DISH TV Packages & Prices

Plans Start as Low as $79.99/mo.

  • Smart HD DVR
  • 290+ TV Channels
  • Over 28,000 On-Demand Titles
  • Record 16 Shows Simultaneously
  • Record up to 2,000 Hours of DVR Content
  • Access Live TV, OnDemand, & Streaming Apps
  • 3 Months of FREE Showtime & DISH Movie Pack
  • Listen to 70+ SiriusXM Music Channels with DISH
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DISH TV Plans & Prices

DISH TV offers an extensive range of plans to fit any household's entertainment needs. You can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality, access to thousands of movies & shows, and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find your favorite content.

With DISH TV packages, you can enjoy all your favorite programming on any screen, anytime, anywhere with their Hopper 3 DVR and the DISH Anywhere app. DISH TV packages also come with a 3-year price guarantee, so you never have to worry about unexpected price increases. So, whether you're a sports fan, a movie lover, or just looking for family-friendly programming, DISH has a plan for you. Upgrade your entertainment experience today with DISH TV Packages.

DISH TV Packages
Plans Channels Price Contact DISH TV
America’s Top 120 190 $79.99/mo. Call Now!
America’s Top 200 240+ $99.99/mo. Call Now!
America’s Top 250 290+ $109.99/mo. Call Now!

America’s Top 120

America's Top 120 is the all-time favorite DISH TV package, offering over 190 channels of entertainment for your home at just $79.99 per month. This DISH TV plan provides access to popular networks such as ESPN, Nick, and the Disney Channel, as well as local channels and music options. You'll find a mix of news, sports, and family-friendly programming, making it the ideal plan for a comprehensive TV experience for households. Upgrade to America's Top 120 package today to ensure you never run out of viewing options for your enjoyment.

America’s Top 200

America’s Top 200 package delivers a wide selection of sports and entertainment programming for the sports fanatic at a price that suits every budget! With this DISH TV plan, you can enjoy a wide range of programming options including popular networks, local sports networks, and premium movie channels. It is ideal for families who want a mix of sports, news, and entertainment options and movie lovers who want access to popular films and original series. Upgrade to this DISH TV package today and start experiencing the best entertainment!

America’s Top 250

America's Top 250 is a top-tier DISH TV package, offering the best value for your money. With over 290 channels available, this DISH TV package has something for everyone – from sports to movies and entertainment. From local programming to premium networks, you'll never miss a show or event with America's Top 250. This DISH TV plan is perfect for sports fans and movie buffs, with channels like ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, & many more. With America's Top 250 plan, you'll never miss a moment of the action!

DISH TV Channels List

Channels Included in DISH TV Packages
Channel America's Top 120 America's Top 200 America's Top 250
ACC Network (ACCN)
ACC Network (ACCN) HD
A&E (A&E)
A&E (A&E) HD
Alma Vision Hispanic Network (ALMA)
American Heroes Channel (AHC)
American Heroes Channel (AHC) HD
American Movie Classics (AMC)
American Movie Classics (AMC) HD
America's Voice (AMVO)
Animal Planet (APL)
Animal Planet (APL) HD
Baby First (BABY1)
BBC America (BBCA)
BBC America (BBCA) HD
beIN Sport (BEIN)
beIN Sport (BEIN) HD
BeIN Sports Connect 4 (BEIN4)
BeIN Sports Connect 5 (BEIN5)
BeIN Sports Connect 6 (BEIN6)
BeIN Sports Connect 7 (BEIN7)
BeIN Sports Connect 8 (BEIN8)
beIN Sports en Espanol (BEINE)
beIN Sports en Espanol (BEINE) HD
Big Ten Network Alternate (ALT10)
Big Ten Network Alternate (ALT10) HD
Big Ten Network (BIG10)
Big Ten Network (BIG10) HD
Black Entertainment Television (BET)
Black Entertainment Television (BET) HD
Bloomberg Television (BITV)
Bloomberg Television (BITV) HD
Boomerang (BOOM)
Bounce (BOUNC)
Bravo (BRAVO)
Bravo (BRAVO) HD
BYU Television (BYUTV)
Cartoon Network (TOON)
Cartoon Network (TOON) HD
Cartoon Network West (TOONW)
CBS Sports Network (CBSSN)
CBS Sports Network (CBSSN) HD
Christian Television Network (CTN)
Comedy Central (CMDY)
Comedy Central (CMDY) HD
Comet (COMET)
Comet (COMET) HD
Cooking (COOK)
Cooking (COOK) HD
Country Music Television (CMT)
Country Music Television (CMT) HD
Craft (CRAFT)
Daystar (DYSTR)
Destination America (AMERI)
Destination America (AMERI) HD
Discovery (DISC)
Discovery (DISC) HD
Discovery Family Channel (DISCF)
Discovery Family Channel (DISCF) HD
Dish CD - Adult Alternative (CD 8)
Dish CD - Ambrosia (CD 16)
Dish CD - Aura (CD 28)
Dish CD - BYU Radio Network (CD 31)
Dish CD - Cashmere (CD 7)
Dish CD - Classic Hits (CD 4)
Dish CD - Concrete Beats (CD 14)

Bundle DISH TV Packages with Frontier Internet

Unleash the power of lightning-fast internet and crystal-clear TV with DISH TV & Frontier Internet Bundle. With these unbeatable deals, you can enjoy lightning-fast download speeds, seamless streaming, and unlimited data, all while watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports on your selected DISH TV package. Plus, you'll save big on your monthly bill when you bundle. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade your entertainment experience. Order now and start enjoying the ultimate combination of TV and internet today!

DISH TV & Internet Bundle
Bundle Price Internet Speed Channels Contact DishTV
Frontier Internet + DISH America's Top 120 $129.98/mo. Up to 25 Mbps 190 Call Now!
Frontier Internet + DISH America's Top 200 $149.98/mo. Up to 25 Mbps 240+ Call Now!
Frontier Fiber 500 + DISH America’s Top 200 $139.98/mo. 500 Mbps 240+ Call Now!
Frontier Fiber 1 Gig + DISH America’s Top 250 $174.98/mo. 1000 Mbps 290+ Call Now!


No, DISH TV is a television service provider and does not provide internet services. However, you can bundle DISH TV Packages with Frontier Internet for added convenience and the possibility of saving money.

The cost of DISH TV Packages can vary depending on the channels you choose. On average, DISH TV plans start at around $79.99 per month.

Paramount Network can be found on channel 241 for DISH TV subscribers.

To cancel your DISH TV package, you can call their customer service line and speak with a representative who can assist you with canceling your service.

DISH TV works by using a satellite dish to receive signals from DISH's satellites. The dish is installed outside the home and receives the signals from the satellites, which are then transmitted to a receiver inside the home. The receiver decodes the signals and sends them to the TV, allowing you to watch TV channels on your selected DISH TV package.

It is not possible to connect DISH TV to a TV without a receiver as the DISH receiver is what decodes the satellite signals and allows you to view the programming on your TV.

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