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Top 10 San Diego Internet Providers

The stunning city of San Diego is located on the southern coast of California, close to the Pacific Ocean. Often known as “America’s finest city,” San Diego is a business-friendly city with plenty of job opportunities. It is also among the fastest-growing cities in the country because of its consistent mild weather, friendly environment, thriving economy, and plenty of outdoor activities.

Hence, there are approximately 24 trustworthy internet providers in San Diego, offering the necessary connectivity to boost productivity and growth. Each provider presents a wide array of unique features and high-speed internet to 1.4 million citizens. Together, they ensure the entire city has decent coverage, but only a select few providers stand out due to their performance. Let’s review the top 10 internet providers in San Diego.

Providers Starting Price Download Speed Internet Type Contact Provider
AT&T $55.00/month Up to 100 Mbps IPBB Call Now
AT&T Fiber $55.00/month Up to 5000 Mbps Fiber Call Now
Spectrum $49.99/month Up to 1000 Mbps Hybrid fiber-coaxial cable Call Now
Cox $49.99/mo Up to 1000 Mbps Cable Call Now
EarthLink $54.95/month Up to 5000 Mbps DSL, Fiber, Wireless Call Now
HughesNet $64.99/month Up to 25 Mbps Satellite Call Now
Viasat $49.99/month Up to 150 Mbps Satellite Call Now
Google Fiber Webpass $63.00/mo. Up to 1000 Mbps Fixed Wireless Call Now
T-Mobile Home Internet $50.00/mo. Up to 182 Mbps 5G/LTE Call Now
Verizon $50.00/month Up to 300 Mbps 5G/LTE Call Now

Internet in San Diego - Quick Facts

San Diego, with 1.4 million people, is a city on a continuous path of growth. The city citizens require a dependable internet connection at home for their daily tasks, including school assignments, important meetings, or even mundane activities. Fortunately, a good variety of internet providers in San Diego provide decent fiber options, affordable cable internet, and cutting-edge possibilities like 5G internet.

Some quick facts about the internet in San Diego can help you comprehend the basic information about the city’s top internet providers. From the average internet speed to who is the fastest, cheapest, and overall best internet provider in San Diego, here are the basic internet stats.

Quick Facts - San Diego Internet Providers
Average Internet Speed in San Diego 283 Mbps
Cheapest Internet Provider Spectrum
Best Internet Provider AT&T
Fastest Internet Provider AT&T Fiber
Most Widely Available Verizon
Internet Providers offering Bundle Deals Spectrum, AT&T, Cox

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Cheapest Internet in San Diego

Many internet providers in San Diego offers inexpensive services within the $50 range. But who is the most affordable internet provider in San Diego? Spectrum delivers the cheapest internet in San Diego. Let's go through this in more depth.

Spectrum is the best cable broadband in San Diego. The provider is known for its affordable yet high-quality and reliable services. Although it is not as widely available as the other cable internet provider in San Diego, it is far superior. You won’t find Spectrum in downtown San Diego, but if you reside north of the Mission Valley Freeway, you can access its services. Spectrum’s cable internet coverage in San Diego extends northwards into Encinitas, Escondido, and westward near El Cajon.

The details of the Spectrum internet plans are shown below:


$49.99/mo.* For 12 months*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • NO Data Caps
  • FREE Advanced WiFi
  • Speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Unlimited Mobile Line

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$69.99/mo* For 12 months*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • NO Data Caps
  • FREE Advanced WiFi
  • Speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Unlimited Mobile Line

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$139.98/mo.* For 12 months*
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • NO Data Caps
  • FREE Advanced WiFi
  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited Mobile Line

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Spectrum offers the cheapest internet in San Diego for the following reasons:

No Overage Fee

Spectrum is an excellent pick for home internet in San Diego since it does not force data caps on any of its plans. Hence, you don’t have to worry about throttled speeds and additional penalty charges like overage fees. You can use all the internet you want without keeping an eye on your data consumption.

No Early Termination Fee

Spectrum is an affordable internet provider in San Diego due to many reasons. One of them is that it does not force you into any contracts. The contract-free plans guarantee the reliability of this company and free you from the fear of heft early termination costs if you decide to switch providers during your first year.

Low Monthly Equipment Rental Fee

Spectrum is also very clear about the extra costs and is known for providing customer-friendly policies. Unlike other providers, Spectrum charges a minimal monthly equipment rental fee of $5 for its Wi-Fi. You can even avoid this extra fee by purchasing your own router or switching to Spectrum Internet Gig.

Self-Installation Option

Besides professional installation, you can also avail of the Spectrum self-installation option to save approximately $30. This option comes with a free self-install kit with easy-to-follow instructions. You just have to pay $19.99 for service activation. It is a much more inexpensive alternative to professional installation and comes in handy if you want to save some dollars.

Spectrum Promotional Deals

Although Spectrum offers outstanding internet packages in San Diego, its current Spectrum One offer is an excellent choice for people looking to reduce their monthly costs. This deal allows you to enjoy a high-speed Spectrum internet plan with Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line for one incredible price of $49.99 a month for the first 12 months. Spectrum only offers this deal to new customers, so if you are looking for the cheapest internet provider in San Diego, Spectrum might be your best choice.

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Best Internet Provider in San Diego

Internet access is equally meaningful for our households as businesses and organizations to ensure unhindered productivity. It is no longer a luxury but a tool to avail endless possibilities from the comfort of your home. Therefore, finding one of the best internet providers who can deliver a quality internet connection is crucial.

So what are the parameters of the best internet provider? You may assess an ISP using several important factors, including speed, price, availability, the type of internet connection, and customer service. Therefore, even though there are 24 internet providers in San Diego, only a small number of these providers are well-known to the general public. AT&T is the best internet provider in San Diego. Let’s find out why.

AT&T: The Best Internet Provider

AT&T is one of the leading internet providers in San Diego, and its fiber internet service is a top choice for the residents of this city. It offers internet plans with fast speeds, appealing terms, and affordable rates that don’t automatically go up after a year. Its ultra-fast multi-gig plans are available to a few addresses, including San Diego. But if they are unavailable at your address, its base plan alone is a fantastic offer with 300 Mbps speed at the starting price of $55 a month. Here is a breakdown of all AT&T Fiber internet plans.

AT&T Fiber Plans Price Download Speed / Upload Speed Contact AT&T
AT&T Fiber Internet 300 $55.00/mo 300 Mbps / 300 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 500 $65.00/mo 500 Mbps / 500 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 $80.00/mo 1000Mbps / 1000Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 2000 $110.00/month 2000 Mbps / 2000 Mbps Call Now
AT&T Fiber Internet 5000 $180.00/month 5000 Mbps / 5000 Mbps Call Now

The problem? AT&T Fiber is not available at most addresses of AT&T’s footprint in San Diego. With 15% coverage, this service is limited to some specific neighborhoods. AT&T uses its IPBB service, a type of DSL internet, to deliver internet access to most San Diegans. Nevertheless, there are many reasons to choose AT&T as your internet provider in San Diego.

Wide availability

One key parameter that separates AT&T from the rest is its broad coverage. Besides internet speed, availability always remains a concern for many providers. Fortunately, AT&T is one of the most widely available internet providers in San Diego, providing consistent service with unchangeable rates.

Ultra-fast and Symmetrical Internet Speeds

Fiber internet is unrivaled in terms of internet speeds. If your house in San Diego is under AT&T’s service area, you can access speed up to 5000 Mbps. AT&T Fiber offers five flavors of internet speeds, each tailored to a specific family's needs. While medium homes with ten devices may get by 300 Mbps, large families and businesses benefit from higher-tiered internet plans.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is a painful area for many internet providers in San Diego, but AT&T firmly believes in delivering the best to customers. It also translates into the company’s ranking on reports from prominent reviewers like the American Customer Satisfaction Index and J.D. Power’s Study.

AT&T’s score of 69 in ACSI’s 2022 report not only puts it way ahead of the industry average but also shows that the provider is constantly delivering. Its score in J.D. Power’s Study also reflects the remarkable service. With positive reviews and a solid score, AT&T is among the top three internet providers in the U.S.

Perks & Promotions

Besides quality service, AT&T also offers short-term promotions and perks throughout the year. These perks can be anything from a $200 Visa Reward Card to access to thousands of free hotspots nationwide. In short, AT&T retains its popularity with customer-friendly policies and excellent internet services.

Fastest Internet Provider in San Diego

Internet speed plays a vital role in your online experience. A fast internet helps you run your operations more smoothly. It also has less latency rate, which is a crucial factor for gamers and streamers. On average, almost every individual in San Diego enjoys more than 250 Mbps speed, which reflects the abundance of high-speed internet options.

San Diego is a fantastic place to find high-speed internet providers. As per the stats, the city outperforms both the country and California State in terms of internet speed. You can efficiently discover many providers offering up to 1000 Mbps speed, but what about more speed?

AT&T Fiber and EarthLink are the fastest internet providers in San Diego, offering various multi-gigabit plans. Both providers deliver internet speeds up to 5 Gbps, making them viable options for businesses, professional gamers, and streamers.

Providers Maximum Speed Price Range Internet Type Contact Provider
AT&T Fiber 5000 Mbps $55.00 - $180.00/mo. Fiber Call Now
EarthLink 5000 Mbps $59.95 - $189.95/mo. Fiber Call Now

Since, we have already discussed AT&T Fiber in detail, let’s focus on EarthLink.

EarthLink Fiber Internet

EarthLink is a highly recognizable name for the home internet. It provides service across the country by renting out other providers’ infrastructure. Its footprint mostly depends on AT&T DSL, fiber connections, and other wireless and satellite internet providers in San Diego. According to the statistics, approximately 74.3% of households in this city have access to EarthLink’s wired internet services like DSL and fiber, and 99% have access to wireless home internet services.

EarthLink offers six fiber internet plans starting from $59.95 a month. Since launching its multi-gigabit internet plans, it has established itself as one of the fastest internet providers in San Diego. The unique thing about this provider is that EarthLink internet plans do not come with promotional rates. Hence, its rates are substantially higher than other San Diego internet providers offering the same speeds. Additionally, the availability and costs of EarthLink plans vary by area.

Therefore, it is better to always check the availability and prices of EarthLink plans in your region before moving forward with your selection.

Earthlink Internet Plans
Plans Monthly Price Speed Contact Provider
Internet 300 $59.95/month 100 Mbps Call Now
Internet 500 $69.95/month 300 Mbps Call Now
500 Mbps $79.95/month 500 Mbps Call Now
1000 Mbps $89.95/month 1000 Mbps Call Now
2000 Mbps $129.95/month 2000 Mbps Call Now
5000 Mbps $189.95/month 5000 Mbps Call Now

Earthlink can boast comprehensive countrywide coverage because of the infrastructure it leases from other providers. In San Diego, you can find this provider in Camp Pendleton, Alpine, La Mesa, National City, Rancho Santa Fe, and more.

Coverage Area of Internet Providers in San Diego

According to statistics, San Diego, on average, has far better internet connectivity than California State and even the country in terms of speed. America’s Finest City enjoys a range of connection types, with cable and DSL internet being the most common options. The former is available to 97% of the city and is followed by the latter with 96% coverage.

Fiber internet is also quickly becoming more accessible throughout the city. Currently, the fiber footprint in San Diego is approximately 31%, with several prominent fiber internet providers in San Diego offering high speed internet plans in various neighborhoods. Although you can find 24 internet providers in San Diego, the coverage of the top 10 is as follows.

Providers Coverage Area Type of Internet
AT&T Fiber 15% Fiber
Spectrum 47% Hybrid fiber-coaxial cable
Cox 54% Cable
EarthLink 70% DSL, Fiber, Wireless
HughesNet 100% Satellite
Viasat 100% Satellite
Google Fiber Webpass 4% Fixed Wireless
T-Mobile Home Internet 51% 5G/LTE
Verizon 99% 5G/LTE

Fiber Internet Providers in San Diego

Fiber internet is not as prevalent as other wired broadband services in this city, but it is progressing to become more available with time. You can find several top fiber internet providers in San Diego, offering higher speeds than cable and DSL services. These options include the leading fiber internet provider AT&T Fiber and EarthLink, an old name in the telecommunication market.

Fiber Internet Providers in San Diego, CA
AT&T Fiber EarthLink
Internet Plans 5 6
Price Range $55.00 - $180.00/mo. $59.95 - $189.95/mo.
Speed Range 300 Mbps – 5000 Mbps 100 Mbps – 5000 Mbps
Data Caps None None
Multi-gigabit options Yes Yes
Contact Provider Call Now Call Now

Final Word

We cannot ignore the need for a reliable internet connection. There are 24 internet providers in San Diego, offering connections via different technologies to aid in overall economic growth. Together, they cover the entire city, but if we talk about the best internet providers in San Diego, only a handful stand out owing to their performance. These top internet providers address the city's connection needs through their distinctive packages and services.

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