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HughesNet Voice Service is available for $19.95/ per month which is super affordable. Charges are applicable for one time only.

HughesNet Phone Service

  • Unlimited Local & International Calls
  • International Call Add-Ons - 200 minutes for 60 countries
  • Unlimited International Calls for 60 countries
Starting From $9.95 per month
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Call Now To Find HughesNet Phone Plans Available In Your Area: 877-209-2459

HughesNet Phone Plans

Why Choose HughesNet Phone Service?

Choose HughesNet Phone Service today to get unlimited local and international calls at the most affordable rates that any home phone service provider has to offer. With Voice over IP VoIP, HughesNet makes sure you get the home phone service through their satellite internet connection. We make sure that your phone data isn’t taken up by the internet with our wholesome packages that offer a sufficient amount of minutes per month.

You can easily connect with your relatives, have fun chit-chats with acquaintances from the US, or have long conversations with friends in Canada, we’ve got you all covered. Moreover, you get to enjoy premium features like Caller ID, Voicemail, Call waiting and so much more without any extra charges.

Enjoy meaningful conversations, friendly banters, catching up with long-distance friends or important work calls without any worries because HughesNet Phone service is here to make sure that you don’t run out of any minutes. Make each minute memorable.

HughesNet Rural

Call Now To Find HughesNet Phone Plans Available In Your Area: 877-209-2459

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