HughesNet® Satellite Internet Services

HughesNet satellite internet plans have multiple advanced features. Enjoy an additional 50 GB bonus data during off-peak hours with HughesNet Gen 5 plan.

Hughes Basic Internet Plans

  • Download Speeds of upto 25 Mbps
  • Upload Speeds upto 3 Mbps
  • Build In Wifi
  • No Data Caps

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HughesNet Plans and Pricing

The Most Suitable HughesNet Satellite Internet Plan

Hughes makes sure that they cater to the internet needs of all. With their Gen5 internet plans they offer internet according to the demand. We accommodate everyone from a remote job worker, binge watchers to the standard web surfers.

10 GB
Internet Plan

The 10 GB internet plan is sufficient for 1-2 users so that they can enjoy lightweight online activities and work easily.

20 GB
Internet Plan

We offer a data limit that is sufficient for 3-5 users’ needs of browsing, scrolling and binge watching Netflix shows, making it a perfect package for a small family.

30 GB
Internet Plan

This plan is great for a family of 5 to 6 members who have a high downloading tendency and social media usage.

50 GB
Internet Plan

A booming 50 GB is offered for 7-8 users to enjoy to the maximum alongside their work demands fulfilled by this internet which makes bandwidth-heavy files download super easy.

Why Choose HughesNet Satellite Internet Services?

HughesNet Rural

Ranked #1 by FCC for meeting or exceeding advertised downstream and upstream speeds, HughesNet satellite internet is undoubtedly the best for Americans which offers you Super-fast Satellite Speeds and unlimited data without any additional charges in almost 50+ states which validates its nationwide availability. It adjusts itself instead of asking their esteemed customers by simply limiting the download speed to 1-3 Mbps after the customer has crossed their certain data limit. Not only this they also offer this major perk to their customers which is the Bonus Zone in which bonus data worth 50 GB/month is available during 2am to 8am. Moreover if you want you can avail additional data anytime.

Another reason to choose our service is that with every HughesNet high-speed internet plan comes a satellite modem that has a built-in Wi-Fi router which is convenient for you to manage a single device which gives a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.

Seamless Connectivity with HughesNet WiFi

HughesNet satellite internet plans include a built-in Wi-Fi, that allows multiple users to stay connected with high-speed internet. You do not need to handle multiple internet devices as HughesNet satellite internet plans come with an integrated WiFi device that includes a satellite modem and WiFi within a single device. The seamless connection offered by HughesNet is what makes it the number one choice of every customer. The high end Wi-Fi system makes sure that internet connection is available in every nook and corner of your house making sure you can do all your online work without any hassle.

HughesNet Rural

Call Now To Find HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans Available In Your Area: 1-8772-0924-59

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