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Top 10 Indianapolis Internet Providers

Known as “the Crossroads of America”, Indianapolis is centrally located at the junction of four interstate highways. Travelers may pass by Indianapolis on their way to Alabama, Texas, Utah, and Ohio, but they will stay back for the nightlife, natural attractions, and exotic food. Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana. With a population of over 882,039 people, it is the 16th most populous city in the United States. It is colloquially called Indy after its famous automobile race, the Indy 500-mile Race, which is held annually at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Apart from its rich culture, Indianapolis boasts a growing economy. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area is the 29th largest economy in the country and contributes nearly $162 billion each year. The major industries in Indianapolis, like manufacturing, life sciences, logistics, pharmaceutical, information technology, and finance, rely heavily on the internet for effective exchange of information. The top 10 Indianapolis internet providers ensure that Capital City has the appropriate broadband speeds to boost its socioeconomic vitality.

Here are the 10 best internet providers in Indianapolis that keep the city bustling with digital energy.

  • AT&T

    Max Speed

    5,000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fiber and IPBB

    Starting From



  • T-Mobile Home

    Max Speed

    245 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fixed Wireless

    Starting From


    T-Mobile Home_logo

  • EarthLink

    Max Speed

    5,000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fiber, Cable, and DSL

    Starting From



  • Verizon 5G

    Max Speed

    1,000 Mbps

    Internet Type

    Fixed Wireless

    Starting From


    Verizon 5G_logo

Internet Connectivity in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is one of the most digitally connected cities in Indiana. Almost 99.4 percent of the city has access to broadband service. According to the Federal Communications Commission, around 820,582 people (93 percent of the total population) in Indianapolis are subscribed to an internet service. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet is the most widely available wired internet in Indianapolis. The penetration of DSL internet in Indianapolis stands at 97 percent of the total land area. Popular DSL internet providers in Indianapolis, like Frontier Communications, EarthLink, and EIN, can deliver download speeds up to 100 Mbps for an average monthly price of $50.

Cable internet is the second most widely available type of wired internet in Indianapolis. Around 96 percent of the city has access to coaxial cable networks. Top-rated cable internet providers in Indianapolis, like Spectrum, Xfinity, and Xtreme (by Mediacom), can distribute up to 1,000 Mbps of download speeds for an average fee of $35 per month.

Indianapolis is one of the few cities in the Midwest region that have more than 50 percent coverage of fiber internet. At the moment, 56 percent of the city can receive fiber-optic internet service, and enjoy multigigabit internet speeds for UHD streaming, pro gaming, and heavy file sharing. The fastest fiber internet provider in Indianapolis is AT&T Fiber. It can deliver up to 5,000 Mbps (5 Gigs) of equal upload and download speeds for a starting price of $55 per month.

Collectively, the top 10 internet providers in Indianapolis can offer an average internet speed of 203.52 Mbps which is 22.44 Mbps faster than the state average.

Quick Facts About Indianapolis Internet Providers
Average Internet Speed in Indianapolis  203.52 Mbps 
Best Internet Provider in Indianapolis  Spectrum Internet 
Fastest Internet Provider in Indianapolis  AT&T Fiber 
Cheapest Internet Provider in Indianapolis  Xfinity by Comcast 
Most Widely Available ISP in Indianapolis T-Mobile Home Internet

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Best Internet Provider in Indianapolis

We used three metrics to assess the performance of the top 10 internet providers in Indianapolis and choose the winner among them. The top 10 providers were evaluated based on their citywide availability, affordability, and network reliability. Our results show that Spectrum is the best overall internet provider in Indianapolis. Its gigabit internet service starts at just $49.99 per month and is accessible in more than 88 percent of the city.

Since its inception in 2014, Spectrum Internet® is winning hearts throughout the country. Its national footprint includes 41 states, making it the second-largest cable internet provider in the USA. In Indianapolis, Spectrum’s internet service spirals from the outer circles, covering the neighborhoods of South Franklin, Whispering Pines, Driftwood Hills, and Aspen Ridge, all the way into the core of Indianapolis called the Downtown.

Seamless Connectivity Throughout the City

Spectrum is one of the most widely available wired internet providers in Indianapolis. Its coaxial cable network sprawls through 88 percent of the city, covering the majority of neighborhoods and business districts. The structure of a coaxial cable includes dual-layer insulation, thereby keeping data losses to a minimum. Reduced data loss ensures that internet speeds on the upstream and downstream channels remain consistent during long-distance transmissions. So, if you are subscribed to the Spectrum Internet Gig plan, you are likely to receive at least 940 Mbps of download speed, regardless of your location within the city.

When Affordability Meets Network Reliability

Spectrum is one of the most affordable internet providers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Spectrum Internet plans cost $49.99 per month, and unlike other Indianapolis internet providers, Spectrum service kickstarts at a superfast 300 Mbps of download speed. You can get up to 35 Mbps of download speed on your gigabit internet plan, and the latency is usually under 50 milliseconds. Apart from its low introductory rates, Spectrum Internet also promises 99.9 percent network uptime. So, you will rarely experience internet outages.

Spectrum Internet Plans in Indianapolis
Plan Price Download Speed Upload Speeds
Internet  $49.99/mo.  300 Mbps 10 Mbps 
Internet Ultra  $69.99/mo.  500 Mbps 20 Mbps 
Internet Gig  $89.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  35 Mbps 

Triple the Fun with Spectrum One

Spectrum One is a 3-in-1 bundle offer that was introduced in October 2022 to promote Spectrum Mobile™ service. Starting at just $49.99 per month, you get access to Spectrum’s high-speed internet service, one free Spectrum Mobile™ Unlimited line, and an Advanced Home WiFi system for enhanced cybersecurity and whole-home wireless coverage. With this bundle, customers can save up to $35 per month for 12 months. The offer is available for all new and existing Spectrum Internet® customers in Indianapolis.

Spectrum One Bundles in Indianapolis
Promo Price Spectrum Internet Advanced Home WiFi Spectrum Mobile
$49.99/mo.  300 Mbps  Included  An Unlimited line 
$69.99/mo.  500 Mbps  Included  An Unlimited line 
$89.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps  Included  An Unlimited line 

Internet for Free with Spectrum ACP

Even though broadband connectivity in Indianapolis stands at 99.4 percent, only 85.1 percent of households have the means to pay for an internet subscription. The average monthly fee of $50 for an internet connection means that low-income households cannot afford to pay for an internet plan. Lack of internet access at home holds them back from accessing opportunities online, and they often face its adverse effects at their schools/ colleges and workplaces. Spectrum has stepped in to bridge the digital divide prevalent across Indianapolis. Spectrum has partnered with Federal Communications Commission to offer free and subsidized internet plans to eligible low-income families. The Spectrum Affordable Connectivity Program provides a 100 Mbps internet connection completely free, and those ACP participants who are currently subscribed to a Spectrum internet plan in Indianapolis can get $30 off on their monthly bills.

Spectrum ACP Discount in Indianapolis
Plan Regular Price Price After ACP Internet Speed
Spectrum Internet 100 $29.99/mo.  $0.00/mo.  100 Mbps 
Spectrum Internet  $49.99/mo.  $19.99/mo.  300 Mbps 
Spectrum Internet Ultra  $69.99/mo.  $39.99/mo.  500 Mbps 
Spectrum Internet Gig  $89.99/mo.  $59.99/mo.  1,000 Mbps 

Dream, Discover, & Roam with Spectrum Out-of-Home

Spectrum Internet customers are offered free out-of-home WiFi connectivity for 30 minutes. Spectrum has installed over 530,000 WiFi hotspots throughout the country to allow its customers to access the internet on the go. WiFi hotspots are available in public spaces like parks, restaurants, cafes, airports, subways, bus stations, receptions, and parking lots. Spectrum Internet users can connect to the network named “Spectrum Free Trial” by logging in with their Spectrum Internet credentials (username and password).

Users can locate Spectrum out-of-home WiFi hotspots through their My Spectrum App. They can go to hotspot settings and enable the feature to receive notifications about the nearest Spectrum WiFi hotspots. Or they can install the “Spectrum WiFi Profile” to automatically connect to a Spectrum network within their range. Indianapolitians can connect to a large cluster of Spectrum out-of-home WiFi hotspots in Downtown, Near Eastside, Near Westside, Near Southeast, Christian Park, Garfield Park, and in and around Martindale Brightwood.

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Fastest Internet Provider in Indianapolis

No other internet provider in Indianapolis can match the lightning-fast, multigigabit internet speeds of AT&T Fiber. More than 30 percent of the neighborhoods in Indianapolis can access AT&T’s fiber-exclusive internet service and effectively receive equal upload and download speeds of up to 5,000 Mbps (5 Gigs). In fact, AT&T’s network infrastructure is so robust and reliable that EarthLink Fiber purchases bandwidths from AT&T and sells it to its customers at slightly higher rates. A 5,000 Mbps internet connection is perfect for heavy-lifting data-intensive tasks, like non-stop ultra-high definition streaming, professional gaming, cloud computing, and multi-user remote learning/ working.

Fast-Forwarding to a Fiber Future

AT&T Fiber offers 5 tiers of internet speeds in Indianapolis for a starting price of $55 per month. The service includes symmetrical internet speeds, unlimited data, provision of a compatible modem-router gateway, and no-contract service. Unlike other Indianapolis internet providers, AT&T promises consistent pricing throughout the service tenure. So, you can rest assured that your monthly internet fee will not increase after 6, 12, or 24 months of service.

Moreover, new AT&T Fiber internet subscribers can benefit from the limited-time offer and get up to $150 credit on Visa Reward Card. Those who wish to ditch their current Indianapolis internet provider and switch to AT&T, can now do so, immediately, because AT&T is offering full coverage for cancellation and early termination fees.

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans in Indianapolis
Plans Price Internet Speed Upload Speed
Internet 300 $55/mo.  300 Mbps  300 Mbps 
Internet 500  $65/mo.  500 Mbps  500 Mbps 
Internet 1000 $80/mo.  1,000 Mbps  1,000 Mbps 
Internet 2000 $110/mo.  2,000 Mbps  2,000 Mbps 
Internet 5000  $180/mo.  5,000 Mbps  5,000 Mbps 

Fiber-deprived neighborhoods in Indianapolis are serviced by AT&T’s Internet Protocol Broadband (IPBB) connections, and users can get up to 500 Mbps of download speeds for just $65 per month. AT&T’s ultrafast symmetrical internet speeds of up to 5,000 Mbps make it the fastest internet provider in Indianapolis.

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Cheapest Internet Provider in Indianapolis

According to the recent U.S. Census results, Indiana is the 12th poorest state in the country. It has a median household income of $76,984 per annum. The poverty rate in Indianapolis, the state’s capital, is 14 percent which is 3 percent higher than the national average. It means that around 123,486 Hoosiers are struggling to pay for their basic needs. At a time when the average cost of an internet connection at home costs $50 per month, Xfinity is one of the few internet providers in Indianapolis, offering financial relief to poverty-stricken households. Xfinity’s cable internet plans start at $25 per month, and its 2-year promo pricing offer ensures that customers continue to enjoy high-speed internet service at the lowest monthly rates.

Xfinity offers superfast download speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps on its coaxial cable network. The upload speed can be as fast as 35 Mbps. With every Xfinity Internet plan, you get unlimited data, a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 2-year price lock guarantee, and a free self-installation kit. The only downside is that you may be required to sign an annual contract to lock yourself into the promo rate for 24 months.

Xfinity Internet Plans in Indianapolis
Plan Promo Price Regular Price Download Speed
Connect More  $25.00/mo.  $87.00/mo.  200 Mbps 
Fast  $35.00/mo.  $102.00/mo.  400 Mbps 
Superfast  $60.00/mo.  $107.00/mo.  800 Mbps 
Gigabit  $70.00/mo.  $112.00/mo.  1,000 Mbps 
Gigabit Extra  $80.00/mo.  $117.00/mo.  1,200 Mbps

It must be noted that even though Xfinity is one of the cheapest internet providers in Indianapolis for new broadband customers, in the long-term it may become the most expensive due to an exorbitant 248 percent price hike in the third year of service. But for the time being, Xfinity’s 91 percent broadband availability and lower-than-average starting price make it the most affordable internet provider in Indianapolis.

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Coverage Area of Indianapolis Internet Providers

Indianapolis is a planned city and was built using a square grid system along the White River. All the major streets in the city converge at a central point called the Monument Circle. The city lies on mostly leveled land in the north of Indiana Uplands. Gentle slopes and high limestone content is visible towards the south of the city, mainly in neighborhoods like Ridge Hill Trails, Southern Dunes, and Buffalo Creek. The even terrain and structured layout of the city have aided the construction of cabled networks and LTE towers for the provision of high-speed broadband throughout the city. Together, the Indianapolis internet providers are offering broadband coverage in more than 99 percent of the city.

There are a total of 33 internet providers in Indianapolis, Indiana. Among them:

  • 13 offer fiber-optic internet service
  • 9 offers DSL internet connections
  • 9 offer fixed wireless internet service
  • 7 offer copper cable internet service
  • 5 offer coaxial cable internet connections
  • 2 offer satellite internet service

In the table below, we have listed the citywide coverage of the top 10 internet providers in Indianapolis to help you find the perfect carrier for your home.

Coverage Area of Indianapolis Internet Providers
Providers Citywide Coverage Internet Type
HughesNet  99.4%  Satellite 
Viasat  99.4%  Satellite 
T-Mobile Home  94.6% Fixed Wireless 
Xfinity  91% Cable 
AT&T  90.3% Fiber and IPBB
Spectrum  88%  Cable 
EarthLink  86%  Fiber, Cable, and DSL 
Verizon 5G  75%  Fixed Wireless 
Metronet  49%  Fiber-optic 
Frontier  15%  DSL 

Final Word

Indy, the capital city of Indiana, is known as the racing capital of the world. Famous for its Indy 500 annual motor race, Indianapolis is a quintessential urban center with its beautiful blend of natural, cultural, and historical sites. It is home to the world’s largest Children’s Museum and welcomes around 29.2 million tourists each year. In recent years, the Indy Tech community has earned national recognition for being an ideal breeding ground for tech startups. Incubation units like the Nexus Impact Center, TechPoint, Powderkeg, and BioCrossroads receive millions of dollars in funding from venture capitalists to innovate and develop hi-tech solutions. The top 10 internet providers in Indianapolis are contributing to the development of smart technologies by offering multigigabit internet speeds for research and communication.

Spectrum by Charter Communications is the best internet provider in Indianapolis. With 88 percent coverage within the city, it can offer up to 1,000 Mbps of download speed, 99.9 percent network reliability, and savings throughout the year. AT&T Fiber is the fastest internet provider in Indianapolis. You can get up to 5,000 Mbps of equal upload and download speeds for a starting price of $55 per month. AT&T’s fiber-optic cable network is accessible in nearly 30 percent of the city. Xfinity is the only Indianapolis internet provider that can offer high-speed internet plans for less than $30 per month. So, if affordability is your priority, then Xfinity’s below-average monthly fees and 2-year price guarantees are just what you need.

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