Ziply Fiber Internet has established a reputation in the broadband industry for offering the fastest home internet service with speeds up to 50 Gigs. It also provides affordable month-to-month plans, extensive fiber internet coverage, and cost-saving limited-time offers.

Ziply Fiber delivers two types of internet services – DSL and fiber. Fiber internet is distributed over a vast 100% fiber-rich network, while the DSL service is delivered over the company’s current phone lines. You can expect ultra-low latency or ping times with symmetrical upload and download speeds on Ziply fiber internet plans.


  • Fiber plans start with low prices.
  • Fiber internet offers symmetrical and fast speeds.
  • No data caps and free installation.
  • Dedication to fiber expansion, even in rural areas.


  • Fiber internet coverage is limited to metro areas.
  • Equipment rental fee.  
  • DSL is much slower than fiber.
  • Second-year price hikes on some fiber plans.

Review of Ziply Fiber Internet Plans   

PlansDownload SpeedTypePrice
Fiber 100  100 MbpsFiber$20.00/mo.
Fiber 300  300 MbpsFiber$40.00/mo.
Fiber Gig  1,000 MbpsFiber$60.00/mo.
Fiber 2 Gig  2,000 MbpsFiber$70.00/mo.
Fiber 5 Gig  5,000 MbpsFiber$120.00/mo.
Fiber 10 Gig      10,000 MbpsFiber$300.00/mo.
Fiber 50 Gig      50,000 MbpsFiber$900.00/mo.
DSL Internet0.5 Mbps – 115 MbpsCable$50.00/mo.
Pricing is before taxes and fees. 
Pricing is also based on paperless billing and autopay setup.
Some prices are promotional and subject to change after 12 months of service. 

Ziply Fiber Internet plans provide fast fiber internet at affordable prices with some of the customers’ favorite features like symmetrical speeds, unlimited data, no yearly contracts, free installation, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Starting at 100 Mbps, their package can deliver up to 50 Gbps for prices as low as $20 per month. However, multigigabit plans are relatively more expensive than other offerings in the market.

On lower-tier plans, the pricing is for the first 12 months and before taxes and fees. Standard pricing applies after the first 12 months. After introductory pricing ends, the monthly price of 100 Mbps plans till Fiber 1 Gig will increase by $25 per month, Fiber 2 Gig will increase by $20, and the prices of premium speed plans (5, 10, and 50 Gigs) will remain the same. 

On the other side, DSL Internet is available at a starting price of $50 per month for new customers, with download speed reaching up to 115 Mbps. However, the speeds are asymmetric and might vary depending on your location.

Thus, we advise Northwesterners to choose Ziply Fiber Internet over the competition. 

Additional Costs

The rates for Ziply Fiber Internet include paperless billing and autopay. If you select a different payment option, it will cost you an additional $10 each month. 

In addition, Ziply Fiber plans offer a complimentary one-month equipment rental on its most popular 1 Gig package. In every other case, the equipment rental (up to $12 per month) includes three complimentary Wi-Fi extenders. 

Other additional costs that may affect your bill are listed below.

Professional Installation fee$90.00 – $600.00
Equipment Fee$12.00/mo.
Late Payment Fee$8.92/mo.
Broadband Internet Disconnect/Processing Fee $9.99/mo.
One-off Payment Fee$5.00/mo.
Bill Printing$5.00/mo.

Best Wi-Fi Router for Ziply Fiber 

You can use your router if you want with Ziply Fiber Internet. However, you must connect your ONT to a fiber internet router to enjoy the full benefits. The router allows you to wirelessly connect any device (within the range) to the Ziply Fiber network.

Ziply Fiber Internet also provides an advanced router (Wi-Fi 6) optimized for their network, and they do recommend it for the best fiber internet experience. 

The Wi-Fi 6 router from Ziply Fiber is purpose-built to handle hyperfast speeds. When new Ziply Fiber customers sign up for gig-speed fiber internet service, they immediately receive this router for free for the first month.

The best thing about Ziply Fiber routers is that they include an integrated modem. It means you do not need a separate modem device for connectivity. 

Is Ziply Fiber Good for Gaming?

Gamers need a fast and dependable network connection. They don’t want their performance to be affected by latency, network congestion, or bugs. Ping (or latency) and jitter also significantly influence the gameplay. 

Ping rates should be as low as feasible when playing online games. A smaller millisecond count indicates low ping. The lowest value will eliminate lag, increase responsiveness, and make the overall experience more enjoyable. 

Ziply Fiber Internet is a good option for online gaming because of its symmetrical speeds, low latency, and reduced network congestion.

Ziply Fiber Availability Review

Ziply Fiber is a regional internet service provider that offers fiber and DSL internet services in 4 states of the Northwest. Ziply Fiber Internet’s coverage areas include 154 cities in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. 

Ziply claims to be adding new cities to its regional footprint. The ISP is constantly trying to expand its service locations within its 4-sate coverage area, and in many zip codes customers can read the notice “under construction” while checking for service availability. 

To check for Ziply Availability in your area, use the zip code search tool on the page. 

Ziply Fiber Customer Service Review

American Customer Service Index (ACSI) is the most trustworthy source to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the quality of customer service provided by an ISP. However, since it is a regional supplier, ASCI has not assessed them.

In this case, taking into account the Better Business Bureau customer ratings of 3.99/5 would be the best course of action. 

We are unable to comment on the quality of Ziply Fiber’s internet service based on a few evaluations because the provider is relatively new. However, users have praised its competent customer support staff, fast upload and download speeds, and reasonable prices. 

Ziply Fiber Internet vs Competitors 

There are over a thousand fiber internet providers in the USA, each offering up to multigigabit speeds at market-competitive rates. The best among them are also lauded as the nation’s best internet carriers, promising value-added fiber internet service to their customers. 

While some, like Optimum, are still in an expansion phase, others (such as Kinetic by Windstream) have already rolled out their 8-Gig speeds across the national footprint. A detailed review of cost per MB suggests that Ziply is slightly pricier than its competitors when the regular rates kick in. Overall, it offers the best value for the money with its installation fee waivers and free Wi-Fi extenders. 

It is also the only fiber internet provider in the country to offer 50 Gig upload and download speeds to residential users, and up till now, its customers have expressed optimal satisfaction with the service.  

Provider    Starting price    Max. Speed       Coverage Area 
      AT&T Fiber       $55.00/mo.       5,000 Mbps   22 states 
  Kinetic Fiber       $39.99/mo.       8,000 Mbps   18 states 
    Frontier Fiber       $44.99/mo.      5,000 Mbps   29 states
   Optimum Fiber       $40.00/mo.       8,000 Mbps   21 states 
    Verizon Fios      $49.99/mo.       2,000 Mbps    8 states 

Final Word – Is Ziply Fiber Good?

Ziply Fiber’s incredibly affordable fiber internet packages make it a viable provider in the Northeast region. Despite being a new ISP, Ziply Fiber Internet is the only provider to offer 50 Gbps of upload and download speeds. All of their plans include unlimited data and are free of annual contracts, with nominal add-on costs.

Some Ziply Fiber plans are offered at promotional rates for the first 12 months and its 1 Gig plan is disrupting the industry with free equipment for a month. 

The ISP is still striving to make its mark on the national broadband map. However, its limited availability, restricted to 4 states, is a pressing issue. If you reside within Ziply Fiber’s coverage area, you should definitely opt for the service and subscribe to one of their reasonably-priced packages.