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Welcome to a fiber future where ultrafast 10 Gig upload and download speeds will make streaming, gaming, and sharing a frac-sec (fraction of a second) reality. Ziply Fiber is a relatively new broadband service that is promising up to 10,000 Mbps of equal upload and download speeds on the horizon. The internet company has invested nearly $500 million to upgrade and expand its fiber-optic cable network throughout its regional coverage area. For a starting price of $20 per month (for 12 months), you can get up to 10 Gbps of internet speeds with unlimited data and no-contract service. 

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So, continue reading to explore Ziply Fiber’s availability in the northwest and find out if it is worth the switch. 

Ziply Fiber Availability

Ziply Fiber is a regional internet service provider that offers fiber and DSL internet services in the Northwest region. In 2020, Ziply Fiber took over Frontier Communications’ fiber-optic and DSL cable network in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. It added a new speed tier to the existing Frontier Fiber internet plans, after which, a selected few areas are able to enjoy blistering fast, equal upload and download speeds up to 10 Gbps. Ziply Fiber’s residential broadband service is available in 112 cities and towns across 4 states of the USA.

Fiber Internet Availability

Ziply Fiber is expanding its fiber-optic cable network coverage throughout its 4-state footprint. Almost 80 percent of the neighborhoods in Washington and Idaho are fiber ready. In contrast, less than 50 percent of Oregon and Montana exhibit fiber readiness. Ziply Fiber has raised $450 million to expedite its fiber network expansion work in the four states under the Ziply Fiber coverage map. 

Ziply Fiber’s ultrafast fiber internet plans are available in 61.96 percent of its coverage area. Subscribers can expect an average internet speed of 1,420 Mbps on Ziply’s fiber-rich network. All Ziply Fiber plans include unlimited data and contract-free service. New subscribers can avail of Ziply Fiber’s limited-time offer and get one month of free service, a free internet modem, free expert installation (worth $90.00), and free WiFi router. You can save up to $240 in the first 12 months of service thanks to Ziply Fiber’s first-year promotional pricing offer.  

PlanPromo Price Standard Price Speed
Fiber 50 $20/mo. $40/mo. 50 Mbps 
Fiber 200 $40/mo. $60/mo. 200 Mbps 
Fiber Gig $60/mo. $80/mo. 1000 Mbps 
Fiber 2 Gig $80/mo. $90/mo. 2000 Mbps 
Fiber 5 Gig $120/mo. $120/mo. 5000 Mbps 
Fiber 10 Gig $300/mo. $300/mo. 10,000 Mbps 

DSL Internet Availability

Ziply Fiber’s moderately fast DSL internet service is available in fiber-deprived areas within its footprint. Just Like Ziply’s fiber internet service, Ziply DSL internet connections are available in more than 80 percent of Washington and Idaho. In Oregon, Portland and surrounding cities and towns have the best Ziply Fiber DSL internet coverage. In the state of Montana, DSL internet service is limited to cities and towns alongside the Kootenay River, such as Yakt, Troy, Libby, Ripley, and Jennings. 

Overall, Ziply Fiber’s DSL broadband network is accessible in 81.83 percent of the areas within the four states it offers coverage. The average download speed that customers of Ziply DSL internet plan can experience is 23 Mbps. At the moment, Ziply offers only one DSL internet plan to residential customers for $50 per month. Perks include no-contract service, zero price hikes, and unlimited data throughout the month. You will be required to pay an additional, one-time charge of $20 for expert installation and a monthly equipment fee of $10 for leasing a compatible whole-home WiFi router from Ziply.

Ziply Fiber DSL Internet Plan At a Glance 
Price  $50.00 per month (with AutoPay and paperless billing)
Equipment Fee  Whole Home WiFi router: $10.00 per month 
Installation Fee  $20.00 (one-time charge)
Download Speed  Up to 115 Mbps 
Upload Speed  Up to 7 Mbps 
Contract  Not Required 
Data Cap  Unlimited Data 
Best For  File sharing, web browsing, SD/ HD streaming, remote learning/ work

You can bundle your Ziply Fiber and DSL internet service with home phone and TV streaming services to get the best telecommunications solutions under one cost-effective plan. 

Ziply Fiber Coverage Map

Ziply Fiber’s availability is limited to the northwest region of the country. Its service area includes the states of Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Idaho. Click on the interactive map below to zoom in and check if Ziply Fiber offers its fiber-optic and DSL internet services at your residential address. 

Please take note that some major cities like Seattle, Spokane, Albany, Boise, and Helena are yet to be connected to the Ziply Fiber network.

Is Ziply Fiber Available in My Area?

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Ziply Fiber Availability by State

Ziply Fiber is a top-rated internet service provider. It has an overall 4.06-star rating out of 5 stars and customers have lauded the service for its affordable pricing, ultra-high upload and download speeds, and professional customer service. 

Formed in May 2020, Ziply Fiber is a relatively new contender in the broadband market and is currently in the midst of expanding its coverage area. 

You can refer to the table below to check Ziply Fiber’s availability by state and the best average internet speeds. 

Ziply Fiber Coverage (By States)
States Statewide Coverage  Best Speed Received 
Idaho  14.82% 424.48 Mbps
Montana  1.09% 638.25 Mbps
Oregon 25.63% 1085.46 Mbps
Washington  24.19% 847.85 Mbps

Cities with the Best Ziply Fiber Coverage

Ranging from small tucked-away towns, like Troy in Idaho to megacities, like Portland in Oregon, Ziply Fiber’s lightning-fast fiber internet service is available in more than 400 residential communities across four states. Its 250,000-square-mile fiber footprint covers 112 cities and towns. And in March 2022, Ziply Fiber announced that the supersonic 2-gig and 5-gig fiber internet plans are available at over 2,100 residences just within Brookings, Oregon. 

The table below lists the cities with the best Ziply Fiber coverage in Washington state. 

Cities in Washington State with Best Ziply Fiber Coverage 
Anacortes  Garfield  Marysville  Sammamish 
Arlington  Gold Bar  Monroe  Sedro-Woolley
Birch Bay  Granite Falls  Mount Vernon Skykomish 
Blaine  Hamilton Mukilteo  Snohomish 
Bothell  Kennewick  Naches  Stanwood 
Brewster  Kirkland  Oak Harbor  Sultan 
Burlington Lake Stevens  Oakesdale  Sumas 
Concrete  Lyman  Palouse  Tekoa
Darrington  Lynden  Pullman  Tonasket 
Edmonds  Lynnwood  Redmond  Westport 
Everson  Malden  Republic  Woodland 
Everett  Maple Falls  Richland  Yakima 
Ferndale  Marblemount  Rosalia 

Refer to the list of cities in Oregon to check Ziply Fiber coverage in your neighborhood. 

Cities in Oregon State with Best Ziply Fiber Coverage
Amity  Cove  Imbler  Portland 
Brandon  Dayton  Joseph Powers 
Banks  Detroit La Grande  Reedsport 
Beaverton  Elgin  Lafayette  Riddle 
Brookings  Enterprise  Lakeside  Silverton 
Canyonville  Gaston Mill City  Summerville 
Cave Junction  Glendale  Myrtle Creek  Turner 
Clatskanie  Gold Beach  Myrtle Point  Union 
Coos Bay  Gresham  North Bend  Vernonia 
Coquille  Hillsboro Port Orford  Wallowa 

In the table below, we have listed the cities with the best Ziply Fiber coverage in the state of Idaho. 

Cities in Idaho State with Best Ziply Fiber Coverage
Blanchard  Kellogg  Orofino  Potlatch 
Bonners Ferry  McCall  Osburn  Rathdrum 
Coeur d’Alene Moscow  Pinehurst  Sandpoint 
Hayden  Mullan  Post Falls  St. Maries 
Wallace  Weippe 

Below are the two cities in Montana that offer the best Ziply Fiber coverage

Cities in Montana State with Best Ziply Fiber Coverage
Libby Troy 

Cities with More than 90% Ziply Fiber Availability

If you are a Ziply Fiber fan, then the following cities are best for Ziply Fiber coverage. All the cities stated below have more than 90% coverage of Ziply Fiber internet service.

Citywide Ziply Fiber Availability
City/ Town  State  Citywide Availability Average Internet Speed 
Beaverton  Oregon 94.94% 1218.24 Mbps
Everett Washington  98.46% 954.65 Mbps
Hillsboro Oregon  95.93% 3152.73 Mbps
Kennewick Washington  96.40% 546.74 Mbps
Marysville Washington  97.96% 780.34 Mbps
Lynnwood  Washington  99.86% 979.45 Mbps
Redmond Washington  94.67% 3677.87 Mbps
Bothell  Washington  99.51% 1124.15 Mbps
Kirkland  Washington  99.14% 3490.28 Mbps


Ziply Fiber is the latest addition to the list of top-rated internet service providers in the northwest region of the country. Using Frontier Communications’ existing fiber-optic and DSL cable networks, Ziply Fiber is promising supremely-fast, symmetrical internet speeds of up to 10 Gigs in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Ziply Fiber’s fiber-rich broadband service is available in 61.96 percent of its 4-state coverage area. Its DSL internet service can be accessed in 81.63 percent of its total footprint. 

At present, Ziply Fiber’s coverage area includes 112 cities and more than 400 residential communities where customers are regularly enjoying blazing-fast internet speeds of up to 2 gigs.We hope that our interactive map and zip code search box will help you confirm Ziply Fiber’s availability in your area.