%
Missouri 20218.97%
Nebraska 20234.95%
New Mexico 8216.37%
New York 808.05%
North Carolina 10914.10%
Ohio 19420.68%
Oklahoma 18622.28%
Pennsylvania 40742.57%
South Carolina 248.86%
Texas 66655.50%


Forbes Home magazine and CNET list Windstream as one of the top 10 internet service providers in the USA in 2023. Windstream offers DSL and fiber-optic internet services in 19 states, mostly in the Southeast, midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. For a starting price of $39.99 per month, you can get up to 2,000 Mbps of symmetrical upload and download speeds with unlimited data. Windstream’s fiber availability is limited to 32.57 percent of its national footprint. However, Windstream’s availability of DSL internet extends to 85.44 percent of its total coverage area. Windstream Internet is most widely available in the states of Georgia, Iowa, and Kentucky. You can use the interactive Windstream coverage map to confirm Windstream availability t in your area.