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Top 10 Internet Providers in Connecticut

Connecticut is a charming state with a lot to offer its residents. From the beautiful coastal towns of Mystic and Stonington to the rolling hills of Litchfield County, there's no shortage of picturesque scenery. But no matter how beautiful the surroundings are, we all know that access to high-speed internet and quality TV programming is the lifeblood of any modern household.

But with so many CT internet providers out there, how do you know which Connecticut internet provider is the best? That's why we decided to dive deep into the world of Connecticut internet providers to find out which ones are worth your time and money. Well, we have scoured the depths of the internet and emerged with a list of the top 10 Connecticut internet providers in 2023. So sit back, relax, and let's journey through the world of connectivity and entertainment in the Nutmeg State.

  • T-Mobile Home Internet

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    245 Mbps

    Internet Type

    5G Home

    Starting From


    T-Mobile Home Internet_logo

  • Verizon

    Max Speed

    300 Mbps

    Internet Type

    5G Home/DSL/Fiber

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These top 10 Connecticut internet providers offer a variety of connection types, speeds, and prices to meet the needs of different households. Of course, these prices and speeds are subject to change and may vary based on your location and other factors. Whether you're a heavy internet user who needs lightning-fast speeds or just looking for a basic plan for browsing and streaming, there's an option on this list for you.

Best Bundle Deals By CT Internet Providers

Are you a resident of Connecticut on the hunt for a bang-for-the-buck internet bundle? Fear not, for your search ends here! We've got the inside scoop on the best bundle deals by the top Connecticut internet providers.

But hold up, let's set the stage first. The internet market is a jungle out there, with various internet providers competing for your attention (and money). It's easy to get lost in the sea of deals, but fret not, for we've done the heavy lifting for you.

Now, back to the main event. We've scoured the internet (pun intended) to bring you the best bundle deals from Connecticut internet providers. These deals are designed to save you some dough while providing you with quality internet service. So, without further ado, let's dive into the bundles!


Spectrum is one of the best internet providers in Connecticut, offering a variety of bundle options for their customers. Here is a brief overview of some of their most popular Spectrum bundle deals, available in Connecticut.

Double Play Bundles

First up, we have the Double Play Bundles. This bundle offers two services at an affordable price, perfect for those who don't need all the bells and whistles. With this package, you can choose two services from the internet, TV, and voice, making it customizable to your preferences.

Spectrum Double Play Bundles in CT
Bundle Price Internet TV Channels
Internet + TV $109.98/mo. 300/10 Mbps 125+
Internet Ultra + TV $129.98/mo. 500/20 Mbps 145+
Internet Gig + TV $149.98/mo. 1000/35 Mbps 125+

Triple Play Bundles

If you're looking for something more comprehensive, the Triple Play Bundles may be your go-to option. This bundle offers internet, TV, and voice services all in one package, making it ideal for those who want everything in one place. With Triple Play, you can save time and money by bundling all three services together.

Spectrum Triple Play Bundles in CT
Bundle Price Speed Voice TV Channels
TV + Internet + Voice $129.97/mo. 300 Mbps Unlimited 125+
TV + Internet Ultra + Voice $149.97/mo. 500 Mbps Unlimited 125+
TV + Internet Gig + Voice $169.97/mo. 1,000 Mbps Unlimited 125+

Spectrum One Bundle

But wait, there's more! Spectrum also offers the Spectrum One Deal in Connecticut, a bundle that offers the ultimate package for all your entertainment needs. With this bundle, you can enjoy high-speed internet, free wifi, and unlimited mobile service, all in one affordable package. So, if you want it all, the Spectrum One offer is the way to go.

Spectrum One in Connecticut
Bundle Price Speed Unlimited Mobile Advanced WiFi
Spectrum Internet $49.99/mo. 300 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Ultra $69.99/mo. 500 Mbps
Spectrum Internet Gig $89.99/mo. 1000 Mbps

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Frontier is one of the most popular internet providers in Connecticut, offering some enticing bundle deals to its customers. If you’re looking for a reliable internet connection and a great TV experience, then Frontier has got you covered with its bundle deals.

Frontier Fiber Internet + YouTube TV

Want lightning-fast internet speeds and all your favorite TV channels in one package? Then the Frontier Fiber Internet + YouTube TV bundle could be just what you need. With Frontier fiber-optic internet speeds of up to 5000 Mbps and YouTube TV, which offers over 100+ channels, including local sports and news channels, this bundle is perfect for the avid streamer.

Frontier Bundles in CT
Bundle Price Frontier Fiber YouTube TV
Fiber 500 + YouTube TV $84.99/ mo. 500 Mbps 100+ channels
Fiber 1 Gig + YouTube TV $114.99/ mo. 1000 Mbps 100+ channels
Fiber 2 Gig + YouTube TV $144.99/ mo. 2000 Mbps 100+ channels
Fiber 5 Gig + YouTube TV $204.99/ mo. 5000 Mbps 100+ channels

Frontier Internet and DISH TV

Bundle Frontier Internet with DISH TV packages if you prefer to get high-speed internet and TV in one affordable package. With internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and over 290 channels from DISH, including premium channels like HBO and Showtime, you'll have plenty of entertainment options to choose from. Plus, DISH's Hopper 3 DVR lets you record up to 16 shows at once and store up to 2,000 hours of programming, so you'll never have to worry about missing your favorite shows again.

Frontier Internet & TV Bundles in CT
Bundle Price Internet Speed Channels
Frontier Internet + DISH America's Top 120 $129.98/mo. 25 Mbps 190+
Frontier Internet + DISH America's Top 200 $149.98/mo. 25 Mbps 240+
Frontier Fiber 500 + DISH America’s Top 200 $139.98/mo. 500 Mbps 240+
Frontier Fiber 1 Gig + DISH America’s Top 250 $174.98/mo. 1 Gbps 290+

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Quick Facts About Internet Providers in Connecticut

Connecticut is a state in the northeastern region of the United States, known for its rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and vibrant culture. It is home to more than 3.5 million people and is one of the most densely populated states in the country. When it comes to internet providers in Connecticut, there are many options available throughout the state.

There are 19 internet providers in Connecticut, including both national and regional companies. Cable and fiber are the most popular options, with several Connecticut Internet providers offering plans with speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 2000 Mbps. DSL is less common but still widely available, while satellite internet providers in Connecticut are typically used in rural areas where other options are limited.

Quick Facts - Connecticut Internet Providers
Average Internet Speed in CT 179 Mbps
Best Internet Provider in CT Spectrum & EarthLink
Fastest Internet Provider in CT Frontier
Cheapest Internet Provider in CT Xfinity
Most Widely Available ISP in CT T-Mobile

The average internet speed offered by Connecticut internet providers is 179 Mbps, which is higher than the national average. However, the median speed test result is 104 Mbps, indicating that there is a significant disparity in internet speeds across the state. This means that residents have access to some of the fastest internet speeds in the country, with many Connecticut internet providers offering plans that can reach speeds of 1 Gbps or more.

Cities in Connecticut that have access to the fastest internet speeds include Trumbull, Milford, and Darien, with average speeds ranging from 1200 Mbps to 1300 Mbps. In addition to offering fast internet speeds, many providers in Connecticut offer additional features and benefits. For example, some Connecticut internet providers offer no data caps (like Spectrum). Other internet providers in Connecticut offer free modem rentals, introductory pricing for new customers, and other perks to help customers get the most out of their internet service.

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Different Types of Internet Providers in Connecticut

If you're a resident of Connecticut and looking to get internet service, you have several Connecticut Internet providers available to you. Let's dive into the types of internet providers available in the Nutmeg State.

DSL Internet in Connecticut

DSL Internet is a tried-and-true option for internet connectivity, boasting a 97.1% availability rate for Connecticut residents. This type of service utilizes existing telephone lines to transmit data and is especially reliable in rural areas. Although DSL speeds may vary depending on the distance from the provider, it still offers a decent speed for daily internet usage. Frontier and Verizon are the two most popular DSL internet providers in Connecticut.

Top 2 DSL Internet Providers in Connecticut
Provider Min Price Max Speed Contact Providers
Frontier $34.99/mo. 100 Mbps Call Now
Verizon $40.00/mo. 15 Mbps Call Now

Fiber Internet in Connecticut

For those seeking lightning-fast internet speeds, fiber internet is the way to go. Fiber internet is one of the fastest and most reliable types of internet available in Connecticut, with 26.2% of residents having access to this service. Unlike DSL, which uses telephone lines, fiber internet uses fiber-optic cables to transmit data, resulting in lightning-fast speeds and less lag. Although fiber internet can be more expensive than other options, it's worth considering if you value speed and reliability. The top 4 fiber internet providers in Connecticut include EarthLink, Frontier, Optimum, and Verizon Fios.

Top 4 Fiber Internet Providers in Connecticut
Providers Min Price Max Speed Contact Provider
EarthLink $59.95/mo. 5000 Mbps Call Now
Frontier $49.99/mo. 5000 Mbps Call Now
Optimum $40.00/mo. 5000 Mbps Call Now
Verizon $49.99/mo. 2000 Mbps Call Now

Cable Internet in Connecticut

If you're looking for a widely available and affordable option for internet service in Connecticut, cable internet might be your best bet. With 98.1% of residents having access to this type of connection, cable internet uses coaxial cables to transmit data, offering faster speeds than DSL in some areas. However, be aware that cable internet speeds can vary depending on your location and the number of users on your network. The most popular Connecticut internet providers offering cable internet services include Spectrum, Optimum, Xfinity, and Cox.

Top 4 Cable Internet Providers in Connecticut
Providers Min Price Max Speed Contact Providers
Spectrum $49.99/mo 1000 Mbps  Call Now
Optimum $40.00/mo. 1000 Mbps Call Now
Xfinity $24.99/mo. 1200 Mbps Call Now
Cox $49.99/mo. 1000 Mbps Call Now

Fixed Wireless Internet in Connecticut

Fixed wireless internet is a great alternative option for residents living in rural areas, where other types of internet services may not be available. This type of connection uses radio signals to transmit data between two fixed points, providing an affordable and accessible option for many people. In Connecticut, about 99.4% of residents have access to wired or fixed wireless broadband of at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, which makes it a popular choice for those who need reliable internet. T-Mobile and Verizon are the best Connecticut internet providers offering fixed wireless internet services.

Top 2 Fixed Wireless Internet Providers in Connecticut
Provider Min Price Max Speed Contact Providers
T-Mobile Home  $50.00/mo.  182 Mbps  Call Now
Verizon  $29/mo. 100 Mbps  Call Now

Satellite Internet in Connecticut

Satellite internet is another option for those who live in remote areas where other types of internet may not be available. It uses a satellite dish to transmit data to and from your home. HughesNet and Viasat are the most popular Connecticut internet providers offering satellite internet services. While these satellite internet providers can provide faster speeds than DSL in some areas, they may not be as reliable during inclement weather and can be more expensive than other options.

Top 2 Satellite Internet Providers in Connecticut
Provider Min Price Max Speed Contact
Viasat $64.99/mo. 150 Mbps Call Now
HughesNet $64.99/mo.  25 Mbps Call Now

Coverage Area of Connecticut Internet Providers

When discussing the coverage area of internet providers in Connecticut, it's important to note that while some Connecticut internet providers may have a wider coverage area, the quality of service may vary depending on your location. This is because internet connectivity can be affected by factors such as distance from the provider, the quality of the wiring infrastructure, and environmental factors like terrain and weather conditions.

To ensure that you're getting the best service possible, it's important to research each CT internet provider's coverage area and compare their plans and pricing to find the best option for your specific location and needs. For example, fiber-optic internet may be available in some areas, while others may only have access to DSL or cable internet.

As experts, we advise you to look for Connecticut internet providers that offer consistent and reliable service, with plans and pricing that fit their specific needs and budget. To make it easier for you to compare the coverage area of each internet provider, we've created a table below that shows the availability of the top 10 internet providers in Connecticut:

State-wide Coverage of CT Internet Providers
Providers Coverage Internet Type
Spectrum 17% Cable
EarthLink 54% Fiber
Frontier 85% DSL/Fiber
HughesNet 95% Satellite
Viasat 95% Satellite
Optimum 21% Cable/Fiber
T-Mobile Home Internet 98% 5G Home
Xfinity 53% Cable
Cox 15% Cable
Verizon 3% 5G Home/DSL/Fiber

Frequently Asked Questions

The top 3 internet providers in Connecticut are T-Mobile (98%), Frontier (85%), and EarthLink (54%). These CT internet providers offer different types of internet connections, such as fixed wireless, fiber-optic, and DSL.

T-Mobile is the most widely available internet provider in Connecticut, with 98% coverage. T-Mobile offers fixed wireless internet service, which uses cellular towers to deliver internet signals to homes.

The fastest internet speed in Connecticut is 5 Gbps (5000 Mbps), which is offered by Frontier and EarthLink through their fiber-optic network. However, this speed is only available in select areas and requires 5 Gbps capable devices and wiring. Other providers that offer gigabit speeds (1000 Mbps) in Connecticut are Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox.

The cheapest internet plan in Connecticut may vary depending on your location, speed needs, and contract terms. Some of the lowest-priced plans are offered by Spectrum, Xfinity, and Optimum. Spectrum Internet plans in Connecticut start as low as $29.99/mo and offer maximum internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

The best internet provider in Connecticut depends on your personal preferences, budget, and availability. However, some factors that you may consider when choosing a provider are speed, price, reliability, and customer service.

Yes, Frontier has fiber internet in CT through its FiberOptic service. Frontier offers speeds ranging from 500 Mbps to 5 Gbps in selected areas of CT. You can check Frontier's availability by entering your zip code on their website.

No, AT&T does not offer fiber internet in CT. AT&T's fiber network is currently available in 21 states, but CT is not one of them. However, AT&T does offer fixed wireless internet service in some rural areas of CT.

Yes, CT has 5G coverage from some of the major wireless carriers, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. However, 5G availability may vary depending on your location, device compatibility, and plan options. You can check 5G coverage maps from each carrier to see if your area has 5G access.

Yes, Verizon has 5G in CT through its 5G Ultra wideband and 5G nationwide networks. The Ultra Wideband network offers faster speeds and lower latency but has limited coverage in select cities.

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